How to find quality guest blogging opportunities (With outreach plan included)

Are you finding it hard to secure guest blogging opportunities? I know what it feels like. After sending a bunch of emails and not getting a reply.

It sucks and feels like quitting. But don’t.

Because as a blogger, marketer, freelancer, or an online business owner, you stand to gain a lot from guest blogging.

For the success you have not been having with your guest blogging campaign, I have answers to them.

And for beginners just starting out, this is a guide for you.

So in this post, I’ll share with you how to find and secure guest blogging opportunities even as a nobody.

Stick to the end, comment, and share. Sounds good?

Let’s dive in.

What is guest blogging and why should you care?

Guest blogging is the act of writing a blog post or content on another site (you don’t own). You create content on another site in exchange for the awareness you get.

What the host gets in return is amazing content that contributes value to the community.

So, should you guest blog? Absolute Yes.

While there are a lot of myths surrounding guest blogging, the truth is, guest blogging is a perfect way to become an authority in your niche.

Here are some of the benefits you stand to gain:

●     Build credibility and authority

As a creator, being an authority in your niche is important and guest blogging is a perfect way to achieve that.

When your target audience finds your name on different sites and publications, their personal view for you begins to change. You’ll be perceived as an authority and credible writer.

The same thing with freelancers, you become the go-to experts. And it can give you the confidence to charge high for the value you offer.

●      Nurture relationship

While building relationships with fellow bloggers and editors is a method of getting featured on blogs, it’s also the other way round.

As a guest blogger, you get the opportunity to build and nurture relationships with other experts and bloggers. Since publishing guest blogs, I have built relationships with authority bloggers in my niche likewise.

●      Top-notch backlinks

This is the major reason why most bloggers and content marketers guest blog on authority sites, to build links.

It isn’t a bad idea either. If you own a web property, links are really important to rank your content high on search engines.

And you get just what you want by guest blogging. However, if you are guest blogging to build links, then be ready to outsource your content writing and also automate the task.

A lot more will be discussed about this later in the post.

8 easy hacks to find and secure guest posting opportunities

Let’s dive in.

1. Create a list of opportunities

My very first step in guest blogging strategy is to create a list of sites that accept guest posts. There are hundreds of sites that accept guest posts and it’s your job to fish right ones out.

Here are some tips to find opportunities in your niche:

  • Search for opportunities on Google

Using advanced Google search operators, you can find sites that accept guest posts in your niche.

You can search for “marketing guest post” “write for us – marketing” “write for us business” “contribute to marketing” “get featured on automobiles”.

By entering search queries related to contributing to a blog, Google will bring out a list of sites with similar titles.

Here’s an example:

  • Trace the popular guest bloggers in your niche

Not all sites have a guest blog or “write for us” page, many of them keep that a secret to chase away mediocre bloggers.

To find more unannounced or published opportunities, I track the guest blogs of popular bloggers or marketers in my niche.

You start by identifying popular guest bloggers that you are familiar with in the industry.

Track the sites they have been featured in by searching their name or author bio on Google.

  • Social media platforms

Social media platforms shouldn’t be neglected at all. That’s where professionals are being themselves and a better place to connect with them.

Twitter for instance, is a good place to find guest blogging opportunities. You can start by connecting with the top bloggers and writers in your niche and other closely related niches.

At the same time, Facebook groups are a good place to connect with other bloggers in your niche.

That said, you also need to collect other information like the contact email address.

For this, I make use of Google sheets.

Here’s what it looks like:

2. Start small but don’t be afraid of pitching top sites

When just starting with guest blogging, start small but always remember the goal is to be featured at top and leading sites in your niche.

It also helps you to have a good portfolio to showcase while you reach out to authority sites.

Look around for bloggers who are within your reach. Depending on the level of your blog, start with blogs with a DA within 20 to 40.

While there’s no limit on where to start, reach out to sites that you can easily get accepted on.

Here’s my first guest post on Onenaijablog:

Once you have about three to five guest posts, start pitching for top authority sites. I started pitching for authority sites after writing about three guest posts.

