How To Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog (for beginners)
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17 Ways To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Blog [ Exhaustive List for Beginners In 2020 ]

Starting a new blog has never been so easy with WordPress platform. You could just get the blog running in less than an hour. The game begins then – Generating relevant-targeted traffic and building an audience base.

In this article, you will learn how to drive and eventually increase traffic to your new blog.

Ready? Let’s start!

So how do you get people to notice you in this crowd of marketers?

There is no special secret for generating millions of traffic instantly. You need to learn and understand the fundamental of generating traffic – Building Authority.

Simply to put, Google trust and rewards your site when you build authority which doesn’t come to you overnight. It takes time and efforts. However, in the meanwhile, I want you to read and implement below strategies that could definitely bring you decent traffic.

How To Bring Traffic To Your New Blog (17 Mix of Instant, Best & Long-run Strategies)

#1. Create In-depth Content That Ranks

Even the best SEO blogs like backlinko, Moz, etc has started with zero content once. We all know how much success they’ve bagged today.

It all starts with creating a great content.

Here’s the secret…

Define your audience, develop writing style of your own that help you stand out in the crowd and cast a great impression on your users.

Do you know according to Brian Dean SEO tests in 2020:

  • The average content length of a page that appears on the Google 1st page has at least 1,400 words
  • Comprehensive content with high “Content Grade” performed significantly over the content that didn’t cover the topic clearly (Content Grade factor can be measured via Clearscope) ?

But you must learn to overcome the myth “more content- more SEO rankings.” It is not true, Google usually prefers the rich content pages that completely answers the queries of a user (search intent).

You don’t want to end up stirring out all the same 1000+ word blog posts offering the same content that people have already published on the Internet. If you’re going for a long form content, make sure to cover the main topic as much as possible to improve your chances of rankings.

Try this:

Go to SEMrush keyword magic tool and enter the main keyword and hit to get list of long tail keywords that you could optimize your content for.

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Looking through the above list, you can learn potential sub keywords that you can cover in your content to rank for. You could even use this data to structure your content outline.

For example: H1 tag for “45 Best Business Ideas You can Start In 2020” and H2 tag for “10 Small Business Ideas That You Can Start From Your Home”, and otherwise.

While doing all the above, do not ignore matching the user intent. Google is working towards providing the search users with the high quality and relevant content for their searches. If you want to rank high on Google to drive tons of traffic, create content that aligns with search intent. Learn more about search intent with Ahrefs.

Take away: Ultimately, the goal should be to add the value to your audience and match the intent – Either short form or long form, content must be entertaining and informative. My advice is to use both to create ever lasting engagement. However, be ready to test and optimize your content to server your readers the RIGHT way.

#2. Optimize Your On-Page SEO

Optimizing your blog pages and posts is one of the key factors that you must be aware of. Before you even think about driving traffic to your blog, your top priority is to ensure your blog is technically healthy.

Google must realize your blog post deserved to be in the 1st page of SERPs. It only happens if you make Google understand what is the page or blog post is about by optimizing it the RIGHT way.

Here is the checklist you can refer to:

  • Get an SEO-friendly and fast loading theme like Astra or GeneratePress.
  • Setup your blog with necessary plugins and settings.
  • Match the user intent (Analyze the top results to understand it better and produce better content than them).
  • Page load speed matters; Google and I readers don’t like slow loading pages. Get a better host that handles caching, Javascripts and technical aspects better.
  • Optimize your title and meta description of a page. Consider installing SEO plugin like RankMath that gives you ideas to optimize better.
  • Try to place your main keyword in the title and H1 tags naturally. Don’t push forcibly if it doesn’t fit. If we talk sense, Google is not making you rank for just placing a keyword in your title and heading tags.
  • Describe your images on a page accurately with alt tags. Again, you don’t have to push keywords into them.
  • Improve topical relevancy of a page by adding long tail keywords naturally in your content.
  • Add SEO friendly URLs to pages and posts.
  • Link to your internal content intelligently.
  • Use Schema like FAQ, Article to appear with rich page results.
  • Create content that is easy to consume.

On-page SEO is damn crucial if you want to appear on Google. It is all about fulfilling the promise that you’ve made in the title.

