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3 Tips To Keep In Mind while you Choose Blogging As A Career In 2020

Are you thinking to start a blog in 2020? Are you not sure if blogging is still a great career choice? Is there a room still for a new blogger like you to grow in blogging?

Well, I started back in 2017 when I had the similar questions in my mind. I use to get inspired a lot and fill my heart with motivation by reading blogging stories of people like Harsh Agrawal, etc.

Let me tell you, I was bad at writing and had no idea what is blogging and how do I earn through it. And I remember saying to myself back then, “There is so much competition and everyone is doing excellent. How I ‘m going to out them?”

You see, doubting yourself and blogging fears, when you want to grow.

But you need to understand that feelings like angry, self-doubt should be your reactions but not the decision. You need to train your subconscious to take control over these thoughts and take action.

So, how did I land here and blogging on highly competitive niche like “blogging” and still able to earn money?

I started my blog with multiple niches – Startups, Tech, Blogging, SEO, and Movies and it didn’t take much time for me to realize my mistake about “blogging about multiple niches.” Today, I just write on “blogging” and there’s a story why I stopped writing on those other niches. Let me narrate you that story some other time.

Every person has their own story and writing talent to build a like-minded audience base.

You can’t just step behind just because there is already a competition in the market. You need to see the competition as your opportunity to learn and grow.

There is a very small cost involved in starting a blog.

So I must say the investment is less and results could be HUGE.

Now, back to the question, Should I choose blogging as a career?

My answer is YES!

According to statista, 4.57 billion people were active internet users as of April 2020 and believe me, these numbers have been increasing over the last decade.

How do I relate it to blogging?

That’s the opportunity – It means 4.56 B users could hit your URL on the Internet and you can turn this opportunity to earn a great money.

You might be thinking, if blogging has that much money, why everyone is not blogging?

Although, bloggers earn decent income every single month, not EVERYONE could be a blogger and earn.

Want to jump to know how to start a blog in step-by-step? GET STARTED HERE!

3 Tips To Learn before you make a mind for blogging career

Tip 1: Blogging is not the quick way

I have been making $500 to $1000 a month through my blog after all these years.

The surprising fact is, sometimes I make the above numbers in just a day through the stock market.

You see, trading industry could generate you loads of cash in less time but it is risky.

The reality of blogging is, it takes time to get things settled. It may take 6 months or a year or more to generate audience for your content and monetize your blog.

So you must be mentally prepared to accept the fact that “Blogging is not a quick-rich-ponzy-scheme.”

For my blog, I didn’t see any decent figures till the two years despite putting the efforts because of the blogging mistakes I made.

As I didn’t give up, I kept writing and looking for strategies to grow my blog.

Over the time, I learned SEO and blogging strategies from the blogging buddies around me and I started to see some money is falling in my account.

Tip 2: Creating a lot of GREAT Content is a need

If you are thinking that writing a long-form content is going to make you rank on Google, you are mistaken.

Creating a lot of content is not at all going to generate you traffic but…

Creating a lot of quality content is.

When I say quality content, it doesn’t mean that you have to be a prolific and sound writer.

In fact, most bloggers who are earning today, have just average writing skills.

So, in my view, you should focus on developing the unique content that is not there on the Internet and stand out.

The most important thing to keep in mind is, write for readers and at the end optimize with keywords for SEO. In this way, you will be driving loads of potential ORGANIC traffic to your blog and also building a loyal tribe.

So, how it happens?

The deal is to know the user intent. Understand what your readers are expecting from your content and produce the content that helps them in any way.

Let’s take my blog – as an example.

Now go take a look at any blog post from this blog, each one try to help you learn about blogging in one or other way.

With so much content on the topic ‘blogging’ my blog’s topical authority is also increasing and that helps me to rank well on Google. That also helps the reader trust you as an expert in the “blogging” niche.

You need to pick a main topic as your niche (let’s say Cricket) and you need to cover wide range of sub topics around Cricket that are of interest to your audience.

When your blog boasts information on a single topic, that establishes the authority in the eyes of Google as well as the audience.

Tip 3: Kick the procrastination and be consistent

65% of new bloggers quit in less than a year because they don’t have patience to keep the consistency for a long time.

Reason is Procrastination and it could be your closest enemy. So be prepared to face it before it tears your blogging dream.

If you look at the successful bloggers who are making money, you will understand that for how long they’ve been creating a great content consistently.

You cannot just write a 4000-word blog post today, publish, promote and come back after 3 months or 4. You need to show up every day or at least once in a week and hint your audience that you’re disciplined enough to help you with the honest content.

That also make Google think that your blog has the “freshness” factor and push your rankings.

If you want to earn money out of blogging, consistency is the deal.

Conclusion on Career-in-blogging

There is that hardship that people don’t see behind those fancy income reports.

Successful bloggers made it to this day – It wasn’t easy and not going to be.

It all depend on how you see ‘blogging’ as and the ways you take action.

You don’t have to quit your full-time job or education to jump into blogging. I wouldn’t suggest that!

Start a blog hoping to earn side income and put your all energy making it successful in the long run. Once you start earning decent income from your blog regularly, ditch 9 to 5 and become a full-time blogger.

Keep in mind that blogging takes time to yield results, so keep a full-time job handy to support yourself income wise while you make your blog a money-machine.

To start a blog, you would need a domain URL and hosting. Here are my recommendation:

Pro Tip: BUY the hosting for 36 months to save a lot of money at once.

Here are useful resources for you to get started with blogging:

Have any questions? Feel free to share in the comments sections!


8 thoughts on “3 Tips To Keep In Mind while you Choose Blogging As A Career In 2020”

  1. Ryan K Biddulph

    Mudassir this is awesome. Reality check buddy. Those bloggers who make that coin but in serious time being generous to increase their skills and exposure. Good stuff!


      1. Ryan K Biddulph

        It really does brother. Money comes if you fall in love with the process, generously helping people. It can and DOES come.

  2. Hi Mudassir,

    Excellently written. Blogging is a hot kitchen, you can’t rush things else, you will get burnt. When you start seeing much progress, you will be forced to turn it to a full-time income.

    Good One Mudassir, and thanks for the mention.


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