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First off, me and my website could be your match, if you are:

  • Creative and want to start a blog in India that will stand out from the other blogs and add value.
  • A professional blogger who is already making money with your blog wants to learn how to grow your blog.
  • A freelancer wants to leverage a blog to showcase their skills and turn them into a money source.

Who am I?

I am Mudassir – a self-made blogging entrepreneur that lives in India with my beautiful wife, Shabnam. I started Blogging Explained back in June 2017 as a complete newbie. It consistently generates over $1000 in monthly income and has become an income source for my family and me.

Over the years, I have realized that if you are genuinely passionate about blogging, you can make it work and build it into a business that can hustle. Take my case, I turned my blogging knowledge into building ShoutoutStreet, Digimiles, and this blog.

I have made mistakes, and I admit blogging is not easy; there are many things to learn. But it becomes better with you following and implementing the best blogging tips, techniques, and practices. You need someone like me to walk you along. I dedicate many hours researching and learning to figure out what works. For example, I recently reviewed the Bluehost India service to help people make the right purchasing decision. 

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Seriously, I deeply value every relationship I have been lucky enough to build from this blog. So do not hesitate to reach me; if you want to collaborate with me somehow, I’m just an email away –

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