#3. Build an Email list

You may be thinking, well I’m just a new blogger who started a month ago and I hardly have one post on my blog. Why should I build email list?

Here’s why:

Followers are your long run assets, without them you’re null. They read your content, share it, drive traffic to your blog, buy products on your recommendations, and help you make money. Does it matter to you to have them in your mind and communicate in a while through email?

That simply means that growing your email list is nothing but to assure your growth in blogging.

Somehow you’re bringing little traffic to your blog: why make them leave without knowing whether they would return to you or not. A simple exit opt-in popup or a sign-up widget on your sidebar could help you build a decent list in a short time.

Do you top bloggers like Neil Patel have millions of email subscribers and a simple new blog post notification to his list could drive thousands of traffic in just minutes?

You must not ignore the power of email list building. My recommended email tool – Mailer Lite, it’s free to evaluate.

#4. Quora – Turn it into massive traffic driver

Have you ever heard of Quora?

It is world’s top 10 websites with a hell lot of questions and answers from the people around the world.

Here’s it what it looks like:

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Quora is a great platform to leverage massive blog traffic and you will achieve so many benefits by naturally participating on there. But make no mistake of spamming it by excessive self-promotion and link building.

Helping people around with your expertise is the key at Quora. Take a look at Neil Patel’s Quora profile below:

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According to his profile, Neil’s last answer published on May 9, 2017. But still he gets at least 100,000 views on his answers overall. That means, 100,000 visitors!

Isn’t it awesome?

Now guess, what if he kept continuing on Quora to add the value? Tons of traffic, Isn’t it?

Based on the views, upvotes and credibility, your answer will be positioned: the top, better traffic.

How to use Quora naturally to drive traffic?

  • Create your profile that stands out in the crowd. For reference, take a look at above Neil’s one.
  • Claim your areas of expertise and find questions to answer.
  • Craft your answers in an interesting, entertaining and informative way, which obviously come with lots of practice.

Pro tips:

  • Don’t sell yourself at the first place. Add the value with your content, link naturally to your blog’s content and structure the content in a readable way.
  • Hunt for big questions that have tons of followers and views that help you stand a chance to drive big traffic to your blog.

Oh, and by the way, my Quora profile is about to reach 1 M views and already awarded with top badges in a few topics. I will continue using Quora to connect with my readers, help them with my knowledge and use it to drive the sweet potential traffic to my blog.

The best part about Quora is that it is free to use. Make sure you act natural!

#5. Spice up your blog with Expert Interviews

Especially, if you’re a new blogger and confused about generating traffic, Interviews are the best tactic.

You need to look around in your niche, research about influencers and top bloggers and convince them to give their Interview on your blog.

Besides, your audience might also get refreshed to hear from your guests.

Publishing an Interview with a big personality could get you lots of targeted traffic and improve your credibility in your niche. Plus, the Interviewee can help you accelerate by introducing you to his/her wider audience base.

The tips of Interviewee could help your audience solve particular problems and that my friend, increases your authority.

How to get started? Whom should you Interview?

Here’s the deal…

If you’re hoping to drive big traffic to your blog, then don’t approach big names for your very first post. Create at least a couple of pillar content for your blog. Build a small relationship with the influencer with whom you would want to Interview by sharing their content on social media, commenting on their posts or even subscribing them.

That helps as you don’t want to directly approach a big man and get a rejection.

Make sure to reach them for Interview request via email as it looks professional. Keep the pitch simple and sweet.

Here’s a template you can follow:

Hello [Interviewee name],

I am [your name] and I run a blog [blog name].

I have been following you and your content for a while and I would love to have you on my blog in the form of Text Interview.

The Interview will be with 10 Questions.

Let me know if this fits into your schedule so that I can come up with the questions.

Thanks, [your name].

Interviews work great in terms of driving traffic but you don’t have to do even a tiny mistake the kills you reputation in the niche. Here are some tips:

Tips to make the most out of Interview

The Interview success depend on the Interviewee profile. So choose them wisely according to the niche relevancy, subject knowledge and popularity.

  • Design smart and unique questions.
  • Start with a casual chat instead of routine one.
  • Give a spotlight to your Interviewee by a natural looking praise, if fits.

The benefits of expert interviews are truly infinite. You just have to play smart.

