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Do You Suffer from Struggling Blogger Entitlement?

I see a huge problem among struggling bloggers today. Most failing bloggers hold a deluded sense of entitlement. Bloggers foolishly believe that because THEY are struggling by doing the wrong things with a fear-based energy that successful bloggers NEED TO help them out of some sense of duty, morals, ethics or, based on simply doing the right thing.




Fear Vibe

Struggling indicates you vibe mainly from a dominant energy of fear. Fear is illusion. Fear is not real. Fear deludes you from reality. Being deluded muddies your vision, making you arrogant, believing the world needs to help you because of your problems, 100% from your foolish energy of entitlement. Struggling bloggers honestly believe they are entitled to get any-all help from pros, right down to expecting 100% response rates any time you reach out to a pro.

I hate to burst your bubble, but,me being a pro blogger, you are:

  • arrogant
  • deluded
  • living in fantasy land
  • vibing from a repelling sense of entitlement

if you believe I owe you anything.

I owe you nothing.

I am a busy, professional blogger who humbly, generously and patiently paid my dues. I felt grateful, genuinely appreciating any time a pro blogger replied to me, when I reached out to these folks as a new blogger. I never clung to a grandiose sense of entitlement often see among struggling bloggers today.

Why complain about a pro blogger never responding? YOU should be grateful to live in a day and age when you can try to get in touch with a serious pro in any niche via email. Imagine the days of writing letters to successful people. Picture the days of trying to call pros on landlines, dancing around gatekeepers. Visualize days where you had to navigate gatekeepers by trying to meet pros in person?

Humble yourself, Young Blogging Grasshopper. Trade your arrogant, entitled, self-important attitude for a grateful, humble, generous, appreciative attitude. Never complain about pros not helping you. Pros owe you nothing. I have 101 things to do today. I paid my dues for 15,000 hours over a decade.

Respect How Pros Are Busy

I pick and choose who I help because I am a busy guy. I am a busy guy because I NEVER clung to a deluded sense of entitlement about anything or anyone. I busted my butt, gratefully helped people and learned blogging from a humble, grounded, appreciative energy.

Follow my lead, if you want to become a professional blogger. Never believe that pro bloggers owe you anything. Appreciate a pro giving you 3 seconds from their precious day to turn down your request. Be grateful to live in a time where a tweet, email or message to a pro requires 5 seconds of your time. People had to spend countless hours and even small fortunes to call or see a pro in person, decades ago.

Invest money in pro blogger courses. Buy pro blogger eBooks. Read their blog posts. Watch their videos. Take notes. Pros already helped you thousands of times, but through their content, not for you, individually. Never believe that your struggles entitle you to 1 on 1, personalized, free support. Your struggles are YOUR responsibility, not some pro blogger’s job-task-responsibility.

Besides; their blog posts, videos, podcasts, eBooks and courses already solved your basic blogging problems 1,001 times over. Now it’s YOUR responsibility to find the pro blogger solution, study it and put the knowledge into action, to position yourself to become a successful blogger.


Do you have a tough time getting conquering blogging obstacles? Versus emailing pros for free advice and expecting replies, buy this eBook:

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2 thoughts on “Do You Suffer from Struggling Blogger Entitlement?”

  1. Hey Ryan,

    An Awesome and motivational post. Thanks Ryan, for sharing this post as your post are not only stuffed with useful information but also motivates a lot. I really liked and enjoyed your post every time as personally it inspires and motivates me a lot.

    Yes very well explained Ryan fear is something that holds you back. To become successful you have to come out of that fear vibes, that not only deludes you from reality but also muddies your vision, it is illusive not real. You are the only one who help yourself.

    I too agree with you to become a professional blogger you have to go through deep research, wholehearted study, joining pro blogger courses,watching their videos and reading their blogs are very important. Keep sharing your awesome posts.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Rijhu thanks a bunch! This blogging gig requires a full time commitment but it is SO worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

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