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Does Your Blogging Campaign Thrive on Simplicity?

I do simple things daily. I have done simple things daily for over 10 years. That’s why I blog from exotic spots, like in Oman, in the featured image.

Sure I messed things up during my earlier blogging days. But even then, I did tend to keep some blogging elements simple. Namely, I created helpful content for a long time. I eventually learned to build meaningful connections by being generous, too.

From there, the blogging tide turned for me. Things improved. Growth found me and my blog. But only because I did a bunch of simple things for an extended length of time, every single day.

Take today; I published blog posts, guest posts and one video. Why? Doing each thing feels simple to me. I did not try to make things spectacular. Nor did I try to make things sexy. Bloggers err because bloggers ignore how doing simple things generously for years precedes lasting blogging success. Bloggers try to knock it out of the park with a viral blog post or viral video, or viral guest post.

Most bloggers vibe so deeply from scarcity that they try to get rich in days, weeks or at the most, months. This is a level of insanity I often see, dripping in delusion. No person becomes highly skilled, rich and influential in weeks. Heck; even my influential blogger eBook set the low time frame end of influencer thing at 6 months. Plus, that 6 month time frame is based on doing highly uncomfortable, scary things. Plus, I explicitly note how no one goes pro in 6 months. Being influential is much easier than going pro, because going pro takes years of generous effort.

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Guys; being a successful blogger is not about trying to write a post that goes viral on Google. Achieving lasting success is about writing simple, effective blog posts and publishing these posts over years of your life. Again; I rarely do anything spectacular in terms of writing a single high traffic, viral blog post.

But I have published thousands upon thousands of simple, effective, powerful, helpful blog posts and guest posts over many years of my life. Simple plus serious longevity wins. I finally experienced how when you do simple things daily for a decade, you will be all over your blogging niche. Meanwhile, most bloggers try to do spectacular, viral things, swing, whiff and struggle like mad.

Keep it super simple. Publish helpful content through blog posts, guest posts and videos. Do so daily. Publish at least one piece of content daily if you can swing it. But if not, publish at least 1 piece of content weekly for the next 5 years of your life.

That’s how you become super successful; although you likely would need to publish helpful content more frequently than that. Genuinely, it’s about doing simple things for thousands of hours versus trying to do spectacular things in 5, 10 or 100 hours because simple, persistent blogging actions yield staggering success over years of your life.

Every basic, helpful post I published over the prior 6 years totals 3,000 plus helpful posts now. Even if someone published 5 viral blog posts it’s virtually impossible to gain the exposure of a guy who’s published 3000 plus helpful posts.

Picture a blogger who plants 5 Redwood trees reaching 300 feet into the air. Of course you will see these trees from 5 miles away BUT you need to walk 5 miles to actually reach the trees and to enjoy their beauty. Now picture a blogger who plants a forest of 3000 small, 30 foot trees. You may not spot the forest from quite as far away but you only need to walk a mile or less to enjoy the trees.

Build a viral online presence by doing simple things for thousands of hours. Prolific, generous, simple-focused bloggers who see the journey through become highly successful after rendering years of generous service every single day.

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