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Do You Need to Do SEO to Become a Successful Blogger?


Absolutely not.

I do not want to discourage you from learning and applying SEO principles to build your blog on targeted, search engine traffic but in the same breath, I warn you against relying solely on Google traffic. Guess what happens during the next Google update? Even if you have largely followed the fundamentals, Google updates tend to shake out every blogger a little bit because their algorithms change to get pure and clear, which weeds out folks who do not blog from a pure, totally clean, totally detached and trusting energy.

You do not need SEO to become a successful blogger. All you need to do is learn blogging from top blogging tips pros, generously create helpful content, build connections with top bloggers by helping them and asking for nothing, opening multiple streams of income and trusting in yourself and in the blogging process. This is a simple journey which does become highly uncomfortable at times because you need to face your fears to become successful. Few bloggers face their fears so few bloggers succeed.

You do not need to do SEO to become successful because creating content and building friendships occurs completely independent of SEO. I only SEO optimized a few posts on my blog. Although I have ranked for highly competitive keywords in the past, most people who visit my blog do so through the content I create and through my friend network. I built my blogger friend network by being generous and persistent. Ditto for my content store. I am prolific because I help people generously and care little about what I am getting through each piece of content. Few bloggers can say this which is why few bloggers succeed online.

Nobody needs SEO because if you create helpful content and befriend a ton of bloggers by being generous, the content itself and your blogging buddy network will promote you and endorse you to a steadily larger, targeted and loyal blogging audience. If you monetize through multiple streams of income, this large and loyal audience buys your stuff or hires you, promoting your success by boosting your blog traffic and by increasing your blogging income. I did not need to do one bit of SEO to create content or to make friends. Nobody needs to focus on that to succeed. All you need to do is solve pressing problems suffered by your audience through each piece of content and to keep befriending top bloggers in your niche. Do these two things and of course add multiple streams of income to your blogging campaign and you will definitely succeed overtime.

Sure you can SEO optimize your posts and blog if it feels fun to you. Most bloggers who try to drive search traffic struggle horribly because doing so feels bad or heavy or taxing to them. This crowd believes you can only succeed by driving Google traffic but like every limiting belief this is a complete and utter lie. Do not listen to your own lies. Create helpful content generously and build meaningful connections with top bloggers. Monetize your blog through multiple streams of income. Gradually and steadily, your blogging success will expand as you make your way toward your dream life through blogging.


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4 thoughts on “Do You Need to Do SEO to Become a Successful Blogger?”

  1. Hi Ryan, getting more blog traffic is the major way of bringing more visitors and new readers to a website. The more traffic you get, the more your chances to make more money from what you love – blogging.
    However, relying solely on search engine traffic is not ideal because the Google traffic might take some time before a blogger, especially new bloggers start seeing a flow of the targeted traffic. But even as Google search algorithm keeps changing, one needs to strive to learn at least the fundamentals of SEO as it’s helps in many ways. No matter how much change they apply, with your knowledge you can quickly adjust to the latest algorithm trend.

    1. Agreed, Moss. The more traffic means more chances of sales, so traffic is really a crucial factor in blogging. And yes, depending only on SEO traffic is not advisable, keeping multiple sources of traffic is a proven strategy.

      Thanks for adding your thoughts! Take care.

  2. Hey Ryan,

    How exhausting is to see no fruits of your efforts. Blogging is hard without giving your dedication.

    Yay, My mind is in peace now to know that SEO is not always needed to be a successful blogger. Once you have got a good network and be kind to others, It easily drives traffic to your website.

    Comparing yourselves with the successful one may discourage you sometimes, So to enjoy yourselves, later on, try to start from scratch and be honest to yourself.

    Thanks, Mudassir for letting Ryan write on this. It is a great help and encouragement.

    Jeangam Kahmei

    1. Hey Jeangam Kahmei,

      Ryan made really good points here, SEO is one of the great strategies to build online success, but it takes time. Moreover, diversity is really important when it comes to traffic. Like attracting audience from social connections, blog commenting, etc. We never know how Google surprises us with its next update. So, we should play it safe by working on multiple traffic sources.

      I am glad to see your insights on this, Jeangam. Thanks!

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