the fundamentals of blogging
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Should You Start a blog? Not Before Knowing these 10 blogging fundamentals

As I promised in the title, I’m going to teach you all the major fundamentals of blogging that I’ve been learning over the time and experience. So before you decide to start a blog or just started, this is your resource to refer.

Without an extra talk, let’s get started.

1. Develop the right perception about blogging. Yes, you can earn and build a successful career with blogging only if you stick to the RIGHT way. It is not an easy-peasy-quick-ponzy earning scheme; it takes a lot amount of your time and energy just like the other jobs and businesses.

So the next time you see a big earning report of a blogger, do not assume that blogging is easy but Imagine that for how many hours or years that blogger has struggled to make it so far.

2. Procrastination (Lazyness) – You know what, it’s common, in-fact most of us have it. But out of those most people, a few mastered the art of overcoming it. No matter how tough, boring and painful to blog when your blog is not generating revenue, you must get through it.

The moment you feel lazy about blogging, is the time you should get up and going. Never let the procrastination win over your blogging goals.

3. Always strive … To be better but not perfect, no one is perfect in this world. People with perfectionism, they tend to wait for perfect timing or situation in order to get things done. It simply means that holding yourself back. Unless you start; either right or wrong, you wouldn’t know it. Shift your focus to being better, striving each day instead of getting perfect.

In case of blogging, you can start making videos, podcasting, reaching out to new bloggers, and likewise.

Just do it today…whatever you wish to do.

4. Set Calendar – Blogging is all about focusing on right things consistently. It happens when you tend to manage your time for priority things. You can use tools like Google Calendar, Trello to schedule your daily/weekly works. Always cut down your major tasks into multiple short tasks so you can be super focused and excited to complete them.

Know what? Consistency is the master key to blogging success and scheduling is the path to that door.

5. Love what you do – You can also call it as ‘passion’. Most bloggers who had struggled and quitted their blogging were the people who just ran behind money without loving their jobs.

If you want to succeed in the financial and mental-happiness point of view then you must choose the career or niche that you love or passionate about. Even if you want to start blogging for the sake of money, pick the niche that you think is both fun + rewarding. Lift up your financial growth dreams with the rock solid basement called Passion.

6. Learn – No pro blogger would come and spoon-feed you about blogging, growing organically and monetizing your blog. You’re on your own here. If you’ve no sense to open-up Google and find answers for your questions, probably blogging is not for you. Moreover, there are hundreds of expert bloggers in each niche whom you could follow to learn whatever you want in blogging.

Even after becoming pro, I’m sure you would be having something to learn everyday. Learning is never-ending process, so don’t shut it down.

7. Implement – The most stupidest thing a newbie blogger could ever do to himself is, keep learning from every resource on the Internet and implementing nothing. What good is the learning when it is not driving you any blogging benefits.

Even in my early days, I would consume lots of growth tips, SEO tactics from pros but hadn’t been implementing at all. That is big mistake any blogger could do.

So observe how pros do it and implement.

8. Practice Writing – I’m from India, an ESL (English as Secondary Language) blogger. Honestly, I don’t speak or write perfect English. But I didn’t let this flaw take over my control over my blogging. Instead, I started practicing writing; either on Quora, Medium, blog or any other relevant platform.

Practicing writing builds your confidence and confidence will help you achieve success in blogging. Imagine if a top cricketer only practiced when he stepped-on to the ground? He would not stick to his fame for a long time.

Successful bloggers always hone their writing skills by practicing it daily offline/online.

9. Add value – Simply to put, always think of helping others.

You want to write a blog post on some SEO tool? Think what good it is for your audience.

You want to write a blog post on growing blog traffic? Think did you really learn those strategies or just copied from others’ blog posts.

Writing blog posts, publishing guest posts, promoting your content are not always about growing yourself but about how each of these thing could help your audience, add value to your followers.

I understand every blogger wants better SEO positions to drive traffic and then to make some real money. Cool that!

But as a blogger you also need to understand that “blogging is not about ‘you’, it is about the audience. You offer them a valuable advice or real strategy that works or a hack that you’ve gained benefit of…. eventually you will be rewarded.

10. Make friends – I’m not talking networking here, it is different than befriending.

For instance, you follow 50 accounts a day on Twitter, expecting at least 20 follow backs – That’s building a network, Coz you’re just focusing on growing your numbers.

You follow 2 accounts a day, engage with their content, get to know them, offer a hand to support – Now that’s befriending.

Social media is a great way to promote yourself and your content but don’t do it directly. Instead start helping others by commenting on their posts and sharing their content to reach bigger audience.

In a direct way, befriending is helping others grow.

But indirectly, you’re growing a way faster than them.


That’s all I got in my mind for now, will add if I have to, in the coming days.

Do you want me to add any other blogging fundamentals to this list?

Please let me know in the comments.

By the way, have you made your mind to start a blog now? If yes, check out 4 Step-Tutorial How To Start A WordPress Blog.

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the fundamentals of blogging

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  1. Shamsudeen Adeshokan

    Hi, Mudassir,

    This is a really helpful and very thorough practical guide on blogging I have read in recent times. You’ve shared many useful tips here for beginners to kick start their blogging journey on the right path to success.

    Thanks for sharing, Mudassir.

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