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Do You Honor Your Blogging Flow?

My neck kills me now. But I need to write. I do not need to write. But I want to write. I do not deeply desire writing. But intuitively, it feels like time to write. But how do I work around severe neck and shoulder stiffness? Write faster. Extend my body. Write quickly. Already, I feel oodles better.

But earlier today, dictating posts felt better. Why did I change? I needed to evolve based on body stiffness. I never write and publish this guest post using strategies from earlier today. Too much neck pain. Do you see why I do so much yoga? Doing yoga teaches me how to be flexible in all I do.

Being flexible is no joke. One needs release old thinking, feeling and actions pronto. One also needs to be aware of attachments to other ways of doing things – including old methods – in order to be flexible. I had fun dictating. I like writing slowly. But I need to evolve to honor my blogging flow. We both win. You win. I win. But at the end of the day, honoring my blogging flow made the difference.

Do you honor your blogging flow? What do you need to change to grow gracefully? Even if it feels tough, scary or uncomfortable, what changes do you need to make right now? I felt awesome writing 600 word posts for the longest time. But I changed to 1000 word posts months ago. But I changed back to 600 word posts 2 months ago because I got super busy with selling the house. I had no choice. Be flexible. Or do not get the work done.

I change to help me stay sane and to help you with blogging tips. Win-win. But I need to change with change in order to change. Does that make sense? My body changed today. Neck stiff. I changed with the change in order to change and write this post. Listen to your within. Tune in to the inner world. The small, still voice gives you all you need to know in order to succeed in a world of change. Being flexible makes the difference between success and failure.

Rigid bloggers fail. Have you clung to old ways of doing things? Good luck with that. Nothing stays the same. I wrote and published 60 posts daily between 2 blogs about a decade ago. Each post seemed so thin, a 5 MPH breeze would have knocked ’em over. Not good. But observing change, feeling different, being more stable and blogging more from love and less from fear moved me in a more prospering direction.

I observed change. I then changed. Everything happened because I spotted the need to change. I changed with change.

You better change too if you want to succeed online. Flexible bloggers run laps around rigid bloggers. Some bloggers seem to be doing the same things with the same energy from 5 years ago. Why? Because it feels comfortable. But growth happens outside of your comfort zone in a world of change. Everything remains stagnant inside of your comfort zone.

Are you open to change by listening to your inner voice? Do you honor your blogging flow? Observe how you need to change now. Take your time. Own your rigid nature. Perhaps you need to post daily. Or maybe you need to pull back on posting. Everyone owns the answers within. But you only access these answers by being open, flexible and willing to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.


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