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Do You Find Guest Posting Opportunities Or…..?

…..do guest posting opportunities find you?

Creating and connecting generously for a while lets guest posting opportunities find you. Respected bloggers in your niche invite you to guest post on their blogs based on your:

  • skills
  • exposure
  • credibility

Imagine a successful blogger coming across your blog. Seeing your content, writing skills and reach, the blogger invites you to guest post on their blog because skilled bloggers are in demand. But becoming skilled, seen and credible enough to gain guest post invites – aka, guest posting opportunities finding you – requires 1000s of blogging work-hours in terms of creating and connecting.

I delved into this idea on video. Watch it here:

Guest Posting Opportunities

Guest posting opportunities find passionate, generous, patient, persistent bloggers. How it works; put in serious work on the front end. Create and connect for a long time. Eventually, bloggers invite you to guest post on their blogs. You never need to ask a single soul for a guest posting opportunity because bloggers invite you to guest post on their blogs left and right. Blogging the right way tests your generosity, patience and persistence but always pays off over the long run. Blogging the wrong way because of your stinginess, impatience and lack of persistence always leads to struggling, failure and quitting near term or long term.

Build something special. Over time, guest posting opportunities will flow to you easily, freely and quite effortlessly, without you even asking a soul for a guest posting gig. Or if you feel the urge to genuinely boost guest posting opportunities, ask your following if they would like a guest post from you. Observe the high number of bloggers who take you up on your offer. Doesn’t that sound better than cold pitching 50 bloggers daily via generic emails, only to see 49-50 of those emails ignored on most days? Think about the effective way to land guest posting opportunities. Create and connect generously. Be patient. Be persistent. Build posture. Allow guest posting opportunities to find you.

Guest posting invites seem difficult to find for unskilled writers with no connections because no one wants to hand the keys of their blog to bloggers who cannot write and who have no genuine blogger buddy network. Give people reasons to ask you to guest post for them. Build up your writing skills. Practice writing 500 or more words daily in a Word document. Build up your content base. Publish helpful content solving reader needs on a weekly basis, at least. Comment genuinely on blogs and promote blogger through social media to build your blogging buddy network.

Generous, skilled, connected bloggers get invited to guest post on respected blogs based on their attractiveness. Being attractive means you committed 100% to your blogging craft for a long time because no one draws in invites for guest posting unless you worked to increase your skills, exposure and credibility over years. Put in the time now. Gain guest post invites later, at an increasing clip. Never let your fear of missing out – manifest as impatience – scare you into ditching this proven guest posting strategy. Fielding an increasing number of guest post invites without asking a single blogger makes guest posting easier and easier over the long haul.

Either run around now to pitch strangers like mad, barely landing a guest post. Or patiently build up your blog now to allow guest posting opportunities to find you. Which sounds better? Which sounds more freeing? Go with the latter.


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