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Find the Halfway Point Between Success-Strangling Comfort and Failure-Inducing Torture

I have to say; fun times here in NYC. My wife Kelli and I enjoy our trips to the city. Short one to Manhattan, currently. I have a blast caring for a 140 pound dog, cat and rabbit. I also know this; after a 9 days of this leap outside of my comfort zone, I feel ready to return to the routine of home, in New Jersey. Why? I cannot sustain my success by being too far outside of my comfort zone. Far from being SO far outside of my comfort zone that it becomes torture, of course, but the big dog does not allow me to do my yin and Kriya yoga, barging in. He also cuts off my podcast episodes because he hates when I give attention to other sentient beings…aka…YOU…LOL.

I love him. He is as good as gold, overall, but he tends to gum up both energy work and blogging work in certain moments, and gumming things up slows down my success, ever so slightly. Back home, I seamlessly cruise through my day. My cats can be kept out via a closed door. But I guard against living firmly ensconced inside of my NJ comfort zone because success dies the moment you stop facing fears, resisting leaving your comfort zone. Crazy energy work, ice showers and the like, over there.

Blogging success accelerates rapidly at the halfway point between your pure comfort zone and your pure torture zone. Being 100% comfortable leads to regression and an early death. Observe any person who never faces their fears, resisting leaving their comfort zone; virtually every one contracts some fatal disease and dies young. Being 100% outside of your comfort zone for a sustained period seems beneficial but leads to a form of torture, you facing your deepest fears while trying to build a thriving blogging business. If I had to stop doing podcasts, yin yoga and Kriya yoga because I lived with and cared for this big dog for years, it’d be far from torture, but my success would stall because I could not be comfortable enough to set up a dependable yoga and podcast routine. However, imagine if I tried to build a thriving blogging business 3 years ago while living in a hut in remote Costa Rica? Torture, because I left my comfort zone 100% during those days without electricity, without running water, with an outhouse, sleeping 2-3 hours nightly because of a ratty skeeter net and straw-filled mattress.

How could I ever be energized, refreshed and clear-thinking enough to work in an environment; wait a second…I had no electricity and/or internet! Impossible to connect with the outside world. Plus I felt so miserable using an outhouse and having no air conditioning or fan, sweating profusely every day, feeling chronic fatigue after 2 hours of sleep most nights, being exhausted, and malnourished, because I lived on dry food (no refrigeration). Trying to even dream of being a top blogger in the world in such torturous conditions would have been madness. I had some success back then but nothing like I experience now.

Guys; leave your comfort zone regularly. Face fears routinely. Succeed. But never make a ridiculous quantum leap leading to a 100% sprint into your torture zone, like trying to be a top, pro blogger by walking 4 hours daily just to get an internet signal, to blog from your phone. What!? Get a job. Make enough money to move into an apartment in town, or, to own a home in town. Get a dependable internet connection. Experience some comfort, order and set up the proper environment for a budding pro blogger. Find that halfway point.


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