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Advanced Blogging Tip: Bond with Fear


That sounds scary.

Why in the heck would you want to bond with fear? Fear feels terrible, to feel, eh? Nobody enjoys feeling panicked, desperate, frenzied or hurried. But top bloggers who advance themselves beyond the herd develop a bond with fear. Why? Top bloggers befriend fear, feel fear, move fear along and blog more from a vibe of love and abundance, versus blogging from a vibe of fear and scarcity. I know; I had to develop this skill to experience blogging growth and to live a neat life through blogging.

Bond with Fear?

Bonding with fear means being with fear or feeling fear. Do you wonder why so many bloggers ignore good advice and follow bad advice? Fear. Do you wonder why most bloggers ignore good advice and quit blogging so quickly and easily? Fear. Basically, most bloggers struggle because most bloggers feel really, really afraid to face fears needing to be faced, in order to put good advice into action. Take my day, today; lovely Saturday afternoon. One fear in me suggests I fear I cannot get my blogging work done because my niece is here and I am going out to eat with my wife Kelli, tonight. A gorgeous day too; I need to walk for 90 minutes to keep my energies moving along.

What is the advanced blogging thing, to do? Face, feel and embrace that fear to dissolve the fear, so I release the fear. Like any human being, I sometimes hate feeling fear because my mind rises, my blood pressure rises, my body feels tense and yep, I feel….scared. AHA! I am not a robot. I am human like you, hahaha. See what I mean? I am human and feel fear and get scared like you but I do a good job of bonding with fears so I can feel the shudders, panic, anxiety, worry and shame, and then, move along these energies. Versus holding these fears and struggling for years, I feel and release in minutes, in moments.

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After moving along the energies, I return to feeling calm, peaceful, relaxed, trusting and inspired to do generous, abundant, fun, freeing things, like publishing 4-5 pieces of content in a few hours, already. Fear-diving is never fun but quite necessary to become successful because nobody lives their dreams unless they bond with, feel and release strong fears and lesser fears, too.

You need to be present with fear, and bond with it, to be generous, prolific, thankful, helpful, trusting, and to follow simple, success-promoting tips like commenting genuinely on blogs and helping bloggers by promoting them on social media. All the smart stuff you need do, seems like dumb stuff, to fear-filled, frenzied bloggers, and makes perfect sense, to abundant bloggers who feel their fears and move their energies along. Pro blogging ain’t a picnic but I swear, guys; if you follow this advanced blogging tip no matter how rough it feels, blogging WILL get easier and easier and money gets easier and easier and success gets easier and easier. I promise you. I give you my word.

You can and will succeed when you face fears and feel fears that you currently cower to, and resist and bury, said fears making you super unsuccessful…aka….failing.

I believe in you. I know you can and will succeed but you need to bond with fear. Bonding with fear helps you feel fear so you can move the fear along.


6 Tips for Conquering Your Fears

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