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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Guest Posting

I love guest posting.

I wrote and published thousands of guest posts over the years. Guest posting is my favorite way to spread the word about my blog, eBooks and brand while helping fellow bloggers with passive blog traffic. I also write free content for these awesome folks via my guest posts. Win-win.

Per any blogging skill, keep a few things in mind to guest post effectively.

Guest Post Frequently on a Series of Blogs

Feel free to nudge into new blogs here and there for continual expansion but give most attention and energy to guest posting frequently to a series of blogs to become familiar and credible in the eyes of blog readers. I guest post quite a bit on this blog these days. Mudassir’s readers get to know me better because I post here often, developing rapport and familiarity with his audience, building strong bonds. Imagine if I just published one post and exited stage left? Tough to build any real connection if I was here today and gone tomorrow. Boost frequency on a few fave guest posting blogs to experience greater success as you grow on readerships, and on your fellow bloggers.

Help Bloggers Freely to Gain Invites Freely

Help the oodles of bloggers freely. Expect nothing in return. Make friends. Friends invite you to guest post on their blogs. Simple concept that, of course, most bloggers screw up. Bloggers email me daily with pitches to guest post on Blogging From Paradise. If the blogger is a stranger, I do not trust strangers, so I refuse, alerting them to the fact that guest posting is permanently closed. If a trusted buddy emails me and has some writing skills, I usually accept the offer and allow them to guest post on my blog.

Guest posting rights *are earned*, NOT given out freely, like giving candy to a baby. Write your butt off to become a skilled writer – next tip – and gain the trust of top bloggers by promoting top bloggers generously and commenting on their blogs genuinely, to gain credibility in their eyes. I attracted 13,500 backlinks on my blog and only pitched 2 bloggers on guest posting. How does that ratio sound? Like I helped a ton of bloggers freely, asked for nothing, made friends, and received hundreds of guest posting invites. 99.9999999% of my guest posting opportunities flowed to me through invites. Generosity prospers.

Write Your Rear End Off

People invite you to guest post if you can really write. Skillful writers land guest post invites left and right so…write your rear end off. Practice writing daily in a Word document and write 1 to 3 posts weekly for your blog, to show fellow bloggers you have a blog worth linking to and a writing voice that needs to be heard. I wrote millions of words during my career online. I practice in private and in public to land guest posting invites left and right. It shall be so, for you, if you keep writing every single day. Do not get lazy. Keep writing. Develop the writing skills and voice to inspire people to NEED for you to guest posts, on their blogs.


Do you feel a bit confused about how to properly network?

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2 thoughts on “3 Things to Keep in Mind When Guest Posting”

  1. Hi Ryan,

    I can really see the fact that you love guest posting. Amazing!

    Your name is everywhere, almost on all the sites I follow on a daily basis.

    I understood the reason of guest post but I have no idea how to start it :-(.

    You’re a good helper.

    Happy Thanksgiving:-),

    1. Guest posting is a great strategy to make friends, learn new stuff, reach a broader audience and to gain other SEO benefits. Even I started guest blogging after learning from Ryan’s tips. The only obstacle that stops us is fear, let it go, just start. I’ll be happy to help you get started by allowing you to write on my blog, you can just talk about blogging stuff that you know. All the best, Jeangam.

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