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Are You an Easy Going Blogger?

Easy going bloggers catch the blogging details hard-charging bloggers miss entirely.

One concept I discuss in my eBook:

10 Blogging Lessons I Learned from Living in Fiji (to Promote Your Success)

is to take it easy. Like Fijians, who always say, “EEEASSSY,” because these folks are chill and relaxed, living on islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

But you need to be easy *going*, to see blogging success. Like Mudassir noted in his recent post, you cannot see a little success, kick your feet up, pat yourself on the back and take a week-long break after driving 10 people to your blog. Nope. We want to relax, but to keep going. We want to chill, but keep serving.

When you take this route, stuff happens, including facing your fears. I love writing. Writing feels easy to me. But sometimes – because I keep going – I face fears I need to face to keep going and to be more skilled and to experience greater worldly success and to be happier. Easy. Going. Never forget either word, if you want to be a successful blogger.


“Easy” blogging means:

  • blogging what you love
  • feeling passionate about blogging
  • being detached; not making it hard on yourself, by attaching to money or traffic outcomes
  • practicing, so blogging gets easier and easier

Most bloggers make blogging HARD, not easy, because most bloggers focus all of their energy on making money. You cannot make money for months or years, so of course, blogging feels hard. You seek an unrealistic, unreachable goal, of making money quickly. Take it easy. Blog your passion. Feel abundant. Trust. Practice. Make blogging easier, by focusing on the process, not on outcomes.


Keep going the easy route, right into scary, uncomfortable spots. Never stop blogging your passion, because you feel panicked about lack of profits. Good things take generous service, time and a patient, relaxed, energy. Plus you need to keep going even if you fear to face the workday because knifing through fears is the only way to experience long term blogging growth.

Go easy, but keep going, directly through your fears.

New bloggers who do blog their passion made a smart choice but need to keep blogging their passion if they have no traffic or profits. Sit with your fear of scarcity. Then, proceed. It ain’t always pleasant to face strong fears but if you leave your comfort zone and keep blogging during trying times, you will become a leader and influencer in your blogging niche.

I swear me choosing to blog through tough times is a chief reason why I built up a decent following. I waded through the energetic muck and felt some strong fears, then, I kept blogging.

Remember; facing fear is not hard or difficult, but uncomfortable. Do you know what feels hard? Imagine if you never picked up a weight and I asked you to bench press 400 pounds. That is hard. That is difficult. But doing a Facebook Live Broadcast when 0 people showed up for the prior 5 broadcasts is simply uncomfortable, and unpleasant, but not hard like trying to lift 400 pounds. This is why you need to be an easy-going blogger. Trust the blogging process and blog mainly for fun, but never get too comfortable, and make sure to keep going.

This is how to live your dreams through blogging.

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