Blog commenting strategy: The starter guide

If you’re a new blogger not leveraging blog commenting strategy, then you’re missing the opportunities to grow your blog. Even though recent-days blog posts became overrun with junk comments left by aggressive marketers for the purpose of link building, when employed properly, it can result in dozens of benefits.

After running into blog commenting practice for years, I’m presenting you this guide that helps you make the most out of it. Let’s start.

What is blog commenting strategy and how it helps bloggers

Blog commenting is a process of visiting others’ blog, reading and dropping your comment in a professional manner.

How it helps?

  • To generate traffic to your blog
  • To build relationship with the author
  • Open ups the door for guest posting opportunities
  • Help you brush up your reading and writing skills
  • Get introduced with the new audience

How blog commenting works?

  1. Setup a gravatar account with your full name, picture and email
  2. Make a list of blogs that are relevant to your niche and start commenting

How to get started?

First, make a list of blogs that are relevant to your niche or bloggers with whom you want to build a connection. You can even search Google to find blogs to comment.

Tips to make the most out of blog commenting

How will you behave if you enter someone’s home? Do you boast yourself or behave nicely?

Definitely nicely! Same with the blog commenting too. You’re entering someone’s blog and you need to act kind and professional.

Let me help you understand better.

Do’s of blog commenting

  • Greet the author with name; it is polite and creates positive impression
  • Share your thoughts in short; don’t drag
  • If you have questions or want to learn more about the topic, don’t hesitate to ask
  • Appreciate the author at the end
  • Be respectful

Don’ts of blog commenting

  • Don’t comment without completely reading the post
  • Don’t use fake or business names. Always use your real name
  • Don’t be promotional
  • Don’t repeat what the post just said
  • Don’t add links in your comment unless necessary

Myth of blog commenting

Most say that blog commenting adds to your SEO efforts.

Believe me, it is not true. The link you get from blog comments is a no-follow which is not a vote for Google rankings. Even though the links from CommentLuv plugin are called as do-follow by SEO’s, they don’t pass the juice (learned from my personal experience).

So don’t waste your time and energy commenting in a hope to get do-follow links.

6 Expert thoughts on blog commenting strategy

1. Vishwajeet Kumar of Blogging gate

Make sure your blog comments are authentic and relevant to the topic. Dropping a comment with a personal approach is very helpful to build a bond with bloggers. In this way, people would also want to know more about you and pay you a visit.

2. Lisa Sicard of Inspiretothrive

When you are blog commenting be sure to mention the author’s name. It’s like you are chatting in person.

“Hi Mudassir, how are you today? I love what you wrote about xyx but I agree or don’t agree about xyz.”

Then add some other information to the post if applicable. End with “have a great day or week”. Make it more personable with your commenting. I try to comment on at least 5 blog posts per day.

3. Nikola Roza of

Targeted blog commenting works.

What I mean is there are too many influencers online for you to connect with by leaving comments on their blogs. There’s just not enough time in the day and there are more important things you should be doing.

Instead, a smarter approach is to pick 20 influencers that are a bit further along in their blogging journey compared to you (but not too much).

So you’re looking for mid-sized bloggers that also nurture and cultivate an active community on their blogs.

Because there’s no point in commenting in places where everyone can and with zero moderation.

So, gather those names in a spreadsheet and start commenting, ideally, you want to visit and revisit those blog 3 times per week. So 3x 20= 60 comments or about 9 per day.

Can you manage that over a period of several months?

If yes, then you will reap the benefits of blog commenting and that is building genuine connections within your niche.

The tangible results for you will be:

  • more comments on your blog,
  • more shares
  • and more links over time.

All this translates to you getting Google traffic making affiliate sales and having a business on your hands.

But it all starts with you being targeted with your blog commenting efforts.

It makes no sense to leave 100 comments on s 100 blogs. That’ targeted and wasted work for you.

4. Moss Clement of MossMedia

Ensure to read the post properly and do NOT take it to heart that you already know the topic.

