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4 Things to Consider As You Write Blog Posts

I think through writing because using noodles makes blogging easier and easier, albeit, uncomfortable sometimes.

Boring deeper into your heart makes blogging that much easier, even though bumps need to be expected.

Your mind and heart know all you need know to succeed with blogging. But laying out 4 common questions gives you clarity on this blogging journey, to drive deeper into mind and heart. Do you want to just blog? Or do you want to blog successfully?

Keep these 4 ideas in mind while writing blog posts.

Does It Solve a Common Problem?

Blogging is 100% worth it if you solve common problems through each blog post. Readers want you solving common problems in your niche to better serve them and to better connect with your audience. Meanwhile, some lost bloggers blog about anything and everything on their mind. Who cares if the idea is on YOUR mind? Do you read your blog? Do you hire yourself or buy your stuff? Other people do that, so listen to them and solve their common problems to blog effectively.

Why Write the Post?

You will get as far as your reason why you blog. Most fail because their reason to blog is weak, lame or limp. Others fail because money drives ’em; poor driver, because money ain’t coming for a while. Some find deep, pulsating, freeing drivers and see the journey through.

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7 Things that Inspired Me to Go from Scared Security Guard to Smiling Island Hopper

I laid out 7 reasons why I live this cool life because those drivers pulled me through some highs, lows and all else in between. I have a reason why I blog and why I write blog posts clearly in mind. This intent carries me through, aiding me in writing helpful, inspired blog posts.


Table of Contents

Formatting plays a role in effective blogging because people rely on their senses to filter a post. Even non-picky me closes out blogs with no paragraphs, block-style-formatted, obviously written and published on a phone. Guys; no way can you write and publish an effective post sans proper formatting. Ensure you use short, punchy sentences combined with frequent paragraphs. Pepper in headers to break up your posts. Add bullet-point lists to allow your posts to flow freely. Wrapping plays a key role in your blog post-presentation. Use effective formatting to appeal to your readers.

Call to Action to Grow Business?

Include a clear, distinct call to action in every piece of content you create, from blog posts to videos to podcasts. Alert readers to your business opportunity, product or service to establish full clarity and to begin making more money through your blog. I link to an eBook or my course via every blog post I create – ditto for guest posts – because I am a professional blogger. Do you intend to be a professional blogger? Begin linking to a business page through all blog posts. Be a serious entrepreneur by acting like a pro blogger. As a matter of fact, you generally do not become a pro blogger until you freely and clearly call readers to action via every blog post you create. Get comfortable promoting yourself to learn a secret of highly prospering bloggers.

Keep these ideas in mind, guys.

Succeed by clearly having a fixed purpose in mind any time you write and publish a post for your blog.

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1 thought on “4 Things to Consider As You Write Blog Posts”

  1. Hey Ryan Biddulph ,

    Great post as usual. I really like your post and the points that you have listed out. These things must be considered while writing a blog post, whereas considering and focusing on these things will be helpful.

    Focusing on why writing a blog post and does it solve a common problem will be helpful. Formatting are truly essential and plays a vital role , hence formatting is also necessary. Including a clear call to action will helps a lot, provide get benefits and will grow the business. As these things must be considered by every blogger.

    Really helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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