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How To Find a Profitable Blog Niche (With Bonus: 20+ Ideas)

One of the confusing aspects for an aspiring blogger is, to learn how to pick the profitable blog niche. So here I am to solve your confusion.

Blog Niche Selection: How To Find Best & Profitable Ideas To Make Money

What is a blog niche?

In short, it is the topic around you write content on your blog.

Once you plan to start a blog, you must know what to blog about in order to build a profitable blog. Because in a most way, the niche decides the success (or failure) of your blog.

While a few bloggers randomly picks a niche and write content about whatever they see on the Internet, that’s not a useful strategy at all. Especially if you want to make money blogging consistently.

You must stick to one or a few particular topics from the beginning. You write about make money online today, then you jump to movies and celebrities the other day. This kind of unstable nature will create a problem in building a great number of targeted audience.

For example, take Nettyfeed, I focus solely on blogging topic. So people trust my blog and feel it is their ultimate resource to learn blogging and grow and love me back.

How big should your blog niche be?

You might have multiple ideas in your mind that you love about. But think, do that topics have enough searches (demand) on the Internet?

How do you plan to monetize the blog if you don’t have enough audience at all?

That means, a niche should not be chosen just based on your passion. The niche you’re going to pick must cover your passion and demand at the same time.

More volume of readers, means more scope to make money. Probably, a good enough reason to keep yourself motivated and write consistently on the topic.

According to statista, global Internet users as of April 2020 are 4.6 billion. That makes picking a particular profitable niche more crucial than ever.

That means if you plan to pick a generic niche like “Sports news,” then it is really hard to rank for such competitive keywords and grow.

Instead, you will want to choose a specific niche – maybe instead of “Sports news,” you can choose to write on “Cricket news”, “Football news”, “Sports news India.” By this way, you are clear what to write regularly and your audience are clear about what to expect from you.

Characteristics of a best niche

Usually, a niche is called as an ideal when it has:

  • High volume search keywords
  • Have competition
  • Affiliate products, sponsored content and eBooks selling opportunity
  • Lots of social media groups
  • and of course, you love working on it

How to find a profitable blog niche (in 4 ways)

Most new bloggers have no clue yet what to write and that’s fine!

They are still learning blogging, and they are excited to start blogging on some niche. If that is you, here are some ways to find a niche that you wont regret.

1. List your interests

What do you like the most or love doing it as a hobby?

Note down all the things that you are interested in, whether or not it would make a best blog niche. This is the step to list all the possible opportunities.

Now ideas might be popping in your mind.

Spend some time and write down…

How your list looks after it? Something like below one?

  • Work from home and earn money
  • New movies and web series
  • Football news
  • Travel tips and hacks
  • Motivational quotes
  • Parenting
  • Gardening and plantation
  • Programming

If this is how your list is, you will probably find the best niche in no time.

2. Spend the time with your marketing mind open

You would be surprised at how many blog topics that you could come up with if you would spend a time as a marketer who wants to make money online.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Watch T.V, explore all the channels and advertisements as much as you can
  • Read magazines, news papers and books
  • Scroll down on social media
  • Search for some blog niche ideas on Google

Find out if they could trigger any ideas.

3. List your struggles & accomplishments

What have you struggled for, since childhood?

Maybe, you have struggled to get into a job after your graduation or to get an education or home loan. You have struggled and managed to cope-up with the bad situation. So you could start a blog and help those people who are particularly looking solutions for those problems or similar.

If you’ve knowledge in saving money even with a small salary or run out of a huge debt, you could start a blog on “financial planning.”

Or you’re maintaining yourself as the best before your Pyscho boss, you could start a blog on “Office ethics.”

Don’t assume you alone had a problem of having debts on your head. There are people still who want solutions in their life and they search for answers on Google.

That’s how you help people with your knowledge and cash the demand.

4. Research about the popular trends

Go to Google trends section, filter the geo-location to find out hot trending topics that are been searching in your country or globally.

Note down the trends and analyze each trend to find out whether the trend is really going up constantly. This is important as you don’t want to start a blog for a month or less on that topic, you must think about the growth opportunities in the long-run.

Similarly, you can use Yahoo, Bing trends as well.

If you’re already interested about particular topic, just search that topic related words on Google trends to understand its demand.

For example, your desired niche is about movies and web series. I entered the keyword “Web series” for India region and here is what I get:

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This is the graph represents the popularity of particular search word over the time. In my case, it is 100 which is the peak popularity and 0 is considered to be the least.

Similarly, you can use SEMrush keyword tool to find out the popular topics. Here is how:

  • Signup for SEMrush.
  • Enter any generic keywords like business, finance planning, etc.
  • You will get the data of volume of searches for each word that you enter. The best part is that you will get related keywords for each main keyword and their monthly search volume.

While it is not ideal to pick a random blog niche based on the popularity, ask yourself whether you could develop long run passion for the topic or not. Passion helps you to be inspired all the time to research and publish a great content for your readers.

3 Questions to get answers before you finalize the niche

Question #1. Would I enjoy writing on this niche?

In the beginning, it makes you excited about starting a blog, writing on a random popular topic like “health tips.”

Since there is a big competition already, you might not understand the niche fully and might want to outsource the content for big amount. You need to invest a lot of money until the blog starts earning which obviously takes time.

Meanwhile, you might get lost in the blogging space or feel low. You cannot carry it through the hurdles in the time to come.

So don’t pick a niche just because it is popular and can generate profits.

2. Do I know at least the basics of the blog niche?

If you want to build a successful blogging empire, you will need to write content that is full of value -but not the content with false information.

And at the same time, I don’t expect you to know everything about the topic.

