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How Do You Acquire Blogging Advice?

I scanned a few questions people asked me on Quora a few moments ago.

If you have a pressing, burning, problematic question, should you ask the question via a free platform where anybody and everybody offers all types of failing advice? Or should you ask me to coach you? Or should you just buy my flagship blogging eBook?

Hire me and buy my eBook guys. Why? If you felt terribly ill, would you go to a doctor or would you ask someone on Quora for an answer aka solution aka prescription to your sickness question? Sane people concerned about their health and keen to end their suffering get their butt to a doctor, pronto. Sane bloggers concerned about their blogging health hire me and buy my eBook pronto, because I am like a skilled, precise, wise blogging doctor, with my 10 years and 20,000 plus hours of blogging experience.

How do YOU acquire blogging advice? Do you solely ask a bunch of strangers who you do not know, like or trust on Quora? Nobody needs to be an expert to answer a question on Quora. Did you ever think of that? ANYBODY can answer questions and give you genuinely horrible blogging advice on Quora because anybody can open up a free account and be the blogging blind, leading the blogging blind. I have read some genuinely atrocious blogging advice on Quora that made my stomach turn but who, as Obi Wan Kenobi of Star Wars said:

“Who is the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?” 

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Mudassir is a wise dude. He buys my eBooks. If you go across my blogging buddy network, a high percentage of these folks have either:

  • bought my eBooks
  • bought my audiobooks
  • bought my paperbacks
  • bought my courses
  • hired me to coach them

My friends are wise and intelligent. How do they get their blogging advice? They invest money to get the best advice from a blogger who has lived their dreams. That’s wisdom. That’s using your noodle. Meanwhile, cheap, lost blogging fools ask questions on Quora, a site anybody can join, and a site where any fool can answer a question in their inexperienced, failing way. For every Neil Patel gem, you get SEO idiocy. Heck; I answered thousands of questions over there but in incredibly brief fashion, because it is a FREE platform I do not own. I answer blogging questions on my blog, in solid fashion, and I answer questions through my 100 plus eBooks is a highly thorough, complete fashion.

Note; you will get some solid advice on Quora. Some of my friends offer accurate insight on the Big Q. But you would be wiser to visit their blogs and continue the conversation there, to get their best, premium advice.

Stop being cheap. Stop being foolish, trying to get free blogging advice from people on free platforms, most of which have not the experience, clarity, and success to give you accurate blogging advice. Invest money in the best blogging advice from the best bloggers. Pay up to play up. By getting top, premium advice from top bloggers, you accelerate your blogging success by years. Never mind the fact that you feel super accomplished, focused, informed and inspired after buying and reading one of my eBooks, propelling you toward your dreams.

Sure you get oodles of helpful, free information on my blog, too. But the reason why I wrote 100 plus eBooks was so that billions of people can get excellent blogging advice and self-help inspiration in premium, bite-sized format for $7 to $20. Buy some eBooks. Get top-shelf blogging advice to accelerate your blogging success.

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