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Do You Coast or Grow through Blogging?

Nothing good happens inside of your blogging comfort zone.

Most bloggers coast through blogging. Of course, this is why most bloggers struggle horribly. Do you coast or grow through blogging? When is the last time you did something genuinely uncomfortable? Do stuff that scares you.

All blogging growth occurs outside of your comfort zone. Fear indicates you head toward more traffic and money. Dodging fear suggests your profits and traffic will come to a grinding halt, unless you already see no traffic and scant or non-existent profits. Fear is good because feeling fear blogging-wise signals accelerated blogging growth. Of course, most bloggers rarely do uncomfortable things because of the already mentioned sky high failure rate.

Lose this comfort zone mentality. Stop coasting daily. Cease taking it easy. Do something that genuinely scares you. Broadcast live. Be in a live setting. Face the fear of screwing up in a live setting. Embrace the fear of looking like a fraud in a live setting.

Be with these energies. Proceed. All the fears you face simply allow you to purge these fears. Being more fearless, you position yourself to drive more traffic and profits because success occurs on the other side of fear.


I feared promoting myself and my eBooks through guest posts. So I decided to promote one of my 100 plus eBooks through virtually every blog post I wrote and published. What is today’s eBook? I share my daily mindset ritual to inspire you.

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Law of Attraction Training: My Daily Wellness Routine to Become a Manifesting Machine

Did I deeply fear promoting my eBooks so frequently? Heck yeah! I felt a pulsating fear of criticism, a strong fear of failure and a general fear of being pushy the first few times I promoted my eBooks. But powering through these fears allowed me to make more money through my eBooks. Therefore, this is a perfect example of how growing through blogging feels quite different than coasting through blogging.

Coasting means no growth. Growing means discomfort plus increased traffic and profits. What sounds better? Comfortable bondage or uncomfortable freedom? Uncomfortable freedom works for most of us, thank you. Make fun, freeing but uncomfortable choices. Liberate yourself. Success sits on the other side of fear.

Coasting involves predominantly making comfortable, confining choices. Growing involves making fun, freeing, and sometimes uncomfortable choices. Freedom is worth the price tag of growth. Bondage is never worth the price tag of comfort.

Stop surrounding yourself with coasting bloggers who blog inside of their comfort zone. Coasters inspire no one. Coasters offer no successful blogging lessons. Surround yourself only with inspired, high energy bloggers who do freeing, highly uncomfortable things.

I specifically dove heavily into broadcasting live on Facebook and Twitter to leave my comfort zone routinely. Facing and conquering this fear accelerated my blogging success. Plus I inspired bloggers to broadcast live, helping them face deep fears and accelerate their success.

Seek freedom over fearing fear. Freedom wins by giving more attention and energy to freedom in your life. Few bloggers even know what their dream is before blogging. How can you succeed if you have no direction? Why would you succeed if you have no idea why you blog? Digging deeper to unveil your fun, freeing reason why you blog moves you from coasting to growing through blogging.

Everything begins and ends with you and your blogging intent. Knowing why and making it freeing pulls you to do highly scary things. I barely feel scared at nearly 11 PM, but it feels uncomfortable to publish my 8th or 9th post today a little before midnight.

However, I blog for the fun and freedom of circling the globe and also empower bloggers to do the same. I know why. So I do uncomfortable things, growing through blogging, to allow my dreams to grow, too.

Never coast.



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