#6. Mention others in your content with a backlink

As far as I know this is the tactic that you might never heard of before. I have been experiencing amazing traffic results so far using this tactic.

This is not tricky at all.

Every time you write a new blog post, find a fit in your content to mention bloggers around you. Link to them naturally.

Once you publish the post, write an email to the blogger(s) that you have linked or tag in your social media post.

There are high chances that the bloggers would return your favor in the form of a social share or a backlink.

A simple mention could lead you drive big traffic or a link to your blog post. Not to mention, this practice help you build relationships with Influencers and fellow bloggers in the niche.

For example, recently I wrote and published a guest post on where I happen to mention few Influencers like Ryan Robinson, Lisa Sicard, Moss Clement, etc.

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And I let them know…They all have shared this blog post with their thousands of followers.

My guest post has already received a considerable traffic spike. Also few of their followers starting following me on Twitter. Big win, right?

Help and get help, it is as simple as that.

#7. Guest Posting

Now this is tricky!

When I say guest posting, first thing that might trigger in your mind is, to reach bloggers and ask for a guest post.

Well, that works partly and yield you very tiny results. If you want to make the most out of guest posting, you need to do it the RIGHT way.

There is a lot of trial and error included. Because you might get rejected to do a guest post on a famous blog like JeffBullas or ProBlogger, however, if you’re accepted then it can pay off you big.

Find like-minded and like-niche bloggers, start engaging and make friends. Eventually, that help you get accepted as a contributor in future. Once you are accepted, don’t think of driving traffic to your blog, instead add value to the new audience as much as you can. Benefits will follow you automatically.

Likewise, Invite niche experts to publish guest post on your blog.

In my case, I have invited Ryan Biddulph who has published at least 350 guest posts on my blog in a year. He write about blogging tips and share my content with his audience base. He get a chance to expand his exposure and I get a passive traffic – Both wins!

#8. Publishing an expert roundup

I bet you: expert roundup posts can drive you lots of quality and targeted traffic.

Expert roundup could be collection of multiple experts’ opinions, strategies or information about a particular subject.

For example: “SEO Trends in 2020: 17 Experts Share Their Thoughts”

Interesting, right?

Since you are a new blogger, people may not develop trust in the first attempt and subscribe you. That’s OK. I have been there.

Here’s the deal. Featuring experts on your blog will give a reason for people to visit your blog, read and subscribe to you. You are going to offer knowledge of dozens of experts. That’s a blast to your readers and you.

Here’s an example from Small Business Ideas Blog.

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Brian Liang published this expert roundup – “How To Promote Your Blog Content: 40+ Experts Share Tips”

By organizing the 40+ experts’ knowledge on the topic, Brian leverage the exposure he want. I just happen to check it’s performance on Moz. Check this out:

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The roundup has been able to generate 218 incoming links so far. I’m sure you have learned the page’s P.A, D.A as well.

Experts who participate in the roundups will share the post link with their audience base and even could link back to you. And it will be shared on social media like a hot cake.

Roundup posts not only generate traffic but also clear the path to network with influencers and add fresh content to your blog.

So how to create an expert roundup?

  • Pick the topic and come up with a great title. You can see the above example of smallbusinessideasblog.
  • List the experts who are from your niche (also who have decent audience base) and outreach.

That’s it.

Here’s an example of outreach email:

Dear [ Expert Name ],

I am [ Your Name ] from [ URL of your blog ].

I am planning to publish an expert roundup on my blog and here’s the title [ Title of your roundup post ].

I would like to invite you for this roundup to share your expertise. Your opinion with a backlink and your bio will be published.

Let me know. Cheers, [ Your Name ]

Once they accept the invitation, send them the content limit and deadline. Don’t forget to maintain the progress in an excel or calendar.

The beauty of expert roundup is that you are not just trying to promote yourself. The experts you have published are going to take your name out.

#9. Twitter to thrive

Twitter is a great platform to build a big loyal community and to have them participating meaningful conversations.

If you want to get more boom out of Twitter, you must check out tool like Missinglettr that automatically tweets about your blog posts. You can schedule a year’s worth of content without fear of dedicating time to Twitter. The best part is, you can make it sit in the background by connecting it with your WordPress, Wix, Ghost or Blogger blog.

