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1 Powerful Aspect to Driving Blog Traffic Consistently through Twitter

Talk to people. Then, talk to people some more. Keep talking to people. Engage people. Talk, talk then talk some more. Keep talking. Tap the @reply button. Chat.

This is the key aspect to driving blog traffic through Twitter. This is a powerful aspect at that.

Getting traffic becomes easier for social Tweeters because talking to people bonds you to people. Friendships form. Twitter buddies click your links and retweet your posts, increasing your blog traffic.

Tweeting value helps. Retweeting bloggers helps even more. But after tweeting 569,527 times during the past 12 years, engaging aka @replying to individuals has been my most successful strategy for actually influencing Tweeters to visit my blog. It’s almost like you become real, human, genuine and likable the moment you @reply to chat someone up in honest fashion.

Talking to people via Twitter makes you interesting, engaging and follow-worthy. From there, your links become more attract to fellow engaging Tweeters.

Whether chatting about blogging, social media or offline stuff, smart blogger Tweeters embody how to successfully grow your business and blog traffic through Twitter. But pay close attention; social blogging Tweeter chats are for the sake of chatting, connecting, sharing and empowering people. Genuine tweeting is successful tweeting. On the flip side, less than genuine, manipulative types gain no traction on Twitter because bloggers know when someone tries to use them for some selfish, greedy end.

Even doing something as simple as thanking people who tweet your stuff goes a long way in building bonds with fellow Tweeters. I do this daily. Even if I do not have time to reply to all RTers, I at least thank a few buddies and chat ‘em up for a bit.

Gratitude is a conduit to good. Being thankful and expressing it on Twitter allows good things and good people to flow to you.

Why Engagement Drives Traffic

In essence, social people drive traffic and profits through social media. I have seen this again and again; folks who make coin simply talk to other folks on sites like Twitter and Facebook. Taking a genuine interest in someone via an authentic chat makes people perk up.

You and I appreciate someone who sets aside a few moments to talk to us. Appreciation takes active form by retweeting Twitter buddies, by visiting their blogs and by even sharing their blogs through your blog or through your other social media profiles. Voila! Traffic boost, through Twitter, attained.

Be social on Twitter. Opening your cyber mouth and @replying to fellow Tweeters carries immense power because noticing people allows those folks to notice you, your tweets and your blog. Give people attention. People give you attention. Taking a genuine interest in a fellow human being tends to allow more of these folks to take a genuine interest in you.

Talk to someone. Make friends. Friends help fellow bloggers drive traffic. Intellectually, this sounds simple and is quite simple but emotionally, you need great mindfulness, generosity and a detached, trusting nature to allow this engagement principle to work wonders and to drive traffic. I can be impatient on social media because I devote so much time and energy to posting on BFP and to guest posting. I’ve little time to chat folks up on Twitter but do so because staying up late just to chat a few folks up on Twitter has paid massive dividends over my 12 year Twitter and blogging career.

Talk. Make friends. Ask questions. Make friends. Share answers. Make friends. Twitter buddies retweet your blog posts (traffic boost), click your blog post links (traffic boost) and increase your blog post tweet exposure by engaging the tweet (traffic boost).

Keep it super simple and super chatty. Ask Tweeters how they are doing. Answer questions. Chat about life offline. Talk about your family. Ask about your buddies’ hobbies. Be natural. Treat fellow Tweeters how you’d treat an offline friend. Talk business, but keep things casual most of the chatting time.

Allow bonds to form, organically, patiently and persistently. Friendships develop. From there, driving blog traffic through Twitter becomes easier and easier; your Twitter blogging buddies will make it so.


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