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Blogging Fears Eventually Catch Up to You

Every struggle and failure is FEAR manifest. Nothing can stop you. No person can stop you. Any time you suffer through blogging problems, fear is the cause. YOUR fears.

I do not care if you try to blame everybody and everyone and everything for your blogging struggles. All struggles and failure grow out of you consciously refusing to face, feel and release fears you avoided, ducked, averted and tried to skirt for months, years, or even for a decade. If you avoid fear the fear eventually catches up to you. For example; imagine if you fear being rejected. Imagine if your fear of rejection influences you to avoid guest posting. Even though I advise guest posting can position you to increase your blog traffic, you fear rejection so deeply that you refuse to build bonds with bloggers and you stubbornly avoid asking blogging buddies for guest posting opportunities. Guess what happens? After avoiding guest posting for months – because of your deep fear of rejection – you observe 4 blog visits daily to your blog over those months.

Imagine seeing 4 people daily visiting your blog for the next 6 months? How terrible would that feel? Terrible, crippling, depressing and embarrassing all at the same time. BUT the 4 people daily visiting your blog would be your creation because your fear of being rejected and NOT facing the fear and NOT feeling the fear led to the failure, frustration, disgust. Like most fools, you could try to blame Google, other bloggers, readers, or anything under the sun for your failure. But your results are your fault because everything unfolding in your life begins within, inside of your mind, according to your dominant thoughts and feelings. Again; fear caught up to you. Perhaps you successfully avoided the fear of rejection but the horrendous results and the fear-based feelings of frustration, shame, depression, embarrassment, and disgust reflect good old fear catching up to you.

Face your fears because eventually, fear catches up to you as:

  • blogging struggles
  • financial struggles
  • depression
  • domestic problems
  • mental illness
  • physical illness

Fear never goes away until you face fear and feel fear and release fear. Who enjoys feeling fear? No one. I despise facing fear sometimes, but know facing fear frees me from blogging struggles and failures.  Buy my eBook for creating the mindset of a successful blogger to see all blogging success flows from within to the outside world.  Never happens the other way around. Ever. Success never flows outside in because success flows inside out. Have you seen people who happily live their dreams through blogging? These folks fear-dive daily. I fear-dive daily. My mind races. I feel fear. I release fear. Do you see why I manage my energy for 3-4 hours daily? I got sick and tired of fear catching up to me so I decided to meet fear head-on, by expanding my awareness.

Face fear. Feel fear. Release fear. Envision feeling and releasing the fear of being rejected. Moving forward, you generously build friendships with top bloggers, pitch them guest post ideas, place guest posts and your traffic jumps to 100, 200 or even 500 visitors daily as you guest post on 5, 10 then 30 blogs. Why did you succeed? You became a prolific guest blogger. Why? You faced fear, again and again, released fears, and proceeded to experience increased blogging success. I do not kid you when I say blogging is 100% between the fears. All the practical strategies work beautifully when you get your energy right and proceed from abundant, clean energy.

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