The ONLY guide you need to blog consistently in 2021

Do you struggle blogging consistently? This guide is definitely for you!

You have all the resources to get started with blogging, grow your blog and monetize it. It don’t make any sense for you to give an excuse for not being consistent at blogging, but you do and I do sometimes. It happens, after all we are humans.

However, there’s not even a 0.00001 percent doubt in the fact that to become successful in blogging, one must be consistent. Here’s why:

How to make blogging a habit and be consistent?

2 reasons why should you blog consistently?

1. People don’t care

…Unless you care for them!

Let’s be real; readers follow and listen to bloggers who dedicate their energy to come up with helpful content. You may become successful with weekly once publishing or once in a month, but you can’t go silent for months and then expect to pick your readers where you left off from.

2. Helps SEO-wise

Google loves accurate and fresh content. If you produce new content or update existing to better, then Google starts rewarding you with better SEO rankings for the keywords that you’ve been working on. Your blog becomes “knowledge hub” for the readers from your niche.

Besides all, blogging consistently will help you improve your writing skills which is really important to build a fabulous blog.

How to blog consistently? (4 smart ways)

1. Know why you’re at this gig

Put your blogging vision ON the table all the time; be it earning passive income or making a name in the industry.

I’m sure it motivates you to keep pace with your blogging schedule. You can set a reminder or write a note and keep at the place where you can see it daily.

Because if you’re truly serious about achieving success, you cannot allow yourself to procrastinate.

2. Batch tasks

Sometimes the thought of writing and publishing a blog post can be horrifying. Because it is time consuming. So, in order to make publishing content easy, batch the process to mini tasks.

For example, I’m going to batch publishing article task into the following smaller tasks:

  • blog post idea
  • drafting outline and content
  • optimizing keywords and SEO
  • design cover image and media
  • finalizing title
  • proofread and publish

3. Create a schedule that you like

…and stick to it.

Go easy on yourself.

For example, if you don’t like Mondays or weekends, then relax. When you feel like not working, read a blog of your friend’s, drop a comment, and share the post to your social accounts.

The rest of the week, get serious. Use Google sheets or tools like Trello to plan a schedule something like below:

  • Monday – Drop blog comments and help others by sharing their content
  • Tuesday – Research blog topics and keywords, draft an outline
  • Wednesday – Create content and optimize it for SEO, finalize title
  • Thursday – Proofread new draft or update old content
  • Friday – Publish and promote
  • Weekend – Relax and enjoy!

Being organized improves your confidence level and blogging skills. It helps you become productive and spend more time for your health, family and personal life.

4. Focus on habits

You need to turn up to work when you can with infinite energy and attitude to succeed. Here are some habits you could develop or improve on to be highly productive with your blogging thing:

  • Shut down every distraction while you work
  • Start mornings earlier and do the work outs
  • Avoid sugary food and snacks; eat smart
  • Know your priorities
  • Stay away from negativity
  • Take regular breaks
  • Spend time with family, friends and pets
  • Set goals and track them


Don’t blog if you don’t enjoy the process.

If you enjoy the blogging process, you will always find ways to motivate yourself and work. Treat blogging as a long haul gig but not a quick-earning scheme.

Importantly, create multiple income sources so you don’t go crazy with your blog monetization at early.

Set your short and long term goals and importantly have fun blogging.

Do you have any tips to add? How do you stay consistent in blogging? Let me know in comments!

2 thoughts on “The ONLY guide you need to blog consistently in 2021”

  1. Hey Mudassir,

    You are right, What does life mean? If you do not know how to enjoy every moment. It’s obvious you must work to survive but you should not forget to take care of your health too.

    Loving your work and yourselves are the best to be successful.

    As a blogger, all you need is to be consistent, perseverance and patient. Without these three, you might have a chance to fail.

    I appreciate your honest reviews on these two successful bloggers and for your valuable tips.

    Jeangam kahmei

    1. Hey Jeangam kahmei,

      First, Thanks a lot for visiting back. You’re absolutely right; persistence and consistency plays a key role in getting things done and thus yielding successful results.

      Take care.

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