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Generosity: The Ultimate Blog Exposure Tactic

Do you want more blogging exposure?

Join the masses, eh? Most bloggers love tips for gaining exposure because most see little coverage. Been there, folks. People slam into blocks though. Bloggers think inward. Like, wondering how much exposure they can gain for their blog. Do you see the error in this link of thinking? All exposure flows through other humans but you focus on self over other humans. Not good. Generosity is the key to greater exposure because helping other folks positions you to succeed with your blog. Exposure flows through human beings other than yourself. Cease focusing inward minus an initial exposure question and act outward to help folks generously.

Be Helpful

Every day, you and I receive countless opportunities to help readers and fellow bloggers through all types of channels. Fire up your phone. Broadcast live on Facebook. Broadcast live on Twitter. Write a blog post. Write a guest post. Comment genuinely on blogs. Promote other bloggers on your blog. Promote other bloggers on social media. Be generous. Being generous is the ultimate blogging exposure tool because helping folks freely gives you exposure in a bunch of different spots.

I published 141 guest posts on Make Blogging. See featured image for this post. Imagine 141 guest posts from a single blog floating around in the blog-0-sphere. Good deal. Mark 141 more spots of exposure for Ryan Biddulph through a single blog. Begin adding all guest posts I published through all blogs. Every single guest post gives me more exposure. Add all posts I published to Blogging From Paradise. Every post offers me greater exposure. I pop up in one more spot every time I publish a blog post on my blog or a guest post on another blog. Do you see why being helpful, being generous and persisting multiplies your exposure in a fabulous way? Helpful people get seen in many spots because each time you help someone, you make exposure impacts. Exposure finds you. Being helpful through social media boosts exposure too because every comment or DM or Message boosts your exposure slowly, steadily and powerfully. Think in long terms. Never minimize a seemingly tiny exposure, like, a Twitter chat. Every Twitter chat adds up over the long haul. Every guest post, blog post, live broadcast and podcast adds up.

Being generous fuels massive exposure because you help without worrying about getting anything. What happens? You keep helping, being unbound by outcomes, unswayed by traffic or profits metrics, and helping generously daily for years fuels truly epic, eye-popping, exposure. All those bloggers you see in a gazillion spots generously helped folks for 10,000 plus hours of their lives. Giving precedes getting. Giving freely precedes receiving easily. Learn how to be generous by emulating generous, compassionate bloggers. Be with these icons. Study their mindset. Professional givers influence you masterfully, but hang out with these folks consistently to learn their ways.

Make yourself of service. Every day, you have 4 to 8 or more waking hours to serve generously through blogging. Part time blogging full time employees have 2-4 hours to serve through blogging daily. Use this precious time to gain exposure and freedom. Help bloggers. Help readers. Be generous. Manage your time effectively. Blogging never needs to be a long, drawn-out, nightmare. This gig gets easier the more helpful you become.


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  1. Ryan,

    Frankly, you always have greater contribution to this blog-o-sphere. You are the GEM in helping others with your valuable content. It’s astonishing – 141 guest posts one single blog.

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