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Did You Become a Tool Fool?

Guys; I love using a few tools to succeed online. I get it. Feels good to use some tools because tools make your life easier. Totally, use tools helping you, and your rocking audience. But I see some tom-foolery manifest as tool-foolery these days. You know what I am talking about. Perhaps you even fell victim to this malady. Let’s face it; maybe you became a tool fool. You know what I mean. Tool fools foolishly believe tools can completely do the job for them. The heck with actually practicing a skill, polishing a skill and learning that skill, in the first place. Helping other bloggers? Nah….find a tool to do that. What about connecting with top bloggers by generously helping out these pros? Forget that. Must be a tool for that, eh?

Tool fools soon understand – through harsh blogging-life lessons – that tools only supplement your skills, your will, your generosity, your learning, your work, your practice, and your 100% commitment to blogging over thousands of hours of your life. YOU my blogging padawan, are the ultimate source of your success or failure. You call the shots. You are the one, the person, the driver, the source of it all, determining if you succeed online or if you fail online. The tools only supplement your efforts, mildly. Let me give you an example.

Awesome Mudassir allowed me to use his WordPress dot org blog tool thingee, to share my blogging knowledge, to help you and yes, to help me prosper through my eBooks and courses and stuff. The tool he offered to me – his blog, or, his WordPress dot org blog – is only as effective as my writing skills, my blogging knowledge and my 100% full, all in, focused commitment to using this tool to help you, and yes, I do not mind receiving help from you rocking readers too. Since I practiced blogging for over 10,000 hours by creating and connecting over a decade, I make this tool sing sweet blogging music, helping all of us. But if I practiced blogging for 4 hours, hell, no way I even gain an invite to guest post on this rocking blog. Or, if I practiced blogging a decent amount, maybe I gain an invite to guest post here, but I do not knock your blogging socks off…ya dig?

Tools act as supplements. Think of a tool for blogging being like a 5% factor in your overall blogging success. That probably feels good, right? Now you know, it is you, not the tool, determining your success. No need to be involved in that tool fool delusion, that frustrating, confusing idea that a blogging tool largely dictates your blogging success. Now though, it is on you, folks. Since you become fully responsible for your blogging success, it is time to do what you love and to have fun helping people succeed. I know you are up to it. No need to worry, to panic, or to feel pressure about succeeding. Own your future greatness, now. Be generous. Have oodles of fun learning blogging. Become connected, by, learning blogger outreach inside-out.

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