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Do You Fear Blogging Success and Failure?

Believe it or not, the cause of blogging struggle may be fearing success and failure.

Most bloggers know the fear of failure well. We sometimes fear wasting time, struggling and ultimately failing at blogging. Few own fear of success. But the fear seems palpable in many bloggers because responsibility anxiety, organization anxiety and the fear of criticism run deep in people. Imagine your feelings now if 30 clients showed up in your email inbox tomorrow. How would you handle this impressive demand? Most struggling bloggers instantly crumble at increased responsibility for fear of what they need to do and be from an organization and effort perspective, to successfully help a large client base. I bet you fear success on some level for fear of spending 10 to 15 hours daily creating, connecting and servicing your business demands.

Digging deeper, fearing success occurs because bloggers fear associated criticism. Nobody criticized my old blog 10 years ago because nobody knew who I was LOL! I drew 3 visitors daily to the blog. I felt miserable but at least critics did not poke at my ego soft spots. Fast forward 10 years. Critics have published 1 star, negative reviews in response to my eBooks and audio books. I faced, felt and largely released the fear of criticism years ago. Negative reviews never bother me. But I used to fear being criticized so I played small, struggled and failed, to avoid success and its associated criticisms from unclear, unhappy folks.

Fearing success and fearing failure makes for a difficult blogging journey because you reject what you need to be to succeed. Fearing success ensures you never succeed and also fearing failure pulls you back deeper into failure, struggle and suffering. Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give most energy and attention to fear. Fear grows through blogging struggle and blogging failure.


Follow your fun right into, through and beyond deep blogging fears. Blog on a niche you love working. Nudge into fears. Feel fears, however unpleasant. Get beyond fears. Succeed. Feeling fear seems to be the key to blogging success because you honestly see what stops you from succeeding. Imagine being broke and depressed. One day, after creating and connecting generously, 3 clients appear in your blogging inbox. What arises in your mind? Excitement and happiness, and a deep fear that you won’t complete the job effectively, along with a deeper fear that the clients won’t pay you for your terrible work, or maybe a deeper fear that the clients will pay you but then, will demand their money back. All of these business-related fears trigger your intense fear of success that kept you broke for a long time. Feel the fears; even though it feels really bad. Release the fears. Proceed from a relaxed, confident energy, help your clients effectively and get paid.

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Honestly face, feel and own success-related fears linked to writing and self-publishing your first eBook. Failure fears arise but success fears likely arise too, like:

  • the fear of getting negative reviews as more people buy your eBook
  • the fear of people being disappointed in your eBook content as more folks buy your eBook; general silent displeasure without any public reviews
  • the fear of taking on increased responsibility to promote the eBook so you increase your eBook sales exponentially over the long haul

Feel these fears. Release these fears. Proceed from a more loving, abundant, relaxed, success-promoting fun blogging energy.

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  1. Hello Ryan,

    You are amazing and your posts are so informative and very motivational for all new blogger who are still struggling to grow. You always share content which is exactly related to blogging and very helpful.

    Thanks for Sharing, keep Growing.


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