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Blogging Integrity Tip: Picture Yourself in New Blogger Shoes

Nothing I did blogging-wise felt easy 10 years ago. Everything felt like an uphill climb, a battle. I vividly recall those days to better maintain integrity these days.

Picture yourself in new blogger shoes. How did your blogging journey feel? Sometimes, quite scary, I guarantee. Everything seemed difficult because you seemed new to blogging. Did you have blogging practice under your belt? Absolutely not. How can you be skilled at blogging if you have no blogging practice? Impossible. Blogging felt scary or flat out intimidating in those early blogging days because all felt new, alien, and sometimes, terrifying. Imagining yourself in new blogger shoes is the quickest, easiest way to maintain integrity as a blogging pro because you rarely use the word “easy” in your ad copy if you recall not so easy blogging days as a newbie.

Perhaps I see writing and publishing 5 guest posts daily as being easy now, owning 10,000 plus hours of blogging experience, but I rarely use the words “easy” and “guest posting” because I know guest posting is not easy for most bloggers. Guest posting feels hard, difficult and quite uncomfortable for most bloggers out there. Knowing this, I maintain integrity by telling the truth in all I do, explaining the challenges of guest posting and more importantly, not claiming guest posting is easy or a piece of cake.

Beware Using and Teaching “Easy”

Before you use or teach the word “easy” in regards to blogging, picture yourself as a new blogger. Does anything feel easy? Nope; little feels easy. Imagine teaching new bloggers how to easily make money online. New bloggers sprint to the post like flies to poop. New bloggers eagerly follow each step for 3-6 months. But new bloggers see no money from their efforts. What gives? What did the new bloggers do wrong, in their eyes? Established, veteran bloggers whom they trust claimed bloggers easily make money online. What did the new blogger do wrong? How did the new blogger deviate from the easy path? Or…..did the pro blogger actually lie to new bloggers? Did the pro blogger claim making money online is easy but in truth, making money blogging is a challenging, highly uncomfortable journey, sometimes, as I explain in my expert blogger eBook?

Be careful about claiming blogging easiness because doing so erodes your blogging integrity in most cases.  Few blogging tactics seem genuinely easy. Making that claim instantly disqualifies you from being credible in most blogger’s eyes, save the most experienced, skilled veterans. Even veterans scoff at such claims because what seems easy for veterans was not easy at all to the new blogger version of these pros. Simply seeing yourself in new blogger shoes instantly adds an air of credibility to your blogging work and maintains your integrity, too. Remembering how the journey went from your new blogger days allows you to share an honest journey for bloggers following your lead.

Be genuine. See blogging through the eyes of new bloggers. Be truthful. Blogging requires thousands of hours of genuine, trusting, patient, persistent service before blogging becomes easy for anyone. Remember this to keep your integrity intact and to smooth out your blogging journey.

Watch as I address one common new blogger – or veteran blogger – mistake.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging Integrity Tip: Picture Yourself in New Blogger Shoes”

  1. Hey Ryan & Mudassir,

    You always comes with some fresh content and I like most, It’s true you need to trustworthy to your work and patience is incredible ingredient.

    In world of blogging you have to devoted for your work in all manner. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Amar Kumar

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