Yes, you may know it, but the author may have come up with an angle that is new to you, or he may miss vital information that should have been included. So it is by reading the post material that you can come up with meaningful comments. The comments you make present you as an expert in your niche. In view of this, if you fail to read the blog post and make comments that are out of place, it will hurt your reputation and brand. Therefore, read the content carefully, then look for one or two loopholes and fill them up in your comments.

5. Navin Rao of QuestionCage

For Me Blog Commenting is Magical.

This is how I made a lot of friends and that allows me to connect with them regularly. Even though the links are of no-follow attribute, they will live on the blog forever and can send you potential traffic.

But, blog commenting is not just putting a line, you need to add value.

Read the blog post and then comment, at least skim it thoroughly, then you will have enough substance to write. Maybe you can also raise the points with are not covered, which will be also value addition to the blog post.

Be authentic and speak your mind.

6. Enstine Muki of

Blog commenting has always been a powerful promotion and networking tool. In the early days of blogging, it was great in creating SEO backlinks. Google, however, has changed a lot, making the backlink value from the comment section very near nothing.

I think if you approach blog commenting with the motivation to create connections, you are certainly going to get other advantages added to the connections.

Sticking around a blog with more relevant comments raises you above the average reader. You will always get noticed by the blog owners and if you add real value, the magic of networking will roll in.

7. Folajomi Ballo of

Here are the three easy steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Capture your targets

Don’t be jack of all trade. Find mid-influencers in your niche, Open your spreadsheet and prepare your long list (as many influencers as possible).

If you are in marketing niche, you don’t want to target Neil Patel or Brian dean.  They are too busy, so it’s difficult to impress them.

For rule of measurement, target influencers with Domain Authority (DA) between 25 – 50. Not advisable to go for anything below or beyond.

Step 2: Schedule your comment list

Let’s say you compiled a list of 50 influencers, divide them into 5 different groups. That way, your list will be more organized and stress-free to use.

Step 3: Start commenting

It is time to start commenting focusing on single group per day. Make sure

  • To have a gravatar account with a professional pic
  • Greet with a name (Hey James, Hey Mudassir, etc)
  • Appreciate or put your opinion

Rinse and repeat

As you might have guess, Influencers are pretty busy. Don’t expect to get noticed soon. Crave for longetivity, build a better relationship via weekly commenting on different posts.

By the time you continue this approach for 8 weeks, you no more a visitor, many influencers already have you on their radar. It’s then easy to pitch them (Guest Posts or Backlinks).

Bonus: Immediately you comment on influencers content, share it on social media (most preferably Twitter) and mention them.


Blog commenting is real, effective, and a smarter way to get seen as a new blogger and grow. But it is not overnight deal, works great for the long haul players.

So how do you like the strategy? Let me know in the comments!

36 thoughts on “Blog commenting strategy: The starter guide”

  1. Hi Mudassir, I think blog comments are a must on a blog today. I know many say we can chat on social media but sometimes in the comments we can be more personal and it helps bloggers to get to know one another.
    Therefore, I will not accept any contributors at my blog unless they have been commenting on the blog and sharing on social media. They have to be a part of “that community.” It also helps us to know what interests our readers more when they comment and what post in the future.
    Oftentimes, I have surprised when I write about something and many comment they didn’t know about it. Before writing it I assumed many read about it elsewhere but often that is not the case, as everyone is so busy today!
    Thanks for the mention and it’s nice to see how your blog is evolving and growing here Mudassir!

    1. Thanks, Lisa!

      I completely agree with what you said; Blog commenting is more personal and helps us to know each other.
      I am so happy to see you in my comments section. Please keep sharing the love!

  2. Hi Mudassir,
    I appreciate the mention; I’m humbled. The fact is that there is no better way to scale your business than to build relationships. And one of the best ways to do that is by commenting on relevant blogs. The more comments you make, the more bonds you create, and your business will grow. It was by leaving comments on blogs that I was as able to meet Pro bloggers in the industry, including landing guest blogging opportunities.

