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Can People Buy Easily from Your Blog?

I lay out my blog products and services with as much clarity as possible.

I intend to make it easy for people to buy from my blog. Why make things difficult? Bloggers and readers and all folks in between need to access and buy my products – from eBooks to courses – with almost no effort. Nobody needs to jump through hoops to buy my stuff. Self-publishing most of my eBooks through Amazon helped me greatly in this regard. Amazon is as good as any site for allowing people to buy stuff fast. 1 click shopping. Amazon benefits customers and sellers, buyers and entrepreneurs, making matches with ease.


How does your blog appear to readers? Do people easily buy your products and hire you for your services? Amazon is the gold standard. Link to those folks as freely as possible. Sell as much helpful stuff through Amazon as possible. Jeff Bezos will make your life easier. Ditto for anyone running a prospering digital storefront, but I would focus heavily on Amazon, making it your digital storefront of choice, before any other online business place.

See 3rd Person

See your blog through a 3rd person perspective. Even better? Ask someone with little – or less – online experience to line up a purchase through your blog. Ask how the customer process unfolds for these individuals. Seek someone with as little online customer experience as possible. Weed out assumptions and cull anyone with extensive experience. Appeal to wee online lads and lasses versus asking online wizards to buy something through your blog. If all else fails, look at your blog through 3rd party eyes, in the light of truth. Scan for issues. What seems easy? What seems hard?

Make Buying Seamless

Create a seamless experience for customers to increase your online profits. I put myself in buyer shoes to better build my site for sales. Anyone visiting my home page sees a courses tab, eBooks tab and listen tab for my audiobooks. Clicking through to each allows anyone to buy my stuff quickly and easily. Seamless. No barriers to buying. No obstacles, or trip ups, or anything boosting buyer resistance.

Think Like an Entrepreneur

Think like someone who sells products and services to eager buyers, clients and customers. Never be shy. Be in business for yourself. I am always thinking of ways to make it easier for me to sell and help people. Selling stuff benefits me and you. I profit. You receive beneficial products and services. But I need to think like an entrepreneur to create a seamless customer journey. I promote myself tirelessly, linking to an eBook through virtually all blog posts. Never hold back out of shame or embarrassment. Money is just a neutral means of exchange. Make it easy to buy your stuff by never hiding your stuff. Never hide away. Be open, transparent and clear in promoting yourself.

Never Sell Out

As I note in my eBook:

How to Make Money Online without Selling Your Soul: 7 Tips

doing things from a higher, clearer energy helps you profit with a conscience. Making it easy to buy does not mean forcing people to buy. Quite the contrary. Making it easy to buy stuff gives readers such clarity that people buy with virtually no manipulation, influencing, persuading or coercion on your part. No need to sell out to get people to buy. No need to make big promises backed by little delivery. Blog generously. Get clear on receiving money. Blog with integrity. Being generous, honest, persistent and clear allows you to profit without damaging your reputation or karma in the process.

Help people freely. Get clear on receiving money. Make it easy for people to buy stuff through your blog.

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