Here are some Twitter tips I can offer you:

  • Use short and engaging tweets
  • Use Hashtags to reach big audience base
  • Tag friends and mention in a while
  • Add visuals and stats to your Tweets
  • Ask questions
  • Create niche related polls
  • Add a great bio with a link to your blog
  • Help others by distributing their content

Twitter is the most smart way to drive targeted traffic to your content. Join me on Twitter and start Tweeting!

Similarly, you can start using forums and niche related communities to drive traffic to your blog by adding the value to the people.

#10. Use Facebook carefully

Gone were the days you can randomly join Facebook groups and blast your article URL in them hoping to bring traffic to your blog. Today, most valued groups have set certain strict rules to control spammers. Now it is not as before!

You will want to join the groups from your niche or common blogging groups that are jam-packed with your targeted audience. Participate in conversations, help others, share knowledge and never think of posting your content unnecessarily.

Be friends with the admin and request him/her to share your content in the group once in a while.

Likewise, create a page about your blog, ask friends or even create a Facebook ad to promote. Catch people’s attention by regularly posting interactive and entertaining content (videos, articles, images, Gifs, etc).

Get your visuals designed stunning for free with

#11. Paid channels

Paying for traffic?


In fact, according to the outbrain’s report, 43% of SME’s consider social media platforms to generate effective traffic to their businesses.

Here are some of the names I can suggest:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, SnapChat & LinkedIn PPC ads (obviously!)
  • Triberr
  • ViralContentBee
  • Google Ads
  • Taboola
  • Outbrain
  • Admaven, etc

As long as you provide value to the users, you will drive results with paid channels even better than organic.

#12. Create Infographics

I have already talked in one of my posts about how an Infographics can generate you the backlinks and traffic.

Christian Carere, the founder of a digital firm called Digital Ducats was able to generate tons of backlinks and a 64% rise in the traffic by creating the coolest infographic. You can learn more about the case study here.

The point is, demand for Infographics has risen in the last 3 years. We just have to recognize it’s popularity in the market and introduce it into our blogs for benefits.

Infographic content give that extra push to your blog’s SEO rankings if you do it the right way.

So how to create Infographics?

  1. Do the research, understand well-performing and in-demand topics.
  2. Layout the content (what you want to include in it)
  3. Design the Infographic and set the mood with a great media elements,colors, font styling and content structure.
  4. Promote your Infographics in all the ways you can. Don’t forget to submit it to the platforms like, Daily Infographic, etc.

With a hundreds of Infographics already out there, it is hard to make your creation viral unless you think of a concept that will stand out.

You need to spend a good amount of time to create the Infographic that drives you targeted traffic, attracts the users, and is set to be distributed across the Internet.

Recently, I laid my hands in this area and created my first ever Infographic about “How To Start A Blog In 2020” as you can see below:

  • Save

Before you start working on Infographics, check: Is the graphic is different from others, can stand out, and provide value to my readers?


Go explore now!

#13. Syndicate your content

Content syndication is a way of reforming your original content and publishing it on various platform to increase your blog traffic by reaching to the broader audience.

Do you know top publications like HuffPost, Forbes, CNN, Business Insider, etc could share your original content on their platforms by giving you the credits?

Believe me, if that happens, you are lucky and going to enjoy the tons of blog traffic and a great rise in authority of your blog!

However, if not, try to syndicate your content wherever you can on the Internet. You can do it in two ways:

  • Copy-paste the whole content and attribute it.
  • A mix of original and repurposed content.

However, some publications might not publish syndicate content and ask you the original or a mix of it.

Here are some platforms for content syndication:

  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • Slideshare (old, but worth it)
  • Videos (YouTube, Facebook live, etc)
  • Podcast
  • eBooks
  • Webinars, and so on

You just have to know what you want to convey the information to the audience in exciting way, there are hundreds of networks where you can syndicate your content for a traffic boost.

#14. Optimize old content

Do you know, Databox has experienced more than 74% rise in website traffic after they updated 24 old blog posts?

Read the amazing case study.

With the head-neck competition, it is hard to appear on #1st page of Google. Even if you do, the percentage of survival is not unknown as it depends on various SEO factors.

