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3 Reasons Why HostPapa Is The Best Hosting To Start Your Blog In 2020

Are you planning to start your blog and make money, just like others out there?

If yes and you’re confused about how to get started, this article is just for you.

If you want to start a blog and grow in the long run, you must need a full-fledged web hosting service that has outstanding reputation, is reliable, and gives you all the features and support you need to run your blog.

With dozens of hosting options available, it might be difficult for a beginner like you to choose the right one. Worry not! I’m here to help you today by taking a closer look at HostPapa.

HostPapa: Full-fledged best Web Hosting for your small business or blog in 2020


HostPapa started in the year 2006 as an independent has grown to the firm that has over 500,000 customers and thousands of great reviews online by the people who are happily using it for their business websites and blogs.

The company has exceptionally grown over the last years with major service points like reliability, solutions – no matter the requirements, and maintaining peak levels of flexibility and customer support. HostPapa aims to help beginners own their digital presence in a more easy and hassle-free ways even at low cost budgets.

The hosting plans available are well suitable for newbies, small businesses, mid sized/pro bloggers and corporate, designers and anyone.

#2. Why HostPapa is the best choice for your new blog (3 Reasons)

If you’re a regular reader at my blog space, you would know that I recommend HostPapa for newbies through my “How to start a blog in India” guide.

There are obvious reasons for that. A few major are:

#1. Price

Believe me, I have used Bluehost, SiteGround, Hostgator and Xongl Cloud in the past for my blogs. By passing through all of them, here I am recommending HostPapa. You might be wondering, why!

I have always believed “Quality and Cost are inversely proportional” but after knowing and experiencing HostPapa my view has totally changed.

HostPapa offers industry-best and cheapest rate to start your website or blog in no time. It just cost you Rs.99/month. That’s impressive and thoughtful for HostPapa to think good of beginners’ tight budget.

However, after 3 year or term you initially choose, the renewal prices vary from the introductory price. Make sure you learn about this with the help of an expert from HostPapa.

#2. Value

Though the price of HostPapa is cheap compared to most host providers in India, you don’t have to compromise with service and support levels at any point in time.

You will get all the required features and help to run your digital presence and grow with the time.

With a startup/basic plan of HostPapa shared hosting, you will get all the standard set of features.

  • Free domain registration
  • 2 websites
  • 100 GB of SSD storage
  • Free cloudflare CDN
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Starter website builder
  • 24/7 live support via chat, email, call & knowledgebase
  • cPanel with 400+ apps and tools
  • 30-day money back policy

You are getting all these features with a startup shared hosting plan and now imagine what if you upgrade? You would get a lots of value added service and features. HostPapa can’t wait to see you grow from shared hosting plan to even dedicated VPS – It has all got covered you!

HostPapa offers wide range of plans to serve any kind of user.

  1. Shared web hosting (Starter, Business, Business Pro)
  2. Managed shared hosting (with exclusive support from experts)
  3. Optimized WordPress hosting
  4. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  5. Reseller hosting (perfect for agencies, IT firms to manage multiple websites)

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Part of becoming a successful digital entrepreneur is having a host provider that understand your requirements and offer you the best. HostPapa know this well and does everything it can to ensure you never have to fret about a downtime or managing resources for better speed and performance or any other concern.

#3. Support

With more than 15 years of hosting and related expertise, you are in safe hands and confirm yourself that , an expert from HostPapa will take care of you for any kind of issue.

It boasts of 24/7 support via Phone, email, Live chat, Fax & knowledgebase with dozens of helpful guides that you can freely access at any point in time. When you opt to plans like Managed WP, VPS, Managed shared, etc, you can have the exclusive and dedicated support from HostPapa experts.

The best part is, you can get a 30-minute one to one training about using HostPapa service to build your dream blog or a website.

#3. Conclusion: Do I recommend HostPapa to start your new blog or website?

HostPapa is fairly clear about its features, pricing and resources that it can offer to you. It is a solid and perfect choice for beginners to build their digital presence – Overall, it is a great choice that you could ever make.

So the answer is yes, I recommend HostPapa to start your new business or blog online.

Are you convinced to start your new blog with HostPapa hosting and looking for the help to get started?

#4. How to buy HostPapa Hosting and Install a new blog or website?

Follow the below steps carefully to purchase and setup your new blog with it.

#1. Use this link (affiliate) to get flat 80% OFF on shared web hosting plan. Do note that the discount is valid only when you purchase 36-month term @ Rs.99/month. It totally cost you Rs.3,564 for 3 years hassle-free hosting.


#2. In the next step, enter your desired domain name and add it to the cart at FREE of cost.


#3. Now, enter your personal details and proceed to the payment via credit card to place an order.

#4. After purchase, you will receive an email from HostPapa with hosting login credentials. Once you login, the dashboard might look something like this:


#5. Click “My cPanel” and “WordPress” under the “Software –>Softaculous App Installer” feature.

#6. Click “Quick WordPress Install”

#7. Under the admin account, create your desired username, password and email to setup your new WP account for blogging or to create a website.

#8. You will be able to login to your WP dashboard using above credentials, access a wide variety of options to design your blog, create pages, blog posts and likewise things.

That’s all about setting up your new blog using HostPapa hosting. If you want further help in designing the blog, creating content, growing it and monetization, you make sure to check out below resources:

4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why HostPapa Is The Best Hosting To Start Your Blog In 2020”

  1. First time I hear of HostPapa, Mudassir.

    They look like a decent option and I’ll look into them further. I like Siteground hosting a lot, but I don’t like they keep increasing their prices.
    I’ll see…

  2. I like HostPapa, Mudassir.
    Recently I wrote about them on my blog and they seem like a really good host.
    I think I’ll buy their hosting this Black Friday.

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