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Does Your Formal Education Help or Hurt Your Blogging?

I was paging through my eBook:

How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging

Some funny idea crossed my mind; do I actually use my college education to be a pro blogger?

Hmmm….I am not sure. I studied meteorology. Unless I forecast whether – or pore over forecasts with my own personal analysis – before flights, or to see if I can go to the beach, I rarely use my meteorology knowledge. I do use some socializing skills I picked up in college. But not a ton else, after that.

I do use some critical thinking to blog effectively, being fair. My critical thinking skills grew as I analyzed weather maps.

I ask this question because some of you are student bloggers.

Being in university while blogging feels challenging. Some of you are still in high school. Some of you graduated from university, like me.

I advise every single human to take advantage of getting a formal education BUT know this: being a successful blogger has little to do with good grades, fancy degrees, and distinguished diplomas.

Why? Our blogging journey requires a more enlightened *emotional intelligence*, versus book smart intelligence you acquire in college.

Look at my eBook above. Click the link. Do you see the cover image?

I snapped the picture in Fiji. Did I need to refer to my differential equations knowledge – acquired and honed in college – to blog effectively enough to circle the globe and land in Fiji?


Did I need to access my knowledge of atmospheric thermodynamics to learn how to broadcast live on Facebook? Nope.

Did I need to dive into my knowledge of physical meteorology, or physics, to learn how to monetize my blog? Nope.

Even deeper, did I need to call on my knowledge of any college subject to learn how to be generous, detached, compassionate, trusting, and to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable? Nope.

These qualities are consistent with a high level of emotional intelligence.

I never learned in 19 years of schooling how to be emotionally intelligent. Teachers taught me how to acquire and use specific information. But that was it.

Nobody taught me how to think and feel to succeed. Nobody taught me how to become aware of my thoughts, and feelings, how to face my fears, and how to pick myself up after hitting rock bottom.

Guys; never allow your formal education to interfere with your blogging success. Being educated can make your arrogant, prideful and close-minded because you think you know it all.

Some educated people are kind and some educated people are cruel to others, believing they are better than others because they have acquired more knowledge than other people.

I recall learning of a man who was virtually uneducated. He barely had any teeth, to boot.

But he made tens of millions of dollars running a trash removal business and his annual profits eclipsed the yearly salaries of 50 distinguished college professors, combined.

Being highly intelligent is completely different than having a high level of emotional intelligence.

I have seen academic types kill themselves when faced with shame and fear, and I have seen entrepreneurs like the late, great Steve Jobs become among the most powerful men on earth after facing his deepest fears and severe hardships.

Jobs knew business success hinges on a high level of emotional intelligence, not solely having intelligence and knowledge.

Many human beings are far more intelligent than me.

But not many human beings have been featured on Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Virgin and Positively Positive, like I have.

I do my best to face my fears, to serve people generously and to trust in the process. I barely use my college degree and I live a pretty neat life.

I certainly would never be deluded into feeling some bizarre arrogance because I have my college degree.

By all means, go to college to get an education. Just understand that successful blogging is about developing emotional intelligence, not about gaining book smarts in some university.

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