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Do You Put in Generous Blogging Work?



If you do not receive any money or traffic through your blog, guess what? Give more frequently and more generously. Be patient and persistent. Trust in the process. Money and traffic will flow to you in increasing amounts because the law of sowing and reaping is always in effect. Maybe you do not make a cent today or over the next 3 months but the money you make over years will astound you. I recall struggling to make pennies many years ago. But I gave, gave and gave some more. I put in generous blogging work. I gave freely. All of that giving improved my blogging skills and also gave me massive exposure. Think about it; if you write 3 to 5 guest posts daily for 3 months alone, this means you pop up in 90 to 150 more spots online during that 3 month period. Never mind the 3 or more posts I published on Blogging From Paradise during the 3 month stretch, meaning I appear in 90 more spots.

90 plus 90 equals 180. Conservatively, some skilled blogger appears in 180 spots during 3 months. All of that giving boosts my traffic and blogging profits. Blogging is simple but highly uncomfortable though because most of us fear being generous. We want to get money, traffic or at least something tangible for every effort we put forth because most receive employee mindset conditioning. Alas, this does not work with blogging. Imagine me promoting my energy eBook here. You click through. Looks interesting. Maybe you buy it or you do not buy it. I have no idea. But nobody pays me to promote the eBook because I am no employee working a job. I am an entrepreneur.

My intent is to get my eBooks in front of billions of eyes online. Simple and to the point. I keep giving generous to increase my eBook exposure to that billion level – or billions – of human exposure. Imagine if I stopped giving freely because in my mind, I did not receive enough money for the eBooks? Immediately, my receiving and potential receiving drops off even more. Observe this common problem; most bloggers do a terrible job giving because most bloggers fear not getting enough money in return for their giving. Plain as pie.

Keep giving, guys. Be super generous with people. Do not hold back. Write guest posts. Comment genuinely on blogs. Be helpful. Be generous. The more you give with a trusting, open heart, the more you position yourself to get. Do not panic. Do not flip out. Do not believe you are an employee who deserves specific payment at a set time like during your job days. We play a different ballgame of unconditional giving here but if you blog generously, you will win and live your dreams through blogging. The key is to keep being generous, not panicking if fears arise and to trust in yourself and in the blogging process.

Anybody who advises you to hold back simply thinks like a poor person. Do you really want to follow advice from a poor person? Nope; unless you want to become a poor person yourself. Be abundant, be generous and you will see that the more freely and generously you work, the more easily you receive.

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