3. Be creative with your pitch

Most guest bloggers get rejected because of their pitch.

While some editors might not reply, some might be nice to tell you they are not accepting guest posts, your suggested topics don’t fit in, etc; the truth is, your pitch is the problem most of the time.

I have also gotten a fair share of bad pitches. That said, writing pitches aren’t hard work, its part of good writing.

In your pitch, the goal is to sell yourself and reflect your writing skills.

If you can’t take the time to correct noticeable grammar errors in your pitch, I doubt you’ll put in the effort to create top-notch content for other sites.

When sending your pitch, re-read it to yourself to ensure you are not sounding like a spammer.

The internet has been known for its spams. The number of spam emails being sent out is increasing. I get a lot of them, everyday.

And here’s the deal, you don’t want to sound like any. And only your pitch could prove that.

So, how do you write guest posts pitch? Here are some tips:

Be personal

Personalizing your outreach email is very essential. The era of sending automated spam emails is gone and there’s no room for lazy pitchers who automate their emails in bulk.

Research each of your prospects to be able to personalize the email to them perfectly. As a tip, register their first name with the spellings correctly.

Don’t use “Dear webmasters”, “Dear blogger” “Dear Admin”, there are already thousands of such emails in the trash. Instead, use “Hi {Name},” or “Hello {Name}”.

Prove your credibility

If you already have some guest blogs published, mention it in your guest post pitch.

But I’ll assume you are a total beginner. And in that case, you should prove your credibility by doing your homework on the blogger.

Prove your credibility by selling yourself in the pitch.

Suggest good topics

A lot of bloggers make this mistake. They pitch topics that the blogger has already written about or topics that aren’t niche related.

Don’t make that mistake. You can even ask the owner if they have any content idea in their mind for publishing. Learn more about it in the following section.

4. Choose topics wisely and write summary creatively

A crucial part of your pitch is the suggested topics you send to your target. I have seen different cases of bad pitches.

They are really cases. Some bloggers don’t include topics and summaries in their pitch.

“Hi Admin, I’m reaching out to write for your blog. I’ll provide 100% original articles for your blog suited for your audience.”

This is bad!!

Here are some right tips when choosing a topic to write:

  • Choose a topic that hasn’t been written about before on the blog
  • The topic should have some SEO value for traffic
  • Craft an attractive and SEO friendly post title

The other common mistake to avoid is, “not writing summaries”. Without summaries it is difficult to convince the editor that you can write on that topic.

From an editor stand, you don’t want a blogger to write about a topic in which they don’t have expertise. It is very important, especially when the “target keyword” has more commercial benefits for your company.

So, don’t feel bad when an editor says No. It’s their job to grow revenue with the content they put on their blog. And to achieve that, they have all the rights to turn down poorly written pitches.

Writing a summary for your topic isn’t just essential; it’s an opportunity to let the editor know the value of the content idea.

The summary should talk about the pain the topic will address and other things that your content will cover.

I leave you with a pitch that got me published on JeffBullas:

5. Build and nurture relationships

Guest blogging isn’t a one-time or one-off thing. You must be ready to cultivate relationships with your targets, hosts, and other bloggers.

I have landed some opportunities thanks to nurturing relationships with bloggers in my niche.

As a matter of fact, I landed this particular opportunity with this tactic, thanks to my relationship with Mudassir.

In essence, don’t ever throw away your network after getting featured on their blog. They would be of help in the future.

However, don’t cultivate a relationship just because you need them. Cultivate a genuine relationship to provide value to each other. That’s what matters.

6. Go the extra mile

It’s a guest post for another blog; I shouldn’t put in much effort, right? Hell No.

You need to go to the extra mile to create something for their audience they’d would love.

My rule of thumb is to put in my very best in every guest post that I craft. At the time, I only have a single infographic on my blog, but I include it in most of my guest posts – just like I crafted a infographic for this post (as you can see at the bottom).

Do not spare anything to create the best for your hosts, they deserve it.

