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1 Secret to Ever-Expanding Blogging Success

Good old fashioned, hard, smart blogging work. That’s it. That secret is not too secret, is it? Or, is it a secret? I believe hard work is still a secret to blogging success because most bloggers do not work hard. Most bloggers put in a little bit of time and then, mail it in after blogging for a handful of hours, quitting after blogging for 100 hours over 3-4 months. What kind of effort is that? Certainly, not a hard work effort. Bloggers who work long and hard spend 40 or more hours weekly creating and connecting generously. Serious bloggers know why you need a blog to grow your business and also know how much you need to work in order to experience ever-expanding blogging success. Put in the time. But more important, really put in that work. Treat blogging like a serious venture demanding most of your time and energy. Blogging will treat you seriously, in return.

Working hard at blogging feels highly uncomfortable sometimes because you face your fears on a daily basis through this gig. I worked to about 11 PM last night and found myself up and at ’em around 7 AM today. I love blogging. I have fun blogging. But I feel tired, run down and worn out sometimes. Working hard and long during these uncomfortable moments ain’t no picnic but sweet, freeing, ever-lasting success flows to you if you spend a great deal of time outside of your blogging comfort zone. Work diligently. Exit your comfort zone and face your fears, whether you fear podcasting or broadcasting live or guest posting diligently. Keep nudging, edging and sometimes, sprinting out of your comfort zone to make hard work habitual.

Hard work is not slaving, straining and striving. Beware making the common error of pushing yourself until you drop from exhaustion. By hard work, I mean doing stuff generously for 4 to 6 to 10 hours daily, even when you do not particularly want to put in the work. The challenge is putting in sustained, persistent, patient, generous work in those moments you feel down, lack motivation and just cannot seem to gain any energetic momentum. Blogging leaders arise out of these moments because leaders put in the time, put in the work, and succeed, leaving their comfort zone, while everybody else fails by quitting blogging during tough times.

Learn to spot the difference by using fear-force and love-power. Abundant, generous bloggers largely enjoy the blogging ride and have fun but nudge into fears and feel uncomfortable, sometimes. Cultivate this habit of blogging with love-power, blogging from a peaceful, relaxed energy. Totally rid yourself of rushing, straining, striving and hurrying your way through your blogging journey by using fear-force, as this leads to failure.

Don’t quit on hard work. Knife through blogging obstacles – buy my eBook here to do this – and keep working at it, even when you feel tired or a little bit run down. Hey; we all need breaks eventually. I do not typically work 15 hour days. Rest and relaxation are part of my daily routine, as is working mainly for fun, removing tension from my day. But I put in the energy, effort and time to succeed daily. I work diligently, generously, patiently and persistently to position myself to experience greater blogging success. Do the same to accelerate your blogging success.

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