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3 Tips for Increasing Ad Clicks

Do you generate a high number of impressions but low ad clicks?

A few factors may be in play.

People click ads if:

  • they trust you as a blogger
  • they trust your blogging content
  • they trust your blog image
  • they trust your ad

Earning trust requires years of blogging practice, creating and connecting. Skilled bloggers earn trust. Skilled bloggers create and connect for years before becoming highly skilled, credible and trustworthy.

Follow these tips to boost ad clicks and blogging revenue.

1: Improve the Quality of Your Writing through Practice

People click on your ads if the people know and trust your blog content. Low ad clicks usually indicates poor or low quality writing. Why would someone click an ad on your blog if your writing is low quality, unclear and riddled with too many errors? Write diligently. Practice writing offline. Aim for 500-1000 words daily. Improving the quality of your writing influences readers to trust you and to trust your content. Trusting readers trust your ads too. Trusting your ads inspires readers to click through, boosting your blogging profits and offering readers helpful solutions through your blog and ads.

2: NEVER Play a Numbers Game

Bloggers often make the common error of playing an ads-based numbers game. But since numbers do not click on ads you fail to boost clicks by placing a heavy focus on reaching a high number of impressions.

How it works: bloggers mistakenly believe getting 10,000 or 20,000 impressions daily will increase both your ad clicks and blogging profits. But 10,000 to 20,000 impressions are completely worthless if none of the people visiting your blog are:

  • highly targeted
  • highly interested in your content
  • highly interested in your ads
  • highly trusting of your name, content and ads

Bloggers believe someone pays them or someone automatically begins to click on ads after you reach a set number of impressions. False. Trusting, targeted, pre-qualified readers who enjoy your content click on your ads. Focus on helping targeted human beings with your content. Stay on your singular, niche topic via every post you publish. Always stay on topic to gain credibility in your blogging niche. Publish content frequently; 1-2 times weekly works A-OK. Be seen often to grow on your readers.

20,000 impressions are worthless if humans causing these impressions could care less about your blog content. But 200 highly targeted, loyal, trusting readers who visit your blog daily tend to increase your ad clicks fast because trusting readers believe the value of your ads, click through and find solutions as you prosper. Focus on humans. Do not play the ad impressions numbers game.

3: Invest Money to Convey a Professional Brand Image

Invest money in a domain, hosting and premium theme to convey a professional brand image.

Readers are more likely to click ads on branded, professional-looking blogs because premium themes and a branded domain name tend to instill trust. Using free blogging platforms is an absolute no-no because free platforms convey an amateur, cheap, non-credible image warning readers to stay away. I never click links, ads or anything on a free platform blog because I fear getting spammed, downloading a virus or simply wasting my time through the click. If a blogger fears to invest a bit north of $100 for an entire year on their blog, how can I ever trust them, their content and their ads? I feel their deep fear and heed my warning signal to stay away.

Readers trust professional-looking, branded blogs and tend to click ads if bloggers both deliver content and emit a professional-looking, branded blogging image.


Blogging is all about following simple fundamentals for a long time.

What are some important blogging building blocks?

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Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you buy through my links. And it doesn’t impact your purchase in anyway. Read full disclosure.

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