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1 Effective Quality Pro Bloggers Embody that May Annoy You

Pro bloggers tell the truth, by and large.

Everybody nods in agreement, right? Tell the truth. Be genuine. Be honest in all you do. But most nodding bloggers turn around and follow 50000 bloggers on Twitter with an “I follow you if you follow me” approach. This is not truthful. This is not genuine. This is not honest either. Following someone infers you follow them because you:

  • admire their work
  • learn from them
  • extract value from their blog
  • extract value from their social media streams

Following them for any other reason is inauthentic, or flat out deceiving.

Well before I was a professional blogger, I followed tens of thousands of people on Twitter for seemingly every reason save the reasons I shared above. I did things from a less genuine, less authentic energy. I vibed mainly from fear. I just wanted followers at any cost; who cares if they folks actually visited my blog and bought my stuff, right? I owned this error a while back but I completely corrected this error the prior 2 weeks by unfollowing 47000 people on Twitter. I intend to be honest, truthful and genuine in all I do. I will give almost all energy to serving my followers and a tiny bit of energy to following a few valued people whom I deeply trust and whose tweets vibe with me on different levels.

I will not follow anybody who asks me to follow them – as I did in the past – nor will I follow anyone from energies of guilt, shame, or some fear of rejection. I am honest. I am genuine. I tell folks the truth in a nice, caring, direct, clear way, even if people do not want to hear the truth.

I have received messages from people who felt angry that I befriended them on Facebook; I am doing a purge there, too. Former Facebook friends complain that they just are getting to know me, that they love my content, but that it was nice knowing me, wishing me to have a great life. Ummm…..you can follow my content, get value from what I do and succeed without me and you being connected on Facebook. I replied to some of these folks:

“Please do not feel hurt and please do not take this personally. You can still follow my content even though we are no longer connected on Facebook. Shoot me an email if you need to get in touch with me.”

Do you see how I told the truth on multiple counts? She and he and they can still follow my content, enjoy it and receive value from it even though we are not linked on Facebook. Both factors are independent of one another. Imagine if you only followed some blog, blogger or if you only supported businesses if you were friends on Facebook? How odd would that be? How bizarre would that be? How tough would that be?

I simply tell the truth because pros have clarity and confidence enough to care for their readers enough to tell their readers the truth. Be straight with people. I do not coddle egos. I do not lie to people. I recall someone – who seemed drunk – going crazy on Twitter years ago because he begged me to tell him the truth about his blog. I did so in polite, clear fashion. I soon blocked him for the obscenities he lobbed my way on Twitter. Most human beings are so filled with fear that sharing the truth with them triggers fear, pain and rage, all hiding tender, inner weaknesses they need to explore, in order to be free, to have fun, to enjoy life and to follow their dreams.

My big breakthroughs in blogging and life flowed to me because I saw, hugged and lived certain truths about me for the first time. Pros tell you the truth because pros care about your freedom, success and peace of mind. But seeing self in the light of truth feels uncomfortable sometimes because living a lie feels more comfortable, even if living the lie causes immense suffering, struggles and sadness in blogging and life.


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