2 Critical Elements to Have When Your Blog Is Down

Life is change.

Blogs go down for periods of time. Every site goes down for a period of time. For a billion reasons, Facebook, Twitter, and your blog can and will go down because change is the only constant in life. My blog is down right now. But I have 2 critical elements to guard against this inevitable event: friends and 3rd party links pointing to my products and services. Anybody who puts all of their blogging eggs into one basket is a complete fool because the split second you drop the basket, you break all of the eggs. Imagine if I did EVERYTHING through my blog AND set up a storefront through my blog? Right now, even if I felt detached and calm, from a worldly perspective, all traffic and business stop because my blog is offline. But since I have 200 plus links on Amazon I am good. But even better; since I have a huge network of loving, loyal friends I patiently and generously befriended over the years, I can guest post on 10 to 20 to 50 blogs at a moment’s notice.

Think of it this way; I can seamlessly keep writing, helping you and selling my eBooks, paperbacks and courses – as well as audiobooks – because I have these 2 critical elements in place. I have oodles of 3rd party links pointing to my products and I have an army of friends on whose blogs I can guest post. My blog may be down but I do not skip a beat, nor do I miss a beat. Everything flows seamlessly. While most bloggers panic, flip out and freak out over their blog being down when you have friends and oodles of third party links, people keep reading your content, buying your stuff and keep your business humming along, no problems. Even if your blog is down and people cannot visit that link, folks can visit your guest posts and can buy your Amazon eBooks, Selz courses and all that good stuff. Then, when your blog is live, back online, you tap into the full power of your blogging and marketing campaign, optimizing your blogging business.

Fear makes you do silly stuff. Imagine if you fear networking. What happens the moment your blog crashes? For all intents and purposes, you vanish online because you have no other blogs where you can guest post freely. You panic, flip out and stress because you have been erased, but 100% of the time, it is your fault. You chose not to publish a high volume of products on 3rd party sites. You chose not to help people freely, in order to build your blogging buddy network. Everything is on you; namely, these problems ensue because you did not face, feel and release your heavy fear attachment to your blog, so you attached heavily to your blog, put all your eggs into one blogging basket, did not network generously, did not create products on 3rd party sites, and pretty much ensured this would happen.

Spread out your blogging eggs among multiple baskets. Then, when you drop one basket, you can carry 10 more to market, keep making money and your blogging business will grow slowly and steadily.


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