You have to pick the topic that you have basic knowledge about. After all, you cannot recommend people how to treat cancer when you don’t have an idea why the cancer causes.

In most niches, readers want to know your personal experiences in the form of case studies or formal talk. For example, people show more interest to read when you say “How I lost 5 Kg in a month” instead of “How to lose 5 Kg in a month.”

If you’re going to start a blog on “Health tips” – readers will expect you to be a level-3 doctor at least.

3. Is there a good scope in this blog niche to monetize?

It is important that you know what are the monetization opportunities and growth in the niche.

Find out:

  • Are there eBooks related to the niche on platforms like Amazon, Gumroad, etc? And how many purchases, authors and reviews are happening in a month?
  • Are competitors selling paid courses?
  • Is there enough audience so that I can start training classes or webinars?
  • Are brands actively promoting their products on this niche blogs?

Ask yourself and if the answers are promising, then you are good to finalize the blog niche.

20+ Profitable Blog Niche Ideas

  • Personal finance planning – Savings, reducing expenses, investments, and related tips.
  • Health – Tips to stay healthy, weight loss, mental health, exercises, diets and happiness.
  • Parenting – Pregnancy tips, food, baby care, supporting a child, etc.
  • Photography – Nature, fine art, photo shoots, wild, inspiring, thought-provoking, etc.
  • Food and recipes – Cooking tips, individual recipe cooking methods, country side dishes, etc.
  • Travel – City guides, budget travel tips, save money to travel, diversify cultures, etc.
  • Fitness – Yoga, home exercises, Hiking, running, self defense, cycling, and so on.
  • Web development – Building websites on WordPress, blogger, Wix, etc and designing.
  • Lifestyle – Beauty, fashion, celebrities, and everyday’s life, religious and happenings.
  • Hobbies – Gardening, cooking, home decorating, drawing, etc.
  • Entertainment – Movie reviews, web series reviews, upcoming events in the industry, celebrity news, etc.
  • Gaming – PUBG tips and tricks, Game reviews, gamers biography and gaming events.
  • Relationship – Wedding, love vs arranged marriages, trust in relationships, after divorce, etc.
  • Education – Career tips, study materials, coaching and mentoring, new skills, earning while studying, etc.
  • Pets – Dogs and cats lifestyle, tips to take care of animals, traveling with pets, pet expos and events, etc.
  • Side Income ideas – Make money online, freelance writing, blogging, selling online, teaching, and so on.
  • Programming – Building apps, websites, coding, courses, how-to tutorials with programmes, etc.
  • Digital marketing – SEO tips, Paid ads, Content marketing, Social media marketing, and so on.
  • Real Estate – Latest real estate property updates, trends, news, and opinions.
  • Trading – Stock market tips, updates, opinions, how-to trading guides, indicators, etc.

Each of these niches will have more sub niche topics on which you can create content upon for a lifetime. Always remember, a main topic or keyword can give you multiple sub ideas to cover the content.

What next after deciding a blog niche?

Now you’ve selected a blog niche.


  • You get the domain name for free when you signup for hosting at HostPapa.

For a tutorial step-by-step, read my article about creating a blog in 5 easy steps.

The next thing I want you to do is, find pillar content of your main niche. For example, if your niche is about small business, then you will have to create content from the scratch around the main keyword. Here are 3 examples I can give you:

  • What is a small business? Define and brief with examples.
  • How to start a small business online?
  • 10 small business ideas for women

Decide one article and start creating content. It don’t have to be perfect in terms of grammar, you need to come over the fear of writing and feel comfortable to blog within your niche.

Once you have created 2-3 blog posts, you will have confident to chase tons of blog post ideas to fill your editorial calendar.

FAQs about choosing a profitable blog niche

#1. Every niche I see is overcrowded with competition. How to deal with this?

As I said, competition is good to grow. Research and learn from them, collaborate and grow along with your competitors. More the competition, the better scope to scale.

#2. How long until I start generating revenue from niches like make money online, finance, etc?

It could be a week, month or year or more. It depend on how you treat your blog business and work hard.

#3. I want to start a blog on PUBG gaming niche. How do I know the profitable keywords in it?

Use SEMrush tool, enter keywords related to PUBG and the tool will start showing you the ‘related keywords’ and their ‘monthly search volume.’ Eventually, you can also make use of tools like Google planner, Long-tail pro, etc.

Conclusion – Blog Niche Selection

Blogging success mostly depends on the niche you choose. A niche that motivates you to be consistent in researching, writing, optimizing, building an audience, and making money.

Follow my above tips and you will be building a successful blog business right from the day-1.

Now that you’ve know everything to choose the perfect blog niche, it is your turn to do the magic. Have any questions to ask? Feel free to start a conversation in the comments section ๐Ÿ™‚

profitable blog niche

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  1. Chayan Chakrabarti

    Hey Mudassir,
    This is a massive guide about niche selection. Yes I have tried a few steps to find my niche when I started, keep up the excellent work bro.

  2. Hey!

    Amazing content brother. Very useful for the newbie bloggers who are confused about choosing a niche. You have covered almost everything in this post. Really I enjoyed reading this article.

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  4. Akinduyo Eniola

    Hi Mudassir,
    I see choosing a niche as the most overwhelming stage for newbies.

    The battle of writing about everything they are passionate about against settling for a niche is fierce.

    And I love how you fully explained the nitty gritty of choosing a niche.
    The part of choosing a niche based on affiliate products is a premium advice.

    Thanks for sharing man.

    1. Much appreciated stopping here, Akinduyo and yes, choosing a niche that have various affiliate products is a solid advantage for new bloggers. Have a great Sunday there ๐Ÿ™‚

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