And guess what? You would also benefit from it because you’ll have your byline that says you are the author.

I have landed writing clients from some of my guest posts. I have also built new relationships with other bloggers and content marketers thanks to my guest posts.

And you also can, if only you put in your best in the guest posts.

Always make it a rule of thumb to go the extra mile in providing value in your content.

7. Scale your guest blogging campaign

If it’s for links or building authority, you need to guest blog at scale. And to do that, you need to outsource some parts and also automate the process.

If you are planning to outsource your guest blogging campaign, I would advise you start by outsourcing the writing process before the outreach part.

And that’s because you don’t want a freelancer to destroy your reputation with other bloggers because of bad outreach emails.

As said earlier, start by outsourcing the content writing process before outsourcing all other tasks.

That said, you need to generate a bank of content ideas to select from when sending out your outreach. However, a content idea bank doesn’t mean you won’t research the target site. You need to still confirm if these topics aren’t already covered on the target site.

Finally, I use content calendar tools to keep mental peace and keep the workflow simple and going. To be specific, I make use of the Airtable and Google sheet.

If scaling is your goal, be ready to keep track of your content ideas and also follow-up with the editors.

One rule of thumb is to not link more than once or twice in your guest post. For the rest of the outbound links, be generous and share it with other bloggers.

And if you’re cozy about the links, you should consider setting up a collaboration with other bloggers where you exchange links in each other’s guest posts.

8. Track your progress

How many pitches have you sent? How many replies did you get? How many guest blogs are live? How many guest blogs are scheduled?

You need to track your progress to know if it’s working for you (though I’m sure it would work).

While a lot of marketers see outreach as a game of numbers, I don’t. You just need to vet your list of target sites and save the stress.

Finding quality guest blogging opportunities for your business blog (Infographic)


Finally, guest blogging shouldn’t be a game of number as it is still alive and works great. What’s dead is the old approach.

Implement these tips and feed me on your experience.

Over to you

Have you ever found guest blogging hard? Go ahead and try these tips and feed me back on your experience.

Just setting out? Put every tip here to practice and let me know your experience.

8 thoughts on “How to find quality guest blogging opportunities (With outreach plan included)”

  1. Guest Blogging is still best thing to promote your content. Competitions are really very high in this field. But what is other option, if you have to make your blog hit and content writing superhit.

    1. Akinduyo Eniola

      Hi Robby,
      Absolutely, guest blogging isn’t the only way to grow your blog. But it’s worth giving a shot.
      For other options to grow your blog, targeting low-competition keywords with commercial value is the key.

      Even at that, you still need to build some links to them. But it does not have to be guest blogging.

  2. Yes you are absolutely right that anyone doesn’t get guest blogging opportunity without credibility. But if you try hard and prove your work on many medium then definitely get the opportunity.

    1. Akinduyo Eniola

      Hi Piyush,

      You’re right. Proving that you are credible will help you land guest blogging opportunities.

      You just need to hustle for your first guest post. After that, it becomes easier to land more opportunities.

  3. Hi Akinduyo great article brother, quite frankly I’ve never tried very hard for guest posting on different sites, although I’ve done it one or two times but have never tried this systematic approach.

    Thanks for sharing this actionable guide, this made my day, sk much so that I shared it on twitter.

    1. Hi Tarun,

      Thanks for giving it a share. I’m happy you found this helpful and it made your day.

      Go ahead and give it a shot. I would be happy to hear your experience with this system.

  4. This is an informative post!

    This post opened my eyes to other ways to get my guest posts published on authoritative blogs.

    Starting little by little help one grow, to succeed in the game one does not have to be a Lone Wolf but must move with the pack.

    By the way I’d love to steal your pitch and add some of mine and this will result in a great punch.

    Thanks for sharing this with us bro!

  5. Great job AE. Building and nurturing bonds is beyond huge brother. We need those friendships to enjoy the ride and to make things pop. I landed a few guest posting gigs with posting rights simply by being generous and by practicing my writing.


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