Hi, thanks for coming here to learn about me. I am Mudassir – The founder of this blog.

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I started my blogging back in 2015 with a free blog on blogger.com and that taught me a little about researching topics, writing, publishing, promoting, etc things related to blogging. However, I realized then that I was limiting my potential. Coz free blog platforms like blogspot.com don’t offer much blog customization and monetization space compared to self-hosted platforms like WordPress.org.

I have been a huge fan of Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud and his blog taught me to start my self-hosted WordPress blog then. That’s how I started my first serious blog – Nettyfeed.com in June 2017 (Now the nettyfeed.com is moved to bloggingexplained.com).

Not only I’ve been a fan of Harsh but also of people like Shraddha Sharma (YourStory.com), Shahid (RVCJ.com), and so on.

Unsurprisingly, I had been making terrible mistakes as a newbie – like imitating, blogging off-topics, wandering alone, and likewise.

Later then, I met these amazing buddies like Ryan Biddulph, Nikola Roza, Anil Agarwal, Moss Clement, Folajomi Ballo, Matthew Woodward, Ryan Robinson, Lisa Sicard, Sue-Ann, Cori-Leigh, and a few others. And my blogging journey became easier!

I’ve been investing quality time to learn to blog better from these pros, making friends on Twitter, learning the importance of SEO, and building a loyal tribe. Most importantly, I’m having fun and been making small money consistently out of my blog.

That’s all pretty about me!

My Personal Life

I’m married to Shabnam. She has a Masters in Technology (M-Tech). Currently, she takes care of me.

Family is the most I give priority in my life: It is their love that keeps me moving. I love to travel, learn stories of people, and add as much as value I could to the community around. Tea has been my all-time favorite and not a day goes without it.

Apart from blogging life, I run an online telecom business and regularly invest in stocks.

If you want to know more about me, connect with me on Twitter.

Cheers, Mudassir!

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