    1. Hi Moss,

      I am feeling great too to have you on my blog. You said it perfectly, the more comments we make the more bonds we develop and thus the business.

  3. Mudassir you are awesome bro. Thank you. All these awesome friends know the value in genuine blog commenting. Anybody can do it for free, and make a serious impact. Sounds like a good deal to me. Be authentic, and you will go far with blog commenting.


  4. Hi Mudassir,
    Blog commenting is so much about connecting and interacting. Having a conversation around the blog post. As you point out here there is an importance of reading the entire post. You can’t leave a valuable comment if you haven’t read the whole article. When I blog comment I’m not even thinking of the results as they appear on their own over time. Instead I enjoy reading and commenting … in hopes to add value to the conversation around the post. Excellent post Mudassir!

    1. Hi Cori,

      As you said, we can’t leave a valuable thought unless we take the time to read the whole post. And it is definitely worth it dropping a valuable personal comment. Take care, Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate the support.

  5. Great post!
    Thanks for sharing!
    That is my comment and now I have to go and leave 20 more like this one.
    Genuine commenting is white hat and a wonderful way to build connections with your fellow bloggers.
    You’re right Mudassir to emphasize it so much. We bloggers who’re serious about seeing our blogs succeed can only achieve it by working together and helping each other out.

    That is why I’m very grateful to you for mentioning me here, and you can expect me to return the favor to you and your awesome blog. I never forget my friends and I try to be as helpful as I can be, and your blog post here and mentioning me made my day.
    Thanks Mudassir, buddy:)

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Nikola.

      I observed that you’d take quality time to help other bloggers via commenting, sharing their content and writing guest posts for them. It means a lot to bloggers like me. Keep sharing the love, bro.

  6. Hi Mudassir,
    You have written about one of my favorite topics when it comes to bogging: Commenting. First read the blog….Then give an authentic and honest comment. One can even take a part of the blog post and elaborate on that subject. There are so many ways to make an impact. The great thing is that you are honoring the person who created the blog post. The other is that when you leave a good comment other people notice that…ergo you can gain yourself a reader of your own blog.

    1. Hi Donna,

      It feels great to see you here. Yes, one can even take a small subject from the blog post and comment on it. That’s it, a simple and potential way to reap sweet benefits for FREE. On top of it, you are honoring the author too which is one fine way to make an impression.

      Please keep visiting, Donna. Take care!

  7. Hello Mudassir,

    Commenting on popular blogs can be an effective way to put your new blog on the map. It can put your name in the back of a successful blogger’s mind.

    Not only that, but usually successful bloggers read blogs of other successful bloggers. So it increases your chances of getting noticed by more influencers than just the one you’re commenting to.

    Effective blog commenting can kickstart relationships, grow your network, and drive traffic to your blog all at the same time. Eventually, thanks for sharing your informative information with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    1. Yes. Blog commenting is effective and proven strategy to grow your relationship and thus blog. All we have to do is be consistent in it.

      Thanks for stopping by, Amar!

  8. Sayem Ibn Kashem

    Very appreciating article! Many of us comment on a blog post only just to have backlinks. We should read the whole article then discuss the important point related to the article. that will add value to the content. and any other commenter or visitor who is a newbie can get their answers in the previously asked questions. Obviously we should skip asking the question that has been answered already.

    1. Hello Sayem Ibn,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your valuable thought, bro. What you say is 100% correct, one should take time to read the blog post and drop a comment. Please do visit again!

  9. Nirodha Abayalath

    Hey Mudassir,
    This is amazing, and it is essential to let people know how commenting works and the importance of blog commenting, especially for newcomers.
    And, as you’ve mentioned, the comment section is not to generate backlinks, it is definitely for the networking and active engagement with the content and the authors.
    In my blog, I have experienced that even some “expert” bloggers write comments without even reading the whole article. I think they just skim through the subtopics and comments to get the exposure.
    So, thank you very much for sharing this.

