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Blog Description: How To Write Irresistible Descriptions That Convert

In this article, you are going to learn about writing an impressive blog description for your blog.

When users search for something online and come across your blog in the results, the first thing that matters is your title and description.

Usually, there are two of the description types for a blog.

  1. Blog Description – The overall description of your blog: What it is about and the information you offer to the readers.
  2. Blog Post Description (Meta) – The description of each individual blog post.

How to write great blog description?

It is important that you optimize the description of every individual page and post that lie on your blog so that search engines understand what is the page/post about to reward you better.

Blog description tells the user what is your blog all about.

For example: Search “Nettyfeed” on Google and you might see the below result:

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As you can see, my blog description tells the user that my blog offers blogging tips and strategies that help to earn profitable income on the side.

If your “Home” page show “latest blog posts” and you’re using RankMath SEO plugin, then here is how you can set blog description:

Rankmath –> Titles & meta –> Homepage

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Here you can add title and description to your home. The optimal length for blog description should be 100 to 160 characters.

If your “Home” page is static and you are using Rankmath plugin, there you are required to edit your home page and in the bottom you will find the Rankmath section where you can set your blog description.

What is the mix of elements that make a great blog description

  1. Short in length (Average of 120-160 characters)
  2. Unique Service Point (USP) of your brand
  3. What does your blog offer overall
  4. Your blog mission

Best Blog Description Examples

It will be easier to understand if you see some blog description examples from various niche.

Blog Description Example 1 – Backlinko

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We all know how popular the backlinko blog is for proven SEO strategies. As you can see from the above picture, Brian Dean of Backlinko has set an amazing blog description that is simple, to the point, eye catchy and informative to the reader.

Blog Description Example 2 – CNET

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You don’t have to thrive for eye-catch factor all the time for a blog description. TechCrunch is one of the best examples for that. It simply allows the reader to understand what the site offers i.e News on Tech, startups, businesses and VC funding.

Blog Description Example 3 – TMZ

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Did you see it? It just caught my attention with the word “Exclusive.” Yes, sometimes you will need to use power words on your blog space to catch the attention of your readers.

So these are some of the best blog descriptions that I found on the Internet that give you a rough idea to write compelling and informative descriptions for your home page and individual articles.

How to write compelling meta description for your blog posts?

Go to the Rankmath section at the bottom of your each blog post and you will see below area:

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I hope you are able to see the description section in the above screenshot.

That is the description that could appear on Google SERPs when a user searches for the information about SiteGround. It clearly notifies the user what I have inside the post.

It is like a trailer that you watch before you make a decision to buy the tickets for the movie: Better the trailer, better chances to convince the person to watch the movie.

Here are some enticing words that you can add to your blog descriptions in the middle or beginning part:

  • Get To Read 10 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic By 10k+ Hits In 2 Months
  • Earn $50 A Day By Just Working For An Hour
  • Let Me Share You The Case Study Of Going From Zero to $2000 A Month Income

You can end the description with eye-catchy CTAs like:

  • Click Here To Access My Case Study
  • Want To Understand My Secret?
  • Let’s See The Shocking Results Of My Speed Test

You need to trigger the anxiety senses of the audience who end up to see your description on Google. That’s the only way you bring them to read your content.

Tips to write great blog post description

To improve your chances by enabling the user click on your blog post and generate you the conversion or a sale, it is important that you focus on writing better descriptions for your blog posts.

Let me share you some tips that I have learned along with my experience.

  1. Try to add your main keyword or at LSI keyword in your description. It helps search engine and user understand the topic better.
  2. 160 characters are better than 165. So keep it short and informative.
  3. Add CTAs (Call To Action) while you end the description.
  4. Avoid word repetition unnecessarily and get to the point.
  5. Focus on being accurate.
  6. Make sure the title also align with your blog and blog post description.
  7. Include numbers if there is a chance.
  8. Talk about a problem and offer help to it.
  9. Going extreme with negative or positive superlatives sometimes can be worth it.
  10. Research competitors and see if you can do better than them.

FAQs about Blog Description

#1. Is it mandatory to write description for a blog or a blog post?

It is important you know that Google always doesn’t show the meta description that you add through Rank Math or Yoast plugin. According to Moz’s analysis, Google used the original meta description or part of it in 55% of cases.

It means, Google is the boss and it could fetch the description from your original meta description or from your main content. It really depends on user intent.

#2. Should I always go with 160 character rule to rank better?

Description is not about adding keywords and don’t see it as a ranking factor in the first focus. Be legit and add the real value.

160 characters is optimal length which is followed usually because that’s the length that have the chance to appear to on search engine without cut.


It is simple to yield best results out of this – Promise the real thing in your blog and blog post descriptions.

The descriptions are not a ranking factor in a direct way. That means you cannot outperform the competition by just writing a great descriptions with no or little value inside. However, they help you increase your CTR and traffic.

As long as you inside content is valuable, your blog description play a great role in SEO rankings.

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