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Do You Uplift People or Knock Them Down?

I believe in you. I know you can succeed. Can’t you taste it? Sweet blogging success? Imagine the fun and freedom of circling the globe. Imagine working from home with your husband or wife, and with your kids. Feels amazing, right? Feels good, and relaxing, more than anything. I specialize in uplifting you, pulling you up, allowing you to dream big dreams. I also temper any deluded beliefs with a firm dose of reality; one needs to blog for thousands of generous hours before becoming really good and really skilled at blogging. But I keep lifting you up. I uplift people. Doesn’t it feel amazing to follow someone who inspires you to feel good?

Some bloggers move in the opposite direction. Some bloggers knock you down. Some well know bloggers tell you that:

  • nobody reads your work
  • nobody cares about you
  • nobody knows who you are, as a newbie

leading off virtually every single blog post by being negative, by basically demeaning you and by running you down. Feels horrible, right? Who wants that feeling? Of course we need to be truthful with bloggers but one can be truthful and hopeful, honest and pleasant, realistic and uplifting. I particularly know a few bloggers who take this negative, dour light of running people down at the beginning of all posts, making you feel bad, telling you nobody cares about you, limiting you, simply have experienced highly painful, limiting states of mind and/or body that they project onto their audience. I applaud any inspired blogger who overcame great obstacles to succeed but this never gives them license to project onto their readers, downing folks, making you feel bad by telling you that nobody cares about you.

Make readers feel good. Uplift people. How hard is it to be positive, to inspire people, to see unlimited potential in them? I love you guys and see only success in your future. Doesn’t it feel genuinely good to hear that from me? Doesn’t it feel peaceful and calming to read my words? Don’t you feel like you’re ready to conquer the world? I blog truthfully. I tell you that you need to face your fears, you need to feel scared sometimes, you need to be highly uncomfortable, and I explicitly include that you need to work for thousands of blogging hours generously and detached to become a successful, full time, pro blogger. But I never ever nastily down you, insult you or tell you that you need to slave, strain and strive, climbing 50 mountains, to succeed. Why would I do that unless I wanted you to suffer?

I believe in you. Do you feel good about that? Heck yeah! Believe in yourself like I believe in you. Success is your birth right. Do you feel the fun, freedom and happiness of experiencing your dream life, now? Yes? Good. Hold onto that feeling. Bottle it up. We need more bloggers to uplift people, to serve them, to support them, on this awesome blogging journey. Lift up your readers. Make them feel really good. See potential, over problems. Be super positive. Know that you need to feel and release fears, in order to be a positive blogger. This is, what it is. But feeling deep fears, hugging terrors and releasing these energies positions you to do something special, fun and freeing online. Empower and inspire your readers to accelerate your blogging success.

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