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How Do You Feel Letting Go Clients After Raising Your Rates?

I raised my advertising rates substantially over the past 3 months. Time is of the essence; I have little time to place sponsored content because I am traveling the world again. I need to ensure I am paid appropriately for my time.

Some older clients reached out to me for work during this 3 month time frame.

I informed the older clients my rated jumped. I also explained how prices are non-negotiable. One individual recently begged me to honor the low, old rate we agreed upon 1 year ago. But 1 year ago is not 3 months ago. 1 year ago is not today. I told him already; rates are non-negotiable. He emailed me complaining. I labeled his 2nd reply as spam. He emailed me again today (3rd reply) from a different email address. I not only labeled his email as spam, I also blocked the email.


I release all ideas of poverty, scarcity and fear to move into greater abundance, wealth and love. I mean well. I know he means well. But I finally conquered guilt, shame and a blanket need to offer in-depth explanations to poverty conscious people as to why I raised my rates. Trying to explain why you raised rates to a poverty conscious person is like trying to explain to a blind person how to see.

Be honest; how do you feel after clients complain, badger, bargain and desperately reply to you after you gently but firmly shared your rate hike? Do you feel guilty? Do you feel bad? Do you feel the urge to lower the rate for the client, based on your prior relationship? Do you think Tony Robbins charges $100 an hour for clients he met 30 years ago, during his newbie coach days? Or do you think he charges $1,000,000 per year – he REALLY does charge this rate – for celebrity clients who hire him now?

Robbins knows that as your skills, clarity and exposure increases, so does your rates and pricing. If old clients cannot afford your current rates and complain, fight or bargain, that’s THEIR fear, THEIR poverty consciousness and THEIR problems which has nothing to do with you. Never get caught up in their desperate, poverty conscious world. Show the ultimate compassion; block them by letting them know loud and clear how their fear has no place in your business and in their minds, too.

Raising Rates

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In 2001 I sat in the stands to watch a high school all star basketball game. A skinny, 16 year old teenager showed flashes of brilliance on the court but few people around the world knew who he was. If I asked him for an autograph back then he’d do it for free because he was largely unknown, rough around the edges as far as his hoops skills and he was an amateur, being a high schooler. Today, if I wanted his autograph, I would have to pay $800, $1000, $2000 or more. Why? His name is Lebron James. His rates went up, big-time!

Only insane people who do not know the power of hard work, branding, skills and giving 20,000 hours of your life to your craft would complain about Lebron raising his rates. Sane, clear-thinking human beings understand that skills, fame and credibly demand top dollar, even if the less-skilled, unknown individual charged peanuts or no dollars in the past.

Clients need to pay up or shut up as you are on the way up.


Do you need help committing to your goals? Raising rates often feels uncomfortable. Dealing with whining, old clients who moan about your rate hike feels even more uncomfortable.

Being 100% committed to your blogging goals nudges you through these fears to allow your freedom and dream life to manifest.

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