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Do Your Blogging Friends Give You Energy or Take Your Energy?

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5 Tips for Slaying Energy Vampires

I think through a common blogging problem; bloggers cling to friends long outgrown. I remember posting 60 times daily between two blogs some 9 years ago. My blogging buddies at the time patted me on the back. But each post was thin, each video too short and my blog’s quality factor dropped into the cyber toilet. Of course my blogging friends believed I did a good job. These well-meaning folks viewed my blog through the prism of fear and pain, so failing strategies appeared successful to their skewed eyes.

I had to move on from most blogging buddies back then to be the blogger I am today. Some bloggers flat out tried to suck my energy like vampires, over the years. A few unhappy, afraid people tried to project their negativity onto me. I blocked these people and moved on. Do you struggle trying to release blogging buddies hellbent on being energy vampires? Do you feel sick of negative nellies who bring you down, who tell you what cannot be done, who advise you to what seems impossible, and who needlessly criticize you about everything you do? Cease communication with these bloggers. Ignore them entirely. Let them go. Do not give your attention and energy to anyone who sucks out your energy because energy vampires pull you down into the cyber sewer. I do not care if these folks seemed to be good friends for years. People sometimes change based on their circumstances and based on your change. Perhaps a friend who vibed with your old, negative ways feels threatened by your new, rosy, cheery attitude. Who do they complain to? Negative buddies often fight you to either agitate you or to feel out their fear and pain. Let them go.

Surround yourself with friends who give you energy. Hang out with uplifting bloggers. Compassionate, loving friends inspire you, educate you and support you during times of need. High energy friends guide you along with helpful knowledge when you need it most. My blogging buddies introduce me to oodles of fellow rocking bloggers along with helpful tribes and valuable contacts I need to accelerate my blogging growth. Either you grow through your friend network or regress through your friend network. Choose to befriend bloggers who give you energy versus taking your energy, to better grow as a blogger.


See your blogging buddy network in the light of truth. Who deserves to stay? Who gives you loving energy? Keep these folks by you. Who needs to go? Who tries to take your loving energy? Release these bloggers immediately. Nobody earns the right to take your energy with their negative vibes. Let go these folks. Stop communicating with energy vampires. Maybe you met during a different time but now is a new day and any negative blogger needs to be a former friend, pronto.

Let go to grow into the happy, successful blogger you need to be to live your wildest dreams through blogging.

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