Visit your old blog posts that are non-performing. That means, fetch the blog posts that are not receiving any traffic via Google analytics and research how you can optimize them to add the value.

Even if they are performing, getting hits, check the bounce rate of the blog post to understand whether it is offering the value or not. It could hurt your brand and SEO if the content is not good enough in the long run.

What you can do with the old content?

  • Get rid of thin content
  • Optimize it with fresh title, description and keywords
  • Improve the search intent matching factor
  • Add new internal links
  • Link to fresh sources
  • Check and remove broken links (if any)
  • Add rich-text information like “FAQ schema”
  • Add/optimize images with alt-text description
  • Target new long tail keywords
  • Add “Click-to-Tweet” sections using Social Snap Pro plugin
  • Set the new date
  • Promote

Once you do that, do not forget to submit a fresh sitemap and keeping an eye on keyword rankings using SEMrush keyword research tool.

It is always important to give the best content and reading experience to your readers That way, readers and you are happy, thus Google.

#15. Blogger outreach

This one is hard to bring off if you’re a baby blogger – you will need to build relationships first with the Influencers in your blogging space in order to get your content promoted via them.

Nonetheless, you should always be on the hunt for the bloggers who are slightly ahead of you – so that you can collaborate with them.


Take a look at your blog content and find a fit where you can mention them, inform them via email and start building relationship.

Get noticed in their minds by sharing their content, linking to them, and engaging with their posts. Sooner or later, you will be noticed and entitled to grow your blog traffic with the help of influential people.

#16. Get massive traffic with Pinterest

Do you Pinterest active user’s base grew 26% and it means it gained 70 million active pinners in the last 12 months that makes to 335 million last year?

Do you know that 2 Billion + searches that happen every month on Pinterest?

Source: Pinterest

Yes, Pinterest is more like a search engine along a social media platform. Working on Pinterest over the weeks, I have noticed that we can get massive traffic to our blogs if we are able to create stunning pins consistently.

In fact, I just started using Pinterest seriously to drive traffic to my blog and here are the results for the last 30 days:

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Although it takes time to learn using Pinterest effectively, it’s just the matter of pins once you understand it.

The first thing you will want to do is to signup for a business account (which is free). Complete your profile by adding your logo, brand name, blog URL, a description and create boards (categories).

Once you are done, you can start pinning. Here’s how:

  1. Create beautiful images using tools like Canva, CorelDraw, Crello, etc.
  2. Add title, description with relative hashtags, and link to the blog post.
  3. Just pin it to the board that you have created.

Hashtags help you appear when people search the keywords. And when they see and find it attractive, they might click the pin and visit your blog post. Sweet traffic, Isn’t it?

Tips to get most traction from Pinterest:

  • Pin good-looking images (preferably size of 600*900 px)
  • Use right hashtags and descriptions
  • Get as many pin saves as possible (Use the pins in your blog content and ask readers to save the pin)
  • Create new pins consistently and repin
  • Join community boards to grow your fan base
  • Add social snap plugin to your blog and it lets the reader see “Pinterest save” option on each image of your blog.

You can signup for the great tool called Tailwind which is specifically designed to grow your blog on Pinterest. It can help you schedule pins, measure your performance, and increase your reach.

Pinterest is the most unique social media platform that I have ever find to grow my blog traffic. If this excites you, signup and follow me for some mutual deal.

#17. Blog Commenting

It just costs you a few minutes of time to read a blog post and drop a genuine comment on any of your niche-relevant blog post.

Framing a great comment can have significant impact on your traffic and your brand identity. It clearly implies your blogging nature.

You can drive a good traffic to your blog, increase your exposure, become friends with the bloggers, improve your reading-writing skills and maintain a healthy link profile.

If you do it consistently, the benefits are truly infinite.

Read my guide – Blog Commenting Strategy for Blogging Growth

Conclusion: How To Drive Traffic To Your New Blog in 2020

Do not run just behind driving traffic; that can be done even with traffic bots and farms. But Google hates that and never reward you.

So as I say always, the RIGHT traffic matters – relevant and targeted.

We are living in era of frequent Google updates and growing competition.

It is upto you how you adapt yourself with the digital situations around, learn and grow.

That’s all for now, if you have anything to share, please talk to me in the comments section.

How To Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog (for beginners)

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