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1 Harsh Blogging Realization

I read a question on Quora a few moments ago.

I often read this question. People ask me this question quite a bit. In most cases, these are current or former employees. I know. I asked the same question because I am a former employee.

Someone asked me how to earn money on a blog with 1000 page views. Hey I get it. I made this same damaging blogging mistake for years. I eventually realized – however harsh – that nobody pays you per page view. I think this guy is still thinking like an employee. He likely feels used to getting paid a specific amount of money per:

  • hour
  • day
  • task
  • week
  • month

or however he gets paid for his job. But blogging is not a job. Blogging is a business. Did anyone pay Jeff Bezos for Amazon page views some 25 years ago when he founded the company? Nope. Did this current day wealthiest person on earth ask how to earn money through Amazon when the site reached 1000 page views, some 25 years ago? Nope.

No successful entrepreneur tries to get paid like an employee or to predict income based on any outside factor because we all know we are no longer employees. But most new bloggers think, feel and act like employees; this is why most new bloggers need to learn the harsh lesson that you are no longer an employee and no one pays you like employees get paid.

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No one employs you. Nobody sends money to your Paypal based on you generating 1000 page views. Readers do not care how many page views you receive. Readers do not buy your eBooks based on the number of page views you receive. Readers purchase my eBooks based on my eBook solving their problems and/or inspiring them to live their dreams. Solving reader problems and/or inspiring them to live their dreams has absolutely nothing to do with how many page views I generate.

Look at that featured image for this post. That’s me during a trip to New Zealand. I live this life because I got lost in the process of having fun helping people, not because I obsessed about getting paid like an employee.

Get this idea fixed firmly in your mind: money arrives for bloggers but no one knows when or how. Money takes its sweet time for pro bloggers because business people are not employees, but entrepreneurs. Get lost in the blogging process of creating and connecting generously. Trust in yourself. Trust in the process. Relax. Allow money to arrive when it arrives.

If you genuinely want to get paid based on some qualifier, work a job. Quit your blog. Or blog part time while working your full time job. Or work your full time job and completely accept how blogging is a business; money arrives but in its own time. No one honestly has the ability to predict blogging income or blogging time frames because countless factors go into your blogging income.

One core idea embodied by all successful bloggers is to squeeze the most out of the day from a generous, abundant energy. This means giving freely of your time and talents. Giving freely of your time and talents is a learned skill for most of us. Goodness knows I had to learn this lesson the hard way.

I recorded a video during one of my trips to Thailand to underscore this point of getting the most out of every day. Watch it here:

Did You Squeeze the Most out of Today?


Buyers. Where do you find them?

I pondered this question a decade ago when new to the online world. I felt overwhelmed. But after following advice from pro bloggers I began to learn how to find buyers online.

Of course I had to write an eBook to share my experiences with you.

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How to Find Buyers Online

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