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Earning a Living through Blogging: Why?

Why do you want to earn a living through blogging? Answering this simple questions gives you what you need to know to succeed online.

I love the freedom of working from home. Nobody tells me what to do. Nobody tells me when to do it. Yep; nobody tells me where to do it either. Over a decade ago, I lived a different life. I worked as a security guard. Days seemed long. Sometimes I worked 16 hour days. Other times, my relief called out at midnight, meaning I would work from 4 PM to 8 AM, unexpected. I despised those nights. I knew life needed to be freeing, fun and enjoyable but had to figure out how to free myself.

Enter blogging. My wife – then girlfriend – Kelli told me about making money online. Minus a bit of online trading I had no idea one could make money online. Wow. Eye-opening. Digging deeper, freedom drove me. I knew working a 9-5 never made me happy. Toss in long, hard, odd hours working as a security officer and I knew I had to do something different with my life. Earning a living through blogging felt like a natural progression but I doubled down on my reason why to break free of deep fears. Working solo scared the heck out of me. I had only been an employee. How did entrepreneurs think? How did entrepreneurs act? What was a blog? How would I blog? Doubts crept into my mind. But I always desired freedom over living in a miserable, fear-filled comfort zone. I chose to move forward because freedom pulled me through fear.

Allow Freedom to Pull You through Fear

Let your love of freedom pull you through common blogging fears. Focus. Be one-minded in pursuing freedom to the tune of becoming a full time blogger. Pro bloggers make freeing and sometimes scary choices to become full time bloggers. Nobody goes full time without making scary, sometimes terrifying decisions because fear needs be faced, felt and released to accelerate your blogging success. Nobody succeeds sans paying the fear tax. Bloggers hellbent on seizing freedom just face, feel and release fears on their way to going full time.

What drives you? Why do you want to be free? Imagine your most fun, freeing dream life. How does that look to you? Visualize yourself and your family experiencing a fun, freeing dream life. Become emotionally involved with your idea of fun and freedom. Allow freeing, liberated energies to bleed through your being. Allow abundance and generosity to seep through your energetic core. Why do I write this post on a lazy Sunday afternoon? I will enjoy dinner with friends in a few hours. I could watch Netflix, relax and meet friends for a delightful meal in a bit. Why blog? Freedom inspires me to do what I do. Be a pro blogger – well before you become a pro blogger – by allowing freedom to drive you through fears on your successful blogging journey. Every successful blogger pays the fear tax by allowing their love of freedom to overpower their distaste of fear.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable by falling in love with the idea of living a fun, freeing life. Observe how you accelerate your blogging success as you head toward being a full time blogger.


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2 thoughts on “Earning a Living through Blogging: Why?”

  1. Hello Ryan & Mudassir,

    Blogging is really good platform to earn online because it has wide range of scope. It really provides flexibility, no time boundation – It only require creative mind.

    And you are doing well with great strategies. Several newbies are learning from you – how to get success in world of blogging. Eventually, thanks for exploring your sweet experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    1. Yes, Amar. It does provide financial freedom and work flexibility. However, a creative mind is an essential ingredient to succeed.

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