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A Blogging Win Is a Win

I watched a high school basketball game a few hours ago.

My favorite team came out with the win. The squad almost lost it in the last second. After controlling the game, leading from end to end pretty much, defense got sloppy and a star player just about made them pay the price. But the team won and as I always say, a win is a win. Nobody cares after you win the game; people may complain or analyze, but adding one more win to your season total improves your record and positions you higher in the standings. Problems dissolve into wins.

Blogging wins are wins, too, you know. Landing a paying client nets blogging profits for you. Make sure you love working with the individual but beyond that, a blogging win is a blogging win, too. Attracting customers, landing clients, nailing down your first interview with major media and going full time all serve as blogging wins. Nobody can take blogging wins away from you. No one can change a blogging win. Never get caught up in analysis paralysis or other silly blogging head games after scoring wins. Stop judging yourself and stop judging the quality of blogging wins. Be grateful for your blogging wins. Stop judging how much money you made through a blogging win. Money is money and a blogging win is a blogging win. Feel abundant for your blogging win. Be grateful for success. A blogging win is a blogging win. Never forget that grow blogging-wise because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Think through that sentence. Being busy downing yourself and or dis-crediting wins only allows losses to move into your life; where energy goes, grows. Dismissing wins is foolishness. Celebrate your wins! Be grateful for success. Success makes a beeline for bloggers who feel successful and appreciate all success flowing their way.

Surround yourself with positive bloggers. High energy types teach you the blessing of counting your blessings, of counting any and all blogging wins as notches in your belt. I am always appreciating my wins from 1 cent profit gains to 1 sale notes to every person who emails me about my blog posts and guest posts. Someone emailed me about a guest post I published last week on a personal development blog. Big time win, thank you, because any time someone feels something to their heart, they are apt to email bloggers, and I am in the business of inspiring people to feel my message in their heart and soul. I could see that as a big time win but even if the win seemed smaller…..a blogging win is a blogging win.

Count all growth as a blogging win. Be appreciative for all growth to experience more growth. Blogging is between the ears. Tune into growth and more growth-oriented ideas will find you. Only bloggers who willingly shift their attention and energy toward loss, devaluing their wins, run into all types of blogging problems.

A win is a blogging win.


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