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How Can You Allow Your Blog to Evolve?

Blogging is one massive evolution.

Professional bloggers allow their blogs – and selves – to evolve dramatically over 1000’s of hours before going pro. Evolving specifically allows you to go pro. Not evolving – and not allowing your blog to evolve – guarantees that you DO NOT go pro. Think about that one for a second.

Evolving blogging-wise is mandatory. You have no other choice. But evolution is your natural urge because without evolving as a species, humans would have gone extinct a long time ago.

I evolved more times than I can count over the past 10 years and 15,000 hours of my blogging life. I learned, got clearer and slowly morphed into the blogger I am today. But I still evolve. Change is constant.

I let my blog evolve too.

Right now, I publish 1-2 articles daily. I also publish 1-2 video posts daily. Observing, learning and growing nudged me to publish at my current day frequency.

I also got super strict with my advertising business recently. In addition to raising rates I ensured bargaining, bartering and budgeting is no longer tolerated between potential clients and me. Nothing personal. But I did need to evolve into being ruthless with my time to help you effectively.

What do you need to let evolve with your blog? Do you need to begin adding video to your blogging campaign? Do you need to write and self-publish eBooks? How about creating audio books? All answers flow from within. Be quiet. Listen. Allow blogging evolution to take its course through your deliberate thoughts, feelings and actions.

Maybe short blog posts seem to be in order now? Or maybe longer form posts seem to be in order now? No one knows but you. Evolving is a private, individual, intimate experience because all bloggers evolve in different ways, at different rates. We all walk a different blogging journey.

I had to trash 3400 blog posts to evolve. Here’s the eBook:

Why Trashing 3400 Blog Posts Was My Greatest Blogging Success

Buy it to evolve.

Evolving involves making freeing but sometimes unpleasant choices. Get used to it. Trashing blog posts long tired, worn out and no longer useful streamlines your blog. Deleting 1, 10 or 3400 posts feels uncomfortable. Such is evolution. Allow your blog to evolve by stripping what needs stripping. Be with fears. Hug uncomfortable emotions. Letting your blog evolve involves facing, feeling and releasing the fear of letting go. No one grows without letting go. Most humans let go resistant-style, clinging to old blog designs, worn out blog strategies and long outgrown techniques from heavy fears.

Release what needs releasing to grow quickly. I felt as if I let go an anchor the moment I trashed 3400 blog posts from my old blog. Letting go the energetic anchor goaded me to create Blogging From Paradise. I saw clearly because I allowed my old blog to die so I could give birth to Blogging From Paradise. But trashing 3400 posts, an entire blog and brand scared me. I feared letting go but releasing the blog quickly brought me peace of mind. I knew I moved in the right direction by trashing the blog. Blogging evolution followed.

Let go to grow. Release to proceed. Spot where your blog needs evolving. As my post word count dropped the months prior – moving and travel ate up more of my time – I needed to add videos. Heck; I have some thousands upon thousands of YouTube videos to add to my blog posts. Adding video increases time spent on my blog posts and guest posts.

I save precious minutes writing but add precious minutes to time spent online by adding videos.

Here is one such video:

5 Tips for Challenging Your Worst Limiting Beliefs

See what I mean? I make life easier by evolving. I evolve along with my blog. I had to see me and my blog in the light of truth to allow evolution to unfold. Do the same to get clear on your evolution.

Everything begins with honesty. I recall a fellow blogger who sold books through a process of emailing, mailing books and spending days to make a sale. She would have been wise to evolve by using Amazon. 1 click, buy made and your blogging income increases immediately.

Be current. Allow technology to work for you by evolving. Capitalize on simple trends. Go with the flow to take the path of less resistance, even if doing so scares you. Letting your blog evolve promotes your success, freedom and happiness but requires you to make scary, uncomfortable decisions sometimes.

Evolve. Grow with the times. Flow through change. Everything success-wise unfolds for evolving bloggers who let their blogs evolve. How can you change? Do it. Grow through the times versus just going through the times.

Spend time in quiet today.

List the ways in which you can let your blog evolve.

Get busy influencing that evolution through your blogging thoughts, feelings and actions.

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1 thought on “How Can You Allow Your Blog to Evolve?”

  1. Love it, Ryan. I had a vision of blogging when I retire this morning. That will be my hobby with a little side cash. I spend more time today doing client work but still blog regularly and I love the short form over the long-form most of the time.
    Even reading long posts, I don’t have the time. But short ones and medium like this one are perfectly fine in my book!
    Thank you for the inspiring thoughts here! And Thank you Mudassir for having him!

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