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1 Fun Way to Increase Your Blogging Profits

Care little about what you GET through blogging.

Have fun GIVING through blogging.

This is a fun way to increase your blogging profits because you enjoy the process, feel detached, feel abundant, trust, and maintain a vibe irresistible to money. Why does this feel fun? Imagine placing outcomes related worry (“How am I doing?” “Am I making any money?”) into the garbage can and trashing these FEAR-FILLED energies, for good? Imagine releasing the habit of worrying about any getting aspect of blogging, from traffic to profits? Trashing these fears leaves room for only love, fun, abundance, and service. Being generous, relaxed and chill, devoting virtually all of your energies to giving aka helping aka serving, increases your skills and exposure. Skilled bloggers with massive exposure who open multiple income streams increase their blogging profits. It is that simple.

Why do few bloggers choose this fun, freeing way to make money through blogging?

Taking this route forces you to face your fears, head-on. Few human beings enjoy facing and feeling fears, because facing and feeling fears creates a highly unpleasant, maddening experience, in moments. Taste the sour of fear to sip the sweet of fun. No way around this. But nudging into fear slowly dissolves fear, leaving room only for fun, service and increased blogging profits. For example; imagine if you check email 20 times daily, now. Why? Of course, because you FEAR missing business-profits-clients-customers. You are not a doctor. Nor do you work in emergency services. Nothing you do blogging-wise reflects a life-death situation, where you need to check email 20 times, because if you don’t somebody dies. But if you check your email 1-5 times daily, you would totally choose to focus a tiny amount of energy on GETTING and most energy on GIVING. Awesome.

Guess what happens next? Madness-fear invades your mind, through ego chatter and strong emotions. Let’s say you vow to check email once daily, to dissolve your fear-attachment to email. I can almost guarantee in about 30 minutes from last checking your email, deep fears and accompanying thoughts create anxiety, stress, and even perhaps a flat out panic in your being. Your dumb, smallish mind chatters to you:

“Check your email now; you may miss something! Money may be there! Paypal payment awaits. You may miss out on a client. Check it. Check it. Check it. Check it.”

Dealing with these emotions feels terrible. I know. I’ve had to take this route as a former email addict. But after feeling the emotions, sitting with the fear-panic, and NOT checking email, the fear-emotions pass and you are free to continue blogging, guest posting, helping fellow bloggers, commenting genuinely on blogs and having fun positioning yourself to boost your blogging profits.

Not worrying feels fun. Being generous and trusting feels fun. Observing your blogging profits increase – as generous, trusting bloggers ALWAYS experience, eventually – feels really fun and really freeing. Blogging gets easier if you focus heavily on giving and little on getting but you first need to face, feel and release deep, getting-related fears, to enter into this fun, abundant, prospering, generous vibe….so….get going.


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    You have revealed amazing facts here and these need to accept. Now-a-days, you are coming with amazing inspiring content and people have opportunity to learn the mandatory mechanism.

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