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Do You Beg for Free Help or Help People?

I know what’s it like to be a new blogger. Maybe you feel excitement along with being scared and a bit lost.

New bloggers enter the game at a critical point because how you blog as a newbie sets the tone for your entire blogging career. Blog intelligently to set the table for increased blogging success. Blog not too smart for increased blogging failure. You choose. But thank goodness you have access to bloggers like Mudassir and myself. We share how to blog the right way from day 1. One smart blogging strategy involves helping bloggers – even as a newbie – to position yourself to succeed.

Help Versus Begging for Free Help

Help bloggers by commenting genuinely on their blogs, by promoting their blogs on social media and by promoting their blogs on your blog. What happens? Bloggers you help daily for weeks simply become your blogging buddies. Blogging buddies help you in countless ways, including offering you helpful free and premium advice, among other things. Awesome.

But most bloggers make the mistake of begging for free help, sending 1, 2 or 20 emails asking 1, 2 or 20 different questions, desperately pleading for bloggers to help them. Although I would love to help all bloggers who email or Message me questions, I have 8-10 or more hours of blogging work scheduled daily, involving posting to Blogging From Paradise, guest posting and also promoting my eBooks and courses. Toss in broadcasting live and you have a busy blogging day. Who do I help? Trusted blogging buddies who earned my trust, who earned the right to get my attention, by helping me and not asking for anything. Who do I not help? People who beg and plead for my attention, bloggers who mindfully choose to not respect my time, by not respecting my email inbox and Messenger inbox.

Guys; I love you all but only individually help bloggers who earned my trust by helping me, who respect email and Messenger etiquette and who ask me questions from a brief, calm, confident energy. Even as a new blogger, anybody can comment genuinely on a blog, promote the blogger on social media and promote the blogger on their blog, inspiring bloggers with their generosity. Doing these 3 things grabs my attention because it shows you are interested in me, you are generous, you are not desperate or needy, and you respect me, and my time. Bingo. I can likely set aside time for you to either answer your question in a few words or to direct you to an eBook or course of mine.

Help. Do not ask for free help. I know this sounds confusing because you may be struggling and your ego believes you NEED help but the easiest way to get help is to help pro bloggers by buying their courses, by buying their eBooks, by promoting them and by commenting on their blogs. Doing these things allows you to befriend these pros. From there, once you befriend an increasing amount of top bloggers, you will get all the free and premium blogging help you need to succeed.


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3 thoughts on “Do You Beg for Free Help or Help People?”

  1. hey Ryan, you explained very well.
    here we have to help each other.
    thank you for this post. keep come up with this awesome stuff.

  2. Chayan Chakrabarti

    Hey Ryan,
    I understand what a new blogger fear is . I remember those days when I used to run from the pillars to post just for a validation.
    I thought that I have started my blog and now I am also a blogger. Then suddenly I have started utilizing the social media and I am fortunate to find blogging pals like You and Mudassir. Who encouraged me to believe in the blogging process and eliminate the new bloggers fear. Keep inspiring

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