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7 Lazy Yet Actionable Tips To Improve Your Website SEO In Less Time

Keyword research is one of the vital components of SEO, I’m sure most of us agree with that! Doing that little groundwork on keywords before publishing the content gives us the extra opportunity to outrank the competitors easily. So it is important for a blogger or SEO specialist to assess rankings on Google for their desired keywords. One common mistake I have been observing is that most bloggers and site administrators compose and publish their articles without targeting any keywords whatsoever.

It only takes only a few minutes to check the potential keywords on tools like Ahrefs, but people do not care. They write rubbish, and after that, looking for backlinks, and if they do not get those, then the frustration comes, and they quit and start a different blog.

Being visionary is essential for any blogger. It would be best if you have a plan ready for the next six months.

Trust me, it would help you to release the new blogger’s fear, and you will be able to plan different strategies. That will help you to grow and make some real money online.

Importance Of Checking Google Rankings

Imagine, you have ordered pizza from dominos, and after that, you are doing your own thing and forget to track the order or answer their confirmation calls. What will happen? You may still get the Chicken pizza(My Favorite), but the probabilities are very low.

Let’s face it. We are not perfect, and as a person, we have a lot of limitations, so why don’t we involve fewer troubles in our life by checking our keyword rankings. It will be helpful to Rank 1 On Google Search Results.

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So when I have to check the keyword rankings of my well-performing articles, I go to small SEO tools and enter my keywords just like that. Don’t leave the article now. More strategies are coming on your way.

All you need to do is check the rankings of your well-performing articles and work around them. Do we need to add more values to our ranked articles? The answer is yes. Let’s find out how.

My Article Is Ranking On Page One, When Is the Ideal Time To Update It?

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Well, I am no one to tell you about the ideal timing to update your old posts as I can’t follow it for my blog. Am I lazy? Yes, that’s true. I save time to blog, and priorities change with times.

If you are someone who is thinking that all the websites that are ranking on page one are perfect, then you have to follow an analytical approach. There are always scopes to improve. And every blogger is continuously trying to improve themselves.

So when you see that one of your articles is ranking on google page one or it is still on page one, but the position has dropped, consider updating that article.

Does that mean that you have to write many useless things as a part of updating the article? Not at all.

Here is the list of things that I follow when I update any articles of mine

  1. Reread The Article.
  2. Try To Add Relevant Information
  3. Improve User Experience.
  4. Improve Website Load Time.
  5. Promote That Article.
  6. Find an opportunity To Work With The Trusted Resources.
  7. Internal Linking

1)Reread The Article

Why the hell will you do that? That was the first thing that came up on my mind when some SEO experts suggested me to reread my ranking articles.

I was with the notion of thinking that I am perfect! I am doing everything according to on-page SEO. And I am ranking because google is considering me as a trusted resource.

Or the other way around, this is the best piece I have written so far, its flawless. Google is stupid that it’s not ranking me.

It is the biggest mistake I have made so far. Remember, Google is a billion-dollar company, and it is working to be relevant to every update. Because of its recent algorithm, your site is ranking or not ranking.

Your ranking article still has many flaws that need attention. Else you will be running to pillars and posts after every Google update.

I do not know how do you consider your blog posts; I feel them as a product or service that I am providing. And as a creator, I want to provide those services for a few more years. Enough of thought process, reread the article to see if it is engaging enough. There must be some room for improvement. Maybe you have found some relevant information that you think could be beneficial for your article.

2)Try To Add Relevant Information

Don’t update for the sake of updating the article that will hurt your SEO in the long run.

Update the article when you have enough relevant information that can justify the essay.

That information should not change the essence of your article.

If it’s a list article, then update it if you can add more numbers on that list.

If it’s the how-to article, see if you can add more how-to tips.

3)Improve User Experience.

We all know the improving user experience is very crucial for any blogger. So what we are doing to improve it. You will find bloggers who are compromising with the UX because of less money.

And there are bloggers who have invested a lot but do not know how to make their website more responsive.

Both have their share of sights and downlights. But, user experience is something that can not be taught. We have to cater to a lot of users. And each mind has different desires. It would be highly helpful if you use behavior tracking on google analytics to add more values.

If you do not know your highest performing pages and their numbers, then trust me, you are going to get a tough time.

4) Improve Load Time

I have said this many times, but I am reiterating this as I have seen bloggers compromising with it many times.

In a nutshell, people will run away from your website if it’s not loading correctly.

And if you are living in countries like India and targeting Indian audience, where cell-phone carriers are still selling upgraded 2G plans by the name of 4G, then you should address the page speed loading on a serious note. Here is what I have achieved so far with the help of paid plugins and CDN.

