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Did You Ever Think of This While Using Facebook?

Every single piece of content you create on Facebook belongs to Facebook.

Every single piece of information you share on Facebook belongs to Facebook. You sign up and click that checkbox or whatever, then…YOU are the product. You are part of Facebook but since you do not own Facebook, nothing on the site is yours but everything on the site is Facebook’s. Or, Mark Z’s. So now that you ponder it…..should you really be spending hours a day on Facebook? Unless you want to be part of the Facebook brand and build Mark Z’s empire?

Sure you can help people on the site. I get it. I publish videos and broadcast live and engage folks and share content over there, too. But I instantly link to all videos and live broadcasts via a blog post on my blog because I own Blogging From Paradise. I may create content on Facebook through videos but immediately publish the content on Blogging From Paradise because everything I create, I eventually own. Think that one through. Posture, eh?

Too many bloggers waste precious time spending hour after hour creating content on Facebook to add to the Facebook empire. If you claim to be a blogger, this makes zero sense in my eBook. Are you a blogger? Or, are you a Facebook brand advocate? Why create so much content on a site you do not own? Why spend so many hours spreading the word and assisting people on shaky real estate, because Facebook seems to change algorithms and policies with the wind. Bad idea.

Here’s what you do: buy your domain and hosting (if you have not done so already) and spend most of your day creating content on your blog and on self-hosted blogs of buddies. Why do I spend so much energy publishing blog posts to my blog and guest posts to rocking blogs like Mudassir’s? We own our real estate. If I spend time creating something meaningful, I have to own the site or one of my dear blogging buddies needs to own the site, to build our online empires like Mark Z built his online empire by spending most of his time on Facebook and improving Facebook. He spent the most time on real estate he owned. Do the same if you want to succeed online.

You should be spending most of your time both on your owned blog and on blogs your buddies own because you guys need to build your online business and brand through the principle of offering your energy to owned real estate. It just makes sense. Alas, many bloggers complain about having no time to blog yet spent minutes or hours engaging on Facebook, sharing content there and NOT doing a darn thing on their blogs. Are you an aspiring professional Facebook user or aspiring professional blogger?

Facebook seems to change automating policies with the tide, too – buy my automating eBook to profit – so it makes sense to avoid being banned or tossed into jail for making automating boo boo’s, by spending less and less time on the platform.

Guys; do engage on Facebook and be chatty and share content and broadcast live. I am all for that because social media works for social bloggers. But spend little time and energy on Facebook compared to your owned blog, and compared to your buddies’ owned blogs, because all branding, monetizing and business-building potential accelerates at a rapid rate if you give most of your attention and energy to online real estate you own. Peep my blog. See the branded hero image on the home page? Can I do anything remotely like that on Facebook? Nope.

Be an aspiring pro blogger by spending most time and energy on your blog and on owned blogs from your buddies.

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2 thoughts on “Did You Ever Think of This While Using Facebook?”

  1. Hey Ryan,

    Wise tips. You spend lots of time unproductive on some social media knowingly or unknowingly. You always complain about having less time but you surely spend some time on Facebook, just scrolling through or uploading something for fun.

    It’s not bad to do something for fun sometimes but it doesn’t make sense wasting your precious time every day.

    Thank you for widening my mind on doing something which indirectly redirects back to your website as this is the only thing you do own.

    This article is incredibly good, Ryan.


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