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Do You Want Numbers or to Live Your Dreams Through Blogging?

Someone asked me on Quora a few moments ago about how to get 1000 visitors to their blog daily.

I would answer: do you want numbers or to live your dreams through blogging?

Think about it; do you dream about seeing the number 1000 via your Google Analytics? Does this keep you up at night in a state of wild excitement? Of course not. I never dream about numbers. Who cares about numbers? I could care less about numbers on a screen.

But I do love spending months in a place like Phuket, Thailand. Being in this tropical paradise has always been a dream of mine. My dream came true because I spent months in Phuket through multiple trips.

Dreams charge me, ground me, energize me and stabilize me. Dreams help me relax into knowing the dream will come true. But numbers never do these things for me. Unfortunately, most bloggers focus heavily on trying to reach certain number goals. Giving your energy to numbers on a screen robs you of your:

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  • creativity
  • prolific nature
  • stabilizing energy
  • persistence
  • patience
  • detachment

all key qualities to living your dreams as a professional blogger. But shifting your intent from numbers to dreams instantly changes your energy because your dreams make you feel alive. Dreams energize you, inspire you and help you to nudge into fears that hold back most bloggers. Bloggers obsess over numbers because most people begin blogging for the wrong reasons.

Chasing money numbers or popularity numbers are both the wrong reason to blog. Money and fame only arrive after you blog your passion for quite a long time. Blogging your passion for years energizes you to see the journey through until you live your dreams.

Before we proceed, I filmed a video in Thailand a while back to share one fear that prevents you from making money blogging. Watch it here:

1 Minute Video: 1 Fear that Prevents You from Making Money Blogging

Put in the time by dreaming big dreams. Make your blog all about freedom, including the freedom from chasing numbers on a screen. I blog to have fun helping people as I circle the globe. Blogging with this intent energizes me to leave my comfort zone, to dive into fears and to keep going as my dream life unfolds before me.

Would I keep blogging for thousands of hours if I wanted to get 1000 visitors daily to my blog? Heck no. Numbers are meaningless, silly and quite trivial. No one does things because of numbers on a screen because you and I could care less about numbers, on a deeper level. However, dreaming big dreams inspires you to do amazing, inspired, sometimes incredibly comfortable things, because dreams carry a powerful charge to them.

Imagine sitting on the beaches of Fiji if you spent 4 months in this tropical paradise? I lived this life when I spent 4 months in Savusavu, Fiji. The peace, calm and relaxed vibe overcoming your being living there for months is well worth leaving your comfort zone and facing deep fears from time to time. Dream yourself living in Fiji. Or dream your dream life, whatever it is. Seeing this vision in detail helps you BE the blogger who lives the dream.

Look at the featured image for this post. I snapped it in Fiji. Why would you focus on numbers like daily traffic or daily profits when you could picture yourself living by that forest in Fiji? What would keep you up at night? Numbers on a screen? Or living by the jungle in Fiji for 4 months? Virtually all humans pick living in Fiji over the number of people who visit your blog daily.

Dream big dreams. Be led by your vision to see the journey through until you become a professional blogger.


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