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1 Freeing Blogging Lesson that Comes at a Cost

Blogging gets easier if you earn trust.

Earning trust requires hundreds to thousands of hours of blogging. Putting in 1000 plus blogging hours feels fun, freeing and maddening sometimes. I love blogging. But at 3 PM on a Saturday afternoon, my neck hurts and I prefer to take a nap. This is the cost of being a pro. Put in the time. Put in the effort. Work generously, even if you do not feel up to it sometimes. Freeing trust flows your way. Why freeing? Readers who trust you free you by buying your stuff and by hiring you and by promoting you. Imagine gaining the trust of 5, 10, then 100 readers. Visualize 100 people buying your eBook. Imagine 50 readers tweeting your next post. Freedom. Fun. Success. Expansion.

The Cost

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Put in the blogging time. Put in the blogging effort. Nobody becomes immune from putting in time and generous, patient, persistent effort. Work like a generous, calm, relaxed millionaire before you make a penny blogging. Work like a relaxed, successful millionaire before you make your millions. Does it feel freeing to work like a millionaire even if you have not earned your millions yet? Sure it does. No longer do you fall prey to panicking and bailing on a proven blogging system designed to bring you exponentially expanding success. Work generously now. Position yourself to succeed. Most bloggers nod in agreement but freeze when it comes time to pay the price, to pay the cost of generously helping people for thousands of hours.

Be generous. Outsource tasks to free up your time and talents. Do fun, freeing and sometimes uncomfortable things to grow your blogging business. Earn trust by putting in time and effort because earning trust in bigger, broader circles boosts traffic and income. Trust serves as the precious currency all bloggers crave. Imagine trust being the blogging holy grail. Earn it, and succeed. I love helping people. But in moments, working generously to earn trust feels scary and unpleasant. I keep going. What choice do I have? Either I turn around to stall growth or move forward calmly, slowly and patiently, to earn trust in broader circles and to accelerate my success as I help more folks.

Don’t worry guys; paying the price is well worth the trust you gain and freedom you experience by being a professional blogger. Never forget why you pay the price. Make freedom your prime intent. Hold freedom as your ultimate goal. Keep freedom in mind to wade through uncomfortable moments. The moment and fear passes, every time. Focus on the freeing, trust-building aspect of your generous blogging campaign. Blogging feels scary sometimes but living a fun, freeing life through your pro blogging exploits does wonders for your overall energy. Imagine doing what you want to do, when you want to do it, where you want to do it. Freedom bears no price tag. Remember this if ego whines about the cost you pay in earning trust and freedom for your blogging campaign.

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