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Yes, I had invested on my blog even before I started making money.

5)Promote The Article

Promotion is essential to improve the off-page SEO metrics. But how do you promote your article? Things get complicated when you are confused with the audience targeting.

And please do not spam the social media with your links. I am not against it, but as a blogger, you should have clarity about what you are doing and why it’s necessary.

If you are a beginner, then you can choose multiple methods to promote your blog and be legit. Some of them are listed here.

  • Collaborate with other bloggers.
  • Promote aggressively other bloggers content
  • Start doing a co-writing and round up post
  • Write guest posts
  • Create your social media presence
  • Participate in Discussions
  • Outreach Marketing
  • Be Creative
  • Start Creating your Brand Perception
  • Look For Interview Opportunities

6)Find an opportunity To Work With The Trusted Resources

Collaboration with other bloggers can help you if you’ve just started your blogging enterprise. For the first couple of months, you may face a lot of blogging challenges.  Connect. Share your dreams. Let them know what sort of benefits you may give them should they socialize with you. Before you start to work together with other bloggers, you must learn one element. A suitable collaboration can help you accomplish your goal quicker. Attempt to collaborate with somebody pertinent to your brand. You can produce a manual collection of possible bloggers. Review their sites. Follow them on interpersonal networking. Attempt to construct a genuine relationship. Request advise.

It can allow you to connect better together. At precisely the same time, this may inspire your blogging pals. It would help if you saw that it is not straightforward to this site alone. It’d be best if you’ve got your blogging buddies. Assist one another and grow together. Get views and motives from them. Give them everything you need to do from your blog. Promoting other’s articles will also demonstrate that you aren’t blogging on your own.

7)Internal Linking

Internal hyperlinks help Google find, index and comprehend each web page on your website.  It would be best if you used them; internal hyperlinks can send page power (also called Page Rank) to relevant pages. In summary: internal linking is crucial for any website that needs higher positions in Google. Utilize Keyword-Rich Anchor Text. You may also get away with having some specific match anchor text on your internal links. (That is a massive no-no in Regards to your own site’s backlinks).

Final Words

Nothing is final in SEO; however, following these seven actionable steps would highly help you to improve your website SEO in no time. Let me know your questions in the comments, and I will surely reply to them and share the laziest method possible — all the very best with your search rankings. Cheers.

11 thoughts on “7 Lazy Yet Actionable Tips To Improve Your Website SEO In Less Time”

  1. Chayan Chakrabarti

    Hi Mudassir,
    Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to write in your rocking blog.
    I started bloghing 5 months back and due to lack of guidence I struggled in the beginning. I started to perfect the whole SEO in a few days. Later I understood that SEO is a long time game and even the brands who are paying millions to advertising, they will also not rank for all the keywords in the world. So as a beginner all you can do is stay focused and relaxed . Set small targets and achieve that .You will eventually get the success.

    1. Hey Chayan,

      Thanks for letting me host your experience through this guest post. I completely agree with you about setting small targets in SEO and focusing on that instead of stepping into everything once. Super point!

  2. Hello Chayan,

    Glad to see you on Mudassir’s blog. Ranking a blog is every bloggers dream. Ranking depends on good combination of both on-page and off-page SEO practices. Interlinking is very important as it not only helps search engines to crawl your website easily but also help your readers to find in-depth content. Brilliant tips bro 🙂

    Vishwajeet Kumar

    1. Yes, Vishwajeet. Ranking depends on how well we do the on & off-page SEO thing. Thanks for adding your thoughts 🙂

  3. Amazing Post Chayan

    I am focussing on almost every tip you mentioned in the post. From updating old posts to better inter linkings, promotion, and everything.
    Recently started an interview series to collaborate with Bloggers.
    Also focussing on Blog speed as well.


  4. Hi Chayan,
    I agree with you 100% that bloggers need to write quality stiff based on keyword research they did.
    Crap nowadays will never rank in Google and untargeted crap might not even be indexed, or be put in the supplementary index.
    So the process is, like you mentioned:
    Do KW research
    Write good articles
    Get some links
    Return and updated make it better.

    Great stuff Chayan!

  5. Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

    hello Chayan Happy to see you here.

    Definitely Updating blog post content and internal linking works like a charm.

    Recently, I have done this on all my dead posts and I saw a j-curve in those post ranking. and Some of them are on the first page.

    thanks for all your tips.


  6. Abhishek Prajaapti

    Hello Chayan,
    so happy to see you on Mudassir’s blog. their tips are really helpful it helps me a lot

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