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Do You Pay Blogging Attention?

I scanned my email earlier today. I labeled a handful of emails as spam and moved on.


I emailed a few folks who asked about my sponsored post and guest post rates. I quoted my price, noted pricing being fixed, and warned folks how I label all bartering or bargaining or budget-seeking emails as spam-junk. Without fail, a handful of bloggers ignored my email. I followed through. Spam-junk folders in my cyber neck of the woods grew in size and storage ๐Ÿ™‚

Why do few bloggers pay close blogging attention? Fear, I guess. Bloggers, outreach specialists and business owners weigh themselves down so deeply with fear that fear blinds them to the truth right in front of their eyes. Literally.

Fear deludes you from reality. Versus seeing truth, processing words, understanding words and respecting bloggers by listening to their emails, fear makes you think:

  • the blogger did not mean what they said
  • the email-warning is just some joke
  • you are so smooth, convincing and manipulative that you can easily get me to change my mind.

Unfortunately for these bloggers, I genuinely was not joking. After labeling each bartering-budgeting email as spam I moved on. Bad news for these spammers. Every time someone flags your emails as being spam, you take one step closer to ALL emails flowing from your email address being labelled as spam. Zero profits follow. 99.99% of bloggers ignore spam emails. Most check spam folders simply to trash these emails.

I never take spamming personally but also know people who respect me earn my respect. People who do not respect me enough to read, process and understand my 10-20 word emails cannot be worthy of more than 1 second of my time and energy.

Pay attention!

Pay close attention to bloggers. Read emails carefully. Observe social interactions mindfully. Being mindful is a lost art. Few bloggers genuinely exhibit a mindful, generous nature about self. Few bloggers make positive impacts online because few mindfully process interactions with other bloggers. Think how many folks mindlessly plowed through my emails without:

  • processing
  • understanding
  • respecting

the email. Now these people pay the price. I labeled their email as spam. Forget about never building a business relationship with me. These folks run the risk of making zero dollars online if all their emails eventually go to spam. Paying attention could change the course of their blogging campaign instantly.

Imagine if each person paid attention, read my email and did not reply because each individual did not have enough money to pay my rates? Not only would their credibility remain intact; these folks would avoid me labeling their emails as spam. Win-win scenario for future business growth. Alas, each blogger never paid attention but did pay a hefty price in the form of a spam-junk label, affixed to their emails, courtesy of me.

I am not kidding when I say that I offer fixed, non-negotiable, prices. Nor do I kid when I say to only reply if you will pay my rates. Still not kidding when I promise to label all budgeting-bargaining-bartering emails as spam. I am honest to a fault. I respect you so you better respect me by paying close attention to my emails.

This is one way to rocket up blogger networking circles in a largely mindless, hurried, panicked, frenzied blogging niche.

Be mindful. Pay close attention to blogging interactions. Mindfully process chats. Slow down. Calm down. Blogging genuinely becomes easier for mindful bloggers because you spot all of the critical details less mindful bloggers miss.

Mindful bloggers shine brightly in a largely mindless blogging niche. Tune in to other human beings. Respect people by giving the gift of your attention. Position yourself to succeed online.

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