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Do You Blog for Things or Humans?

Bloggers; blog for human beings. Humans prosper you. Humans also allow you to gain cred in human eyes by endorsing you, promoting you and by hiring you too. Guess what? You even become more successful by serving human beings and by blogging for human beings as well. Can you see all the sweet upsides of blogging for human beings? People accelerate your blogging success, pronto. Doesn’t it just feel better too, to blog for humans and to interact with those human being folks, too? Overall, the experience feels enhanced if you blog for humans being humans just make it more fun, since we are designed to help people and to interact with people.

I always create courses for human beings, with human problems in mind. Humans buy my course; I may as well help the people who buy what I offer, eh? So far, I guarantee you everything makes perfect sense on the human being side of things but don’t ya know, many bloggers choose to blog for things over humans? I know it sounds nuts but it is true. Many bloggers blog mainly for Google. Google is a thing. Google is an inanimate object; it cannot do anything or make anything happen because no thing can do anything. Things do not have free will. Humans have free will and hire you or buy your stuff but how can you serve two masters? How can you blog for human beings and things like Google? Alas; you cannot. Toss in the fact that it feels kinda bad to blog for things because you lose the human touch, the vital element we all crave, we all enjoy, the split second you blog with a thing like Google being your target audience.

Have you ever thought about how people drive Google? Sans humans, Google is 100% useless because people create business and traffic and all the money that flows through Google. We have not yet reached the Rise of the Machines, Terminator movie fans…LOL….things do not rule the world. Humans rule the world. So you may as well begin writing solely for humans right now and yep, simply keep search engines in mind if you want to SEO optimize blog posts. No problems with doing that. Write for people first and foremost because success flows through human beings first before success flows through things. Enjoy the ride; Google does not make you feel good because you do not help people when you focus heavily on the thing, Google. All a focus thing. But people make you feel good if you help someone who deeply appreciates your assistance, service, and inspiration. Doesn’t it feel better, fun and free to inspire a human being to solve their problems? Sure it does!

Doesn’t it feel a bit depressing to try to deal with things all day long? Stop trying to blog solely for Google. Even if you become skilled at manipulating things to rank well on Google, and even if you experience some worldly success, it never feels good to be thing-focused or thing-obsessed because nothing can love you back. Only sentient beings – like human beings – can love you back, if you share the love by helping folks. I find my energy in loving people. How else could I write and publish, or, broadcast videos, or, podcast, up to 10 times daily or more? I publish 10 times daily between blog posts and guest posts because I write for human beings and feed off of their love. Feels amazing, too.

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