Let me tell you, I am not going to waste your time by prolonging about just myself on this page 🙂 Believe me, everything I’ve written here, is going to help you blog better.

I’m going to be super honest with you further, Keep reading…

Welcome, I am Mudassir – The Founder, Author or whatever you may call (In simple, I own and do whatever I can to grow this blog).

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I started my blogging back in 2015 with a free blog on blogger.com and that taught me a bit about researching topics, writing, publishing, promoting, etc. However, the one important thing was lacking with that free blog was – MONEY!

I have been a huge fan of Harsh Agrawal from ShoutMeLoud and his blog taught me to start my self-hosted WordPress blog then. That’s how I started my first serious blog – Nettyfeed.com in June, 2017 (Now the nettyfeed.com is bloggingexplained.com).

Not only I’ve been a fan to Harsh but also to people like Shraddha sharma (YourStory.com), Vinay (Wittyfeed.com), Shahid (RVCJ.com) and some other people whose names I don’t remember now 🙂

After following all these people and their successful blogs – I had decided to write about multiple topics on my blog thinking that more topics means more money…LOL!

Here were some stupid things I had been doing then:

  • Back then, I had content from categories like Tech, Startups, Blogging, SEO, Movies, Entertainment, Sports, Viral Stories, Health, Education, Motivation….and….so….on.
  • I simply use to refer others’ content and sometimes I was dumping all their content on to mine.
  • All for the sake to make more money. I had been charging $10 and even $5 per backlink – No matter the link’s niche. My blog was all over covered with ads from Adsense and Medianet. Yet, I had never made more than $100 per month.
  • I was totally minded for money and had been paying no interest to learn to blog the right way. If I were, I wouldn’t have wasted all these years.

It was all till Aug 2019 and then I met Ryan Biddulph (Founder of BloggingFromParadise.com).

His blogging attitude and knowledge made me realize all those above mistakes that I had made and offered me a new chance to start fresh – Blogging The RIGHT way!

Later then, I met these buddies like Nikola Roza, Moss Clement, Folajomi Ballo, Matthew WoodWard, Ryan Robinson, and a few others. All these are amazing people who has been supportive and uplifting me with their sound knowledge on blogging. If you too want to connect with these people, join me on Twitter first!

I’ve been investing some quality time to learn to blog better from these pro-amazing bloggers, making friends on Twitter, learning the importance of SEO, building a loyal tribe and collecting so much fun.

Now I regularly make $500+ every single month by just promoting a few affiliate products.

For some, it may be sound like a big money and for some, it is not. If you ask me, it all has not been easy. I believe it is money, money that I had never seen in my early blogging days. So I consider it as a growth, that I do not dare to ignore. I respect all those mistakes and I love all these bloggers who have helped me on my way to learn and blog better.

I strongly wish and have been working harder as I could to grow much, achieve more heights in blogging and lend a hand to newbies with all the experience that I had bagged.

That’s all pretty about me!

Here’s what I want you to learn from my story:

  • You may not see the success until a year, two or even a five. Don’t let that quit blogging – Your mind will always have this ability of thinking to to thrive every single day.
  • You may have great knowledge in Football and Real Estate. But don’t write about both the topics on a same blog, not a good idea. Both are two different and there’s no connection bet’n them. Maybe Football and Cricket is good combination as the both are sports. Readers and even search engines would agree with me on this!
  • Never be alone blogger. Even the strongest Alpha wolf need its pack to win. Surround yourself with the bloggers who are successful and have positive thoughts to grow. Twitter is the best place to connect with like-minded bloggers.
  • Win readers and Google by optimizing the content for both. Don’t ignore any!
  • Money is important to survive, I agree but don’t alone run behind it. Invest in building audience through email list, social media and comments. They are the one who buy products via your affiliate links and they are nothing but the money – So, respect them and give quality content to them before you recommend affiliate products.

How do you like my story?

Pretty convinced to understand that blogging works but it’s going to take time and energy?

Here’s the thing – Too much thinking is injurious to health and career. Believe in yourself that you can do this no matter the hurdles.

Start Your Blog (Beginners’ Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Need help? Scroll down below…

What I have learned all this time (What services do I offer)

  • Pay me $100 and I can setup your new WordPress blog (with 36 months hosting and 1 year free domain), design the blog with a free theme, do the initial WordPress settings, important plugins installation, and create the important pages.
  • Pay me $25 and I can write a 1000-word article that is well optimized for SEO and audience as well.
  • Apart from this, I can design you a basic/mid-level WordPress website to run your online business. Connect with me on Twitter to understand the pricing for the same.
  • I can help you rank well on Google for the desired keywords. You know how to reach me, right?

My Personal Life

I’m married to Shabnam. She has a Masters in Technology (M-Tech) and partly helps me in blogging.

Family is the most I give priority in my life: It is their love that keeps me moving. I love to travel on my bike and enjoy God’s creation. Tea has been my all-time favorite.

Apart from blogging life, I run a online telecom business too and have a great interest in investing into stocks.

If you want to know more about me, connect with me on Twitter.

Cheers, Mudassir!

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