    1. Hello Nirodha,

      Lately, I have been making the most from blog commenting, so I thought it’d be good to let the newcomers know about it in a more transparent way. Also, it is a good practice to read the complete article and drop the thought so that we can leave a meaningful comment.

      Thank you so much for adding your knowledge on this, please do visit again!

  10. Hi Mudassir, I totally agree with you. In this world where blogs are trooping out in large numbers and competition is becoming more difficult; one must learn how to keep them (readers) that is by building relationship with them through comments.

    And I would also like to say comments can also cause a rapport among bloggers in the same niche.

    Thanks for publishing this awesome guide.

    1. I totally agree with you on this, Akinduyo. Blog commenting is an effective, easy and right way to build relationships. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Hi Mudassir
    Again what a fantastic post.
    Blog commenting is no doubt one of the best ways to reach out to new bloggers and learn new things, if done properly.
    I have seen people are selling blog commenting packages like 1000 comments for $5.
    They ultimately lead to wastage of time.

    So Let’s focus on our best what we can provide to the audience and forget the rest.

    1. Hey Amit,

      I have seen it too, on Fiverr. Those links may get them the little traffic but don’t help in building long-run relationships, which is crucial in blogging. I appreciate adding your thoughts on this, Amit.

  12. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Hello Mudassir,
    Blog commenting is an art. You need to practice it. I am really thankful to you that you have mentioned my thoughts in this post. You know! Blog commenting helps me to connect with many bloggers and build a strong relationship with them. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

    1. Blog commenting is a simple task and allows the reader to connect with you instantly. Glad you’ve enjoyed it, thanks for the pro tips, take care, Vishwajeet.

  13. Hi Mudassir,

    This one is a master piece, I can see my favorite experts contributing to the power of blog commenting.

    Thanks for reaching out to me too.

    I have built priceless relationship with experts through strategic blog commenting. I urge newbies to start this strategy…

    A nice compilation from you Mudassir 🤗

    Cheers, Folajomi

    1. Hey Folajomi, glad you’ve been building relationships and growing with blog comments. I wish you more success buddy.

  14. Hi Mudassir, thank you for the opportunity to be included here with such other wonderful bloggers. We’ve really gotten to know a lot of people through blog commenting which is so invaluable today.
    I’ve been in touch with people from blogging around the world with this pandemic to check on how the are doing, etc. We are humans behind our blogs, more so than ever before.
    Thanks for sharing so many different points here on blog commenting and take care Mudassir.

    1. Hey Lisa, I’ve been feeling low due to the pandemic these days. However, I thought of reaching you to ask for these pro tips so that my readers would get some inspiration. Thank you and Let’s hope the virus go away soon 🙁

  15. Wow this post is on fire despite covid-19 restricting people from meeting.
    Just a joke 😉
    I appreciate you putting all of these together bro. Happy to see my comrades sharing tips that work. We simply have to stick to some of these and see a remarkable difference in our commenting activities.
    Stay safe buddy and happy weekend

    1. People want to know some extra tips, especially, from pro bloggers like you, so it was my reason to reach you out. I’m glad to have you here, Enstine. Be safe.

  16. Hi Mudassir,
    thanks for including my thoughts here. It’s a pleasure to mix and mingle with so many pro bloggers, and I’m happy to be involved.
    Stay safe during this epidemic and keep rocking it.

  17. Hi Mudassir,
    Good to read this wonderful post on blog comments. It’s one of my favourite subjects.
    I have published a good number of posts on those subject on my sites. I could very well relate to many things mentioned in it.
    Keep sharing



    1. Hey Philip,

      Thanks for taking the time to read and dropping this wonderful comment. Partly, your thoughts about blog commenting have helped me to create this guide.

      Take care and be safe.

  18. Hi Mudassir,
    This article really opened my eyes when it comes to comments. It offers a different outlook on blog commenting. I learned new things here